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It's Time to Leave Cultural Schizophrenia Behind

By Don Croft <>
March 11, 2005

For me, the best example of the schizophrenic nature of the receding paradigm is churchianity, especially in the American South, where fundamentalist Christians are also masons and there is the highest concentration, per capita, of satanic covens acording to apparently unbiased official statistics. Yep, more even than in Southern California, perhaps excluding Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Van Nuys. 8)

According to some pretty well corroborated personal accounts I've read and listened to, many fundamentalist churches in the South do double duty as satanic temples where human sacrifice is performed on the altars, often officiated by the preacher, sometimes on the Saturday night before the participants, including the preacher, vigorously vocalize their hatred of the devil in the same church on the following Sunday morning. Are they not schizoid but merely covering the bases for the sake of what might be waiting for them after death?

Mulla Nasrud-Din, who was Sultan 'Abdu'l-Aziz' court jester (I think I'm getting this right) inspired a lot of jokes and tales in the following centuries throughout the Islamic cultures. Nasrud-Din was called to prescribe a prayer for a dying mujtahid (a sort of Muslim high priest or scholar) and said, 'Repeat after me: God help me; Devil help me!' The mujtahid sat bolt upright, scandalized, and said, 'How DARE you talk to me like that!?' Nasrud-Din said, 'Well, your Eminence, a man in your position has to be prepared for any eventuality.'

This may actually be why so many fundamentists talk about the devil a lot more than they talk about God or Jesus and why so many of their churches seem so creepy. I've always felt that they were just mean-spirited and crazy but I'm now giving them the benefit of the doubt. The devil is an artifact, of course, not an entity, and satanism is just infantile wishful thinking; a mechanism and scapegoat, conveniently used to avoid personal accountability.

The cultish aspect of American-born 'religions' is a phenomenon and the cynical product of Machiavellian masons similar to and concurrent with the formation, by British masons, of the neo-Hindu/Buddhist subterfuge that soon came to be known as Theosophy (the new age movement's foundation and an introductory vehicle for the already discredited Great White Brotherhood). Theosophy and it's cause celebre, 'Irrationalism,' grew out of Britain's successful effort to subvert, then conquer the Indian sub-continent in the previous century.

You might have noticed that the newage movement is being proslytized exactly the same way that Chrisitan fundamentalism and the American cults are.

Before those banking/slave-trading/dope-dealing occult/corporate families moved from Venice to London, the controlling interests of the occult/corporate world order were still operating on old Babylonian, Egyption and Roman formulae to subvert cultures and enslave entire populations. That didn't work as well on any of the Islamic cultures as they did on the Christian and Jewish ones in the days before these families settled in London. That's mainly why they had to leave Venice, in fact, in the days of Sultan 'Abdu'l Aziz. Right after they got set up on an island, far enough from the more progressive and powerful Ottoman Empire they launched the campaign in India by the early 1700s and later defeated the Turks after subverting and defeating the populations of the Americas, China and AFrica.

The Babylonian and Egyptian influence in churchianity is clearly seen in the Roman and Byzantine overwhelmiing display of ancient symbolism, rituals and costumes, including the trappings of the worship of Dagon, the Babylonian fish god (the pope's mitre is an upturned, open fish mouth and is identical to the prior Roman Pontificus Maximus' hat) and the positioning of an ancient, enormous Egyption obelisk, covered with incised hieroglyphics, directly in front and center of the Vatican's new, neo-pagan St Peter's Basilica. The 'P/X' symbol that predominates in the Pope's environment is obviously an ankh that's displayed to indicate the previously secret 3D aspect of thate device.

If you put together all the red type (Jesus' reported words) in the New Testamanent it will all fit in a large pamphlet, about the same size as our US Constitution. These Words describe the spiritual basis of Christianity, which is the only part that has any genuine meaning, of course, and I think some of that has even been corrupted to conform with Paul's gnositicism.

Paul was a Roman lawyer and apparently a devotee of one or another of the Rome-based Mystery Schools because if you objectively analyze his 'teachings' they closely resemble gnosticism, an 'I've Got a Secret and You Don't' cult. How did it happen that an 'apostle' who never met Jesus and in fact had sweet St Stephen stoned to death come to have the last word in Christian 'theology?' There's another instance of an artificially schizoid paradigm, in my opinion, designed to confuse and mystify the faithful. I think Paul's teachings are mainly resonsible for the proliferation of thousands of sects and cults within Christianity. Nobody disagrees about Christ's spiritual teachings, though very few people seem to dwell on them very much ;-)

In this genuinely new age of accountability I believe that among the first casualties are institutionalized spirituality, which is an oxymoron, after all.

To be fair, Islam, which has always been more vital than practiced Christianity, IMHO, will also be found wanting due to their reliance on the Hadith (reported sayings of the Prophet and in the case of Shiih Muslims, the twelve Imams). For instance, one tradition states that an angel carries each drop of rain to the earth and another states that an angel will not go near a dog. How schizoid does a person have to be to believe that dogs don't get wet when it rains?

I think the ultimate triumph of the occult/coprorate families has been to get all of the previously progressive Islamic countries to revert to fundamentalism in the last three decades. This concerted movement, cultured and spread initially by London's agent, Jalal-u'd-Din Afghani of the Pan Islamic Movement of the late 1800s and early 1900s, was the Old Families' (London's) way of destroying the intellectual, artistic and egalitarian aspects of the more enlightened among the modern Islamic nations.

I'm sure that after they succeeded in destroying the Turkish Empire with one of their managed conflicts, World War I, they felt that they were home free and would achieve genocide and global enslavement ('Annuit Coeptus: Novus Ordo Seclorum') before their projected goal, the year 2000. Their other potential nemesis, Germany, was already lined up for destruction as a culture then but, of course, the still vital spirit of that culture, as epitomized by Mozart, Schiller, Leibnitz, Beethoven, Reich, STeiner, Schauberger, Muller and perhaps Georg Ritschl, is still alive, much as the American Indian spirit and the Persian mystical poetry, Toaism and AFrican magic still live and thrives in spite of cultural near-genocide during the two previous centuries...

Fundamentalists in any religion are the scourge of the earth, as far as I'm concerned, and they're all lined up to destroy each other along with everyone else--I guess the entertainment value for the Old Families might be similar to a schizoid fundamentalist Christian being titillated by watching Jesus being tortured for an hour or so on the big screen, the Juju-Bean-eating viewer's pleasure enhanced with Dolby Surround Sound. Maybe there will be an I-Max version to be projected on the dome of St Peter's Basilica soon. Carol and I finally rented that flick but were unable to finish it. We felt like we were watching THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.

The Roman influence and contribution to Christianity is shown by the adoption, lock-stock-and-barrel, of Mithraism as 'Christian doctrine,' which is why so many Christians honestly assume that the slasher movie, THE PASSION OF CHRIST, has credence. Bloodsport is the basis of the brutal Roman soldiers' religion, Mithraism, which is mind-blinding sun worship, as Louis Onder points out.

The other ugly aspect of religious fundamentalism, to me, is the preponderance of unbalanced individuals, especially among the white population of the American South, who claim that God is talking through them. If that weren't bizarre enough, there are a lot of people who accept and even follow these claims without questioning them ;-) which is a case of the blind leading the stupid. What a field day this has been for MK Ultra programmers!

I honestly think that our tiny, very informal and amateur but effective gifting and predator/megaparasite-blasting network, lately in partnership with various cetaceans, are the first people to not only survive the concerted terrorizing but ultimately parasitic onslaught of these Old Families' occult/corporate order but to successfully interfere with their millenia-old plan of global conquest and genocide.

If enough people in the world hadn't discovered and openly admitted that 'The Emperor has no clothes on!' by now, of course, we'd all probably have just been shot for doing this work. I think it's important not to confuse cause with effect. We're the effect, in my opinion, more than the cause.

Some of us keep looking and hoping for signs of similar successes but all we've seen, so far, are isolated cases of courageous fighting by mostly traditional native magic practitioners and small groups of spiritual warriors. I think we're the first group of warriors to use the internet as a meeting place, which seems like the logical solution to me, since the force of constructive example is proactive by nature and the 'force' of the occult/corporate megaparasites has mostly assumed a reactive nature by now.

Of course anyone who takes a genuine stand against tyranny is intimately connected, spiritually, to every other one, which is why we usually recognize each other instantly when we meet. Our actions grow out of our commitment.

~Carol's Old Fella

© Copyright 2005  All Rights Reserved.


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