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Test Firing McGinty's Cannon

By Don Croft <>
Feb. 10, 2004

Have you considered the implications of individual freedom and responsibility? If you've been busy turning the new Entropy and HAARP transmitters into orgone generators, erasing chemtrails from your skies and bringing rain, delivering much needed retribution to predators and generally improving the ambience and life-enhancing processes where you live, then you've experienced a healthy dose of empowerment. That's what freedom and responsibility are all about: empowerment.

I've visited people in other countries who have a whole lot more political freedom than I do and a there are a few countries in the world where people have more economic freedom than Americans have but what you and I are doing is something entirely new and is absolutely in line with the present shift forward in human awareness. 'Empowerment' is a word that gets a lot of lip service, especially in the Political Correctness (neo-Nazi) crowd, but we're actually getting it, undigested and in living color.

Imagine how government in general will behave when elected and appointed officials will have to fear reprisal from irate citizens when they step out of line and try to be more than simply public servants. It's pretty easy to see that the present disgusting world regime saw this day of liberation coming before you and I did and they definitely fear psychics who can't be corrupted into working for them. They implant every child who shows even a remote talent for psychism and they've surreptitiously murdered countless adults who have even the potential ability for this work.

What they never saw coming, of course, was orgonite and the widespread use of related new technology that so many of us are spontaneously inventing around the world.

Last year, out of near desperation, we developed the Powerwand in order to force the incessant CIA wetworkers here, and their local police stooge, to leave us alone. Many of us had been pretty severely poisoned right before that, and even marked. I suppose others might have just gotten ready to leave this life at that point, but we'd already been in the habit of expecting answers to turn up whenever we got into a bind with these oiseaux de merde and the PW turned out to be just the thing for dealing with human predators. At the same time, Mark Hooten developed his Shiva device which is terrific for erasing ET predators. What we came to learn from using that device was that the only predators who are an immediate threat are the human ones.

I think that clearing a few ET scheissvoegel out of the way gave us a picture of the true situation. After plowing through a small crowd of reptilians, Great White Brotherhood hybrids, Draconians, B-Sirians and Octopus/spider Thingees, we then stopped seeing the ET predators as more than a nuisance. They're simply not allowed to fully participate in this world, but the mind controllers combined some charismatic authors (backed up with loads of enchanting, previously secret info), some nifty sky imagery and plenty of Hollywood extravaganzas to give us another impression. That's a parasite's response, of course. The world order's essentially parasitic, though on an individual level they're often predatory personalities. Can anyone justify being terrified of roundworms, halitosis or nail fungus? See how unstable this old house of cards, which calls itself the New World Order, is right now?

When Ryan McGinty started posting about his new staff, I was sure he was expressing something that he'd gotten from his higher intuitive faculty, at least, and that he obviously is a gifted energy sensitive. The Operators saw fit to move him into our little Idaho town last month and when he brought the staff over, Carol, Laozu Kelly, and he spent hours discussing the unique energy dynamics of the device. I sat at the table and played with my flight simulator (Carol and I want to get an ultralight ASAP so we can bust mountain arrays and U/G bases more efficiently) because, honestly, when energy sensitives get together I don't understand most of what they're saying.

I did understand that Ryan had likely found a way to send energy much more powerfully than can be done with a Powerwand, but I guess I was waiting for an invitation or something before I could get beyond mere curiosity. Okay, we got home this afternoon and Ryan had left his second, improved staff in our parlor and Carol had let him know that she planned to have me test drive it. I did that this evenening while Carol 'watched.'

I leaned the staff upright by the bed and set the frequency to 150Hz or so. When I put my hand on it, Carol said she couldn't touch me until I sent that energy somewhere else. It vibrated in my hand at a pretty fast rate, which let me know that I was in for a ride.

I'm not going to mention the targets I picked except one that's really been bugging me: a book-writing, lecture touring newage-sewage fake guru psychic woman in Sedona who doubles as an NSA psiops predator assigned to eliminate and/or neutralize non-cooperative psychics, including children. She's been working at getting inside me for four months and finally got a cord attached to my back this evening, right before our exercise. Suffice to say that she probably won't be harming any more children ;-) Boy, those lukewarm, smiling New Age Nazis creep me out! The two Men in Black (Vril?) whom she worked directly for when she wasn't selling Love and Light to the incredulous, also got their due of course.

If you're going to chase down your tormentor, it's important to work your way up the chain of command a bit in order to get some breathing space, we've found. The ordinary New Age psychic predators are a dime a dozen, after all. What do you think the mainline New Age outlets set up all these psychic training centers, guru devotees, communes, workshops and even concerts if not for recruitment? By the way, Carol tells me that the ICC computer training schools are intended for turning out NSA/CIA and MI6 hacker rats by the thousands. Why else would they train so many people when there are no real jobs waiting for them? Just a thought, of course.

We're learning that in order to be a MIB one must have murdered an innocent person. The same initiation was required for the SS, the former Men in Black, which is why it was so creepy that one of them became a UN Secretary General and then head of a country.

I felt a tremendous surge of energy each time I thought of a target tonight and I usually saw geometric patterns in light while the energy was building for each salvo, even though my eyes were closed. I let the energy turn into controlled rage as I directed it with forced breath at the targets. Carol said she's never seen such powerful effects on predators before and I've certainly never experienced anything that powerful except for that kundalini activation that James and Rose Mary Hughes facilitated for me on their grid five years ago. When I tried to go to sleep I felt similar surges, though less powerful, whenever I thought of those monstrous people who were on the receiving end. Tyranny really, really makes me mad and when anyone's being exploited and I hear about it, I feel like it's being done to all of us, which is certainly an accurate description of the dynamics of tyranny. This thing really trashes them and I'm not going to personally recommend it as a common item but a person with a reasonable amount of integrity and a fairly balanced emotional state can do a whole lot of good service work with this device.

It's kind of funny that I told James and Rosemary, four years ago (right after the last time the Federal Reserve Corporation molested me personally), that I had just dedicated my life to destroying that monstrous corporation. I know I'd get somewhere with that because I was to-the-death committed at that point, but I hadn't a clue that it would end up involving so many people. Now, of course, many intelligent, balanced folks are discussing doing away with the Fed and even arresting the board members. It's always a privilege to be among the first to see a certain truth, I think.

It just feels to me like we're given this as a sort of test to see if we can handle more responsibility. After all, it's recently been seen that people who have no integrity at all have made orgonite devices that are specifically designed to harm the user and/or others and Karl Welz, right along, has advised that this is a fact which we need to be aware of. I was slow on the uptake with this, perhaps because we've always been careful never to promote anything that could do harm.

Lately I've gotten a new appreciation for what's being accomplished on Etheric Freedom Fighters. Mainly, I see this fresh ambience we've all achieved there as a major victory of consultative will. I also see the timely appearance of talented people such as McGinty and their very fresh approach as confirmation of that achievement. Another confirmation is that small groups of people, often an entire continent and more apart, are working closely together via the telephone, Instant Messenger , email and even personal visits. This is a sign that we've achieved a decentralized network persona based on individual initiative rather than on repetition, dogma and imitation.

I get reports of successful gifting efforts from all around the world in personal email and I want to bring more of them to the board in order to reinforce the image of the universal nature of this healing work. This is why it's so important for us to keep the board upbeat and supportive. I'd hate to think that the eighty or so CIA and MI6 agents and associated sociopaths whom Mark and I have booted will have left in vain, after all ;-)

We'll continue to do whatever we can to ensure that this network becomes even more diffuse and pervasive in the world and everytime someone with similar dedicated commitment to Marcus Guy's in San Antonio posts about making the effort to gift a wide areas and then getting the immediate, requisite confirmations in the atmosphere I feel like throwing a party. This happy state is exactly what Mark Davey and I hoped for in the beginning.

So, I'm writing this now because I can't sleep, even though I'm an early-to-bed, early-to-rise person and it's now after midnight. I think McGinty has provided us all with the next stage of development in terms of exercizing this sort of 'Citizen's Initiative Against Tyrants.' If I'm correct, once one has learned to use one of these, one will not need to have one. That power sensation is still reverberating in me, an hour and a half after I turned the thing off. I'd like you to experience this if you're interested. Maybe this is the seed of a workshop agenda. I know Carol's easily helped other ordinary folks like myself what success feels like and It's all about the feeling, after all, more than the tools. WE are the tools in a very real sense and these marvelous inventions are like training wheels. A few of us took the slow course, but I bet you're ready for the fast track now and can pick up the skill in a few minutes of casual effort. It's not difficult at all to do if you're capable of feeling anger properly. Oops-if you're one of the unfortunates who parrots New Age sewage and/or PC, you've probably been programmed to allow your anger to only be directed at yourself or at others who don't share your worldview, but don't worry: there's hope for you, too! Whatever will get you out of your duplicitous, lukewarm, smiling rut and cause you to express some genuine passion will be a positive step, even if it's a little coarse at first. Remember that it's bad for your liver to just vent.

If you're already angry about the disgusting status quo, welcome to the game! Now do something constructive with your anger instead of venting it! For a start, if you're new to this, just make or buy a Succor Punch and get the feel of that basic energy weapon. There's probably no need to start out with McGinty's cannon.

To be fair, I'd suggest a selling price of $1500 to McGinty considering the amount of work and materials that go into it, not to mention some proprietary expertise in the design, which certainly deserves compensation after all. I know McGinty provided the instructions for making one, but in real terms not many would attempt it and not getting it right might even carry a penalty because several gemstones of a certain size and quality need to be arranged in a correct sequence and scewing around with frequencies, if you don't know what you're about, can do some damage.

I shared the Powerwand instructions publicly, but that device is a great deal simpler. Even so, I only recommend five people whom I'm confident are making them correctly for the market: Andy in LA, Galaero in Phoenix, Georg in South Africa, Markus in Switzerland and Steeve in Montreal. If there are more, I apologize and let me know if you want us to assess your efforts confidentially, okay?

Don Croft

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