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The Mega Powerwand in Natural Finish

Crystals used for the Mega Powerwand are in the 5-8 pound range. They have a distinct and sharp faceted tip that projects above the resin/metal matrix. For these larger diameter crystals, I use two or three mobius coils that are wired together in series. The two coils of Silver Wrap can in installed over or under the mobius coils. It's important to wrap one silver coil in a clockwise direction and the second one in a countercolckwise direction. The spacing between the silver coil turns are not critical, but I try to spread the silver coils out over the clearest portion of the crystal if feasible (see photos below).

All Mega Powerwands come with a 4X Lost Cubit SSB coil installed on the bottom. The Sacred Geometry includes a Star of David design (based on 523mm 'Lost Cubit' from Hans Becker) made of silver wire and individual double terminated quartz crystals located at each corner of the Star, wrapped with nodal coils, and centered with silver wire hexagons. A plastic bag of gemstones is sandwiched between the two silver hexagons. A resin/metal matrix is then added to the top of the Star of David nodal crystals and allowed to cure. After the resin cures, the big crystal with its mobius coil and Silver Wrap coils is installed with a 5X Loxt Cubit 18 gauge copper coil (wound clockwise) surrounding the crystal from its base to just below the top surface of the resin. Metal shavings mixed with the polyester resin for the Mega Powerwand include aluminum, brass, copper, and silver.

Thanks to a suggestion from Gale Stark, I add activated carbon granules to the resin while still in the liquid state. Since humans are carbon based, the frequency signature of carbon is enhanced and amplified with positive OR orgone energy produced by the Mega Powerwand.

The Mega Powerwand comes with an SP Pulser, two connecting cables (12 inch and 4 foot coax cables terminated with 2.1mm gold plugs) and a wall transformer. Application instructions for using the Powerwand are included and can be found at this link:




4X Lost Cubit SSB Coil installed at bottom                               Star of David with Double Terminated crystal nodes &
(viewed from the bottom)                                                        Hexagon ( 99.9% pure silver wire)


Star of David placed over SBB coil                                          Hexagons of silver placed above and below bag of gemstones


Silver Wrap includes two, 11 turn silver coils                        Larger diameter crystals employ two or three 14' mobius coils 









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