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Orgone Adventures

Mission to Tibet, Part 5

By Jeff Baggaley <>
December 19, 2002

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The Driver Revolts
That afternoon at the lunch break, a fight broke out between Sam and the bus driver. Around and around they circled each other, trading verbal blows. I didn't have a clue as to what was going on- it was all Chinese to me (I had to get that in at least once!).

Asking Sam what happened later in the truck when we had again hit the road, he said that the driver was now refusing to drive us to Darchen, the town at the base of Kailash. In fact, Sam continued, he is now saying that he isn't even going anywhere close to Darchen. I told him not to worry, that we would work it out at the next stop.

The next stop- about 70 kms from Kailash- we, along with all our gear, were unceremoniously dumped in the town. I tried to remonstrate with the driver. He wouldn't even look me in the eye- or even anywhere close to my direction- a VERY UNTibetan thing to do. A very attractive feature of the Tibetan people is their clear direct look- straight at and into your eyes. As you learn to return their look, you find yourself looking deep into their souls, as they are looking deep into yours in turn. It is very disconcerting at first, so unaccustomed are we to such deep looking, but once you get the hang of it, you wonder at the superficialities of our hasty glancings. Meeting souls before exchanging words. Deep connections. Getting back to what it's all about.

And now the driver was uttering a stream of what sounded to my untrained ear like a series of curses I kept asking Sam what on earth the guy was saying. Sam kept saying : It's not important. I'll tell you later. Etc. Finally, simply standing still, as the entire village looked on, I let the driver do his thing (what else can you do?), throw out Sam's dusted sleeping bag onto the dusty ground- hop into his truck, and boom away.

I looked at my Lonely Planet guidebook, trying to figure out the next step, ringed around by the village kids. I gave one of the moms a pack of licorice to hand around to the kids. That did it- I was Santa Claus -and before you knew it we were all on a first name basis. Well at least they knew my name. They found it pretty hilarious watching and listening to Jeff trying to pronounce their names.

I asked Sam what the driver had been saying. He said, "The driver was saying: You are going to die! You are going to die at Kailash. Do you want to die? I am doing you a favor saving your life by leaving you here. You will die. At Kailash you will die...." (And of course, finally having the opportunity to study my map a little more closely, the driver's ONLY available route further southeast took him within a couple of kilometers of Darchen.He had been lying beginning to end- again very un Tibetan.)

Inverted swastika on the driver's truck. White Brotherhood. They knew I was coming.

The name of the little town at which we had been dumped is Moincer. It was winter, with very little road traffic. We were stuck, and not within walking distance of Kailash (I was getting a little frustrated and was threatening to start walking to Kailash). Sam, by degrees over the course of the evening, befriended the soldiers at the town's checkpoint. They said they would help us get to Kailash, stopping the next vehicle that came through the checkpoint en route toward Darchen.

So we sat by the checkpoint, starting at dawn and waited throughout the long day for a vehicle to go through that blasted checkpoint- a vehicle that is apart from official Chinese ones that wouldn't even slow for the checkpoint- bombing through the point as the soldiers ran to raise the gate.

Finally around 5PM-- ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

"Sam there must be a vehicle in this town that will get us there- any vehicle- any price. We need to get there today. Tomorrow at the latest. Otherwise it won't happen."

" Any price?"

"Any price."

Within 20 minutes we were on the road, a Post truck having materialized out of nowhere-pretty darned tooting fast. Some things are universal: $$$ screams in any language.

Two hours later Kailash was in view and my God WHAT a view. As I mentioned in my preliminary post from Lhasa, Kailash is distinctly pyramidal in shape, with four distinct faces facing the four cardinal directions .A deep gash runs down the middle of its south face, forming a swastika-like graving with a horizontal line bisecting it. That is the reason why the mountain has since time out of mind has been known as Swastika Mountain.

Again I mentioned in that preliminary post, my theory about the connection between the Bon priests found suicided in Berlin at the end of the Second World War and Hitler- the inverted swastika- and how this led me to assume a connection with Kailash - Swastika Mountain- and the White Brotherhood- inverting that swastika- whose legendary residence in occult lore has been primarily at, or in, or around, some remote mountain in the mountain-scape that is Tibet.

[All this (when it occurred to me in Halifax) was supposition. Then I had dowsed to see if I got agreement with these intuitions: 'Yes'.

The real confirmations came, however, with the attacks and assaults I sustained on the way to Kailash, what I saw at Kailash, and then most especially, the serious magic that took place around me as I made my way back to Lhasa (Part 7). They REALLY didn't want me to post the fact that I had made it to Kailash and back! Thus demonstrating for ALL the world to see, how so very easy it is for ANY relatively determined person to go ANYWHERE on the planet in his or her attempts at healing the planet, as so many of the members on our forum have themselves demonstrated.

The White Brotherhood, so-called, is a paper tiger. All you need to do is light a match. Perhaps the better image is the one Don's uses, that what we are dealing with are parasites, social parasites. Parasites need a weak host in order to flourish. If the host is strong the parasites themselves will weaken and die, or go somewhere else seeking weaker prey.

The Tibetan people themselves are exemplary in this way, having been colonized relatively recently [1950], but they are a very strong people. One can only hope that they will, sooner than later, regain their independence.

I tend to shy away from all Good vs Evil talk because it basically sets up a bipolar world that only affirms itself and is what the White Brotherhood themselves have put in place to maintain their Order. Such talk is not reality talk- at least that is my belief (E.g. Is the crocodile Evil? Or is the coyote Evil and the rabbit Good?)]

(Back to Kailash)

The plan Sam and I worked out that evening was to walk the 52 clicks around Kailash in two days, as per Ali's suggestion, then on the third day walk up to Selung Monastery in the heart of the Mountain. And that is exactly what we did.

The next morning, after a false start- we didn't know exactly where to start the kora- we got under way. Traveling very light- just an overnight bag with our food and a sleeping bag each- we headed out- going clockwise around the mountain. After- oh, about ONE click- I was ready to DIE!

Only 51 more to go.

We were going up and up and up, topping out at around 19, 000 feet the following morning at Drolma-la Pass.

Jeff Baggaley

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