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Orgone Adventures

Mission to Tibet, Part 8

By Jeff Baggaley <>
December 20, 2002

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This series of posts has been titled Tibet and CHINA. So where you might be asking is the CHINA part? Here it is, the original ostensible reason for my journey to the Far East: closing the Reptilian portals around Beijing.

By the time I made it to Beijing late Monday, December 9th, I had little time left before my visa expired and I had to return to Canada on Thursday at 5:30 PM- not even three days. I had to be quick about it- no lolligagging around! As it was, I had to forego gifting one of the three portals- not enough time to get all three. I dowsed what to do. Do the two closest of the three. Of those two, apparently one was in active use and the other, the alternate to that first one. Not used presently, but easily reactivated. Both sites were within 60 kms of downtown Beijing.

So I decide to take a taxi to both sites. One the first day; the other the second.

The first day I go to the active one. There was no mistaking it- the pollution getting thicker as we got closer though we were in the 'country-side' such as that is in China. There really isn't any country-side in this area of China, such are the numbers of people. But this particular spot was utterly desolate, fowled by a murk in the air. What few trees there were all twisted over, themselves fowled by the thick dead orgone. Dowsed for the spot to bury the HHg.

Walking back to the taxi moments later, I see a flock of snow white birds. I have no idea what kind of birds they were but they formed such an incongruous apparition in that wasted land that I couldn't help but see them as confirmation of the spot I had just dowsed and gifted.

When I got back to Beijing later that afternoon, I felt such a wave of exhaustion that I soon succumbed and fell fast asleep. The same thing happened after Don and I gifted the reptilian hive at Mount St Helen's and Mount Rainier during the summer.

For the Record
The following morning, as I was making arrangements with the taxi driver, a Chinese official enters the Youth Hostel, video camera in hand and immediately commences taping yours truly- not eight feet away from my face. Only me. Nothing else.

I look at him. He merely shrugs. As if saying , "Who cares."
Perhaps he is right. We were both simply doing our respective jobs.

I should perhaps explain here what amounts to a matter style when it comes to gifting. Some among us have a rather flamboyant gifting style- teasing, tweaking, goading and having a good-ole-time with their watchers. My approach tends to be a little more conservative- perhaps reflecting a more Canadian approach to gifting (tell me if I'm right about the generalization fellow canucks). I figure that if I focus on the job at hand, that the peripherals will take care of themselves or will be taken care of. Of course if the watchers are right in your face, then response is appropriate- like that guy with the video camera- but I tend to keep pretty low key when I'm out and about tossing or burying HHgs and TBs. Just my temperament I guess.

The second day, Wednesday, the pollution in and around Beijing was thicker. This morning took us to the alternate portal site. I was having some difficulty pinpointing it, so I asked where it was located- to the world at large. In response, a bird came out of nowhere, circled over my head a few times and flew off to about 500 yards away, where it landed and remained- crying out until I reached the spot. Portal # 2 gifted and thus sealed.

My job in China was complete. Time to get packed and go home.

But first that evening, I celebrated with a couple of South Afrikaners I had met at the youth hostel. We started with Beijing duck and then really cutting loose at the hottest nightclub in all Beijing- COWBOY.! You have never see so many beatiful women concentrated all in one spot-- nor so many Triad members for that matter. It was a great party!

The following morning dawned on what at first appeared to be a pollution-free Beijing. Ah, if only that were so. But the sky did shine blue for a few hours that morning. It was something to see massive Beijing - over 13 million people live in the city- in that light.

My plane left at 5:30 that afternoon. Thirty hours later I was home again in Nova Scotia. Massively tired from the journey, yet filled with the certainty of one thing: that the world our children will grow into, will be as different from ours as ours is from a Neolithic village. We just have to get there.

Keep up the good (I almost said god) work my fellow busters. And keep the faith.

Season's Greetings to you all,


(A final note: In my preliminary post from Lhasa- actually I think it was a second post- I mentioned a theory about how the White Brotherhood compromised 5 major nodal sites at first in order to harness a certain amount of earth energy to suit their purposes. These five locations are:

1. Kailash,
2. a place in Mongolia,
3. in Ethiopia,
4. in the Carpathian Mountains,
5. and the two main islands in Lake Titicaca- the Island of the Sun and the Island of the Moon.

I believe that gifting three out of these five places will disable the White Brotherhood system.)

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