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Patrick Swiney's Final Emergency?

By Don Croft <>
Dec. 27, 2003

Sherry Swiney has gathered some industrial strength evidence, including testimony by one of the nation's leading forensic experts, that Patrick could not have fired a gun on the day that he was framed for murder, over twenty years ago. That evidence wasn't allowed in the kangaroo court that put him in prison then in a style reminiscent of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and countless other potent, luminous threats to this criminal world order.

In case you haven't been following this, Patrick was a Sherriff Deputy in Alabama who had arrested two county government officials for dope trafficking (they facilitated the importation of cocaine through their port town) and those fellows were subsequently tried and imprisoned.

Some hitters were sent to take Patrick out not long after that but he survived the attack (barely) and eyewitness accounts led to the arrest of the three attackers. All of them were quickly let off by the judge and they left the area.

Then he was framed for murder and railroaded into prison.

As a cop, he wasn't expected to survive, especially as he was put into a prison that's notorious for brutality. Patrick is a gentle soul who befriended many of the prisoners, both black and white, and he not only survived in that prison but became a cause celebre, so he was moved to Donaldson Prison, where he is now.

The same thing happened there because Patrick inspired the higher side of many prisoners' spirits. He's the closest thing to a father that many of those men had ever known and he's got a huge heart. He has been harassed endlessly by Warden Bullock, a singularly pitiful example of the worst that the already out of control US prison establishment has to offer.

Warden Bullock deprived Patrick of medical care last spring in order to punish Sherry for her international and media activism on behalf of her husband and that led directly to a near fatal heart attack for the prisoner. That's when Sherry Swinney's mass email appeal reached me. Carol and I sent Patrick some healing energy and he got some relief from that. Better relief came after I asked the international cloudbuster network to get in on the healing work with their unique and potent methods and technology.

Some of us also went to work on Warden Bullock and his three handlers in the US Federal Government and the Mafia.

Bullock's apparently not a murderer, so he's still around. Two of his controllers weren't as fortunate and we noticed that the tack changed after that. No doubt the warden is much more afraid of his masters than he is of Sherry, by the way.

Progress was evident a couple of months later when they threw Patrick in 'the hole' (solitary confinement) in another reprisal for Sherry's activism. By then, Patrick was in such high spirits and his friends among the prison population were so supportive (one brave young man got his sentence extended another year as punishment for calling Sherry to inform her of the development) that this quickly turned into an advantage for 'our side' and Bullock was featured in a television expose on the Alabama prison system soon after that episode. The big rally that Sherry organized in the Capital right before the Warden did that to Patrick was well-covered in the press and we figure that this is what caused the Warden to act so irrationally; evidence that our efforts had taken a toll on his pig-style complacency, at least. I don't mean 'pig' in terms of police, especially since Patrick epitomizes, for me, what all cops should be like. Rather I refer to the old saw about bureaucrats, 'Don't wrestle with a pig in the mud; you'll just get filthy and exhausted and the pig will enjoy it.'

Sherry's tireless efforts, as well as some international intervention in the form of letters to Bullock and some state prison officials were obviously turning up the heat on the drug cartel which had railroaded Patrick into prison and they began leaning heavily on their witless creature, Bullock. The synchronicity of all of this is evidence that we're each playing essential roles in resolving this injustice and I want you to hit these creeps with everything you have now, as they're apparently trying very hard to murder Patrick again.

Having experienced the massive protective energy of our network when I was in Africa lately I now have a better understanding of what it's been doing for Patrick and others. When I was there I was conscious (as were the psychic folks I worked with there) of a tremendous protective buffer around Georg, Drs. Kayiwa & Batiibwe, Secret Supporter and myself as we moved about and disabled the old and new satanic networks in Uganda. I was actually closer to being killed there than I had been in many years, at least in the first couple of weeks, because our excellent intel had indicated that there were several plans afoot to kill me after I arrived, most of which were pretty gruesome ;-)

Our host was overtly intimidated twice after the first week of our visit: once when an influential friend of his was beaten nearly to death by strangers and another time when a ritually-murdered young man with his face removed (typical Illuminati ploy throughout the world) was cast in our path on the highway. We have a lot of courageous friends like Sherry and Patrick ;-)

Yesterday, the newly appointed Deputy Warden, Hutley, prevented Patrick from getting his medication for spinal arthritis and a heart condition and this cretin had been trying to goad Patrick into anger since the day he came to Donaldson, no doubt as an excuse to beat him to death. Patrick's in so much pain, after only a day without his medicine, that he's walking on crutches and he's in danger of having another heart attack.

Bullock had offered a truce to Sherry after the television bit. He swore that he'd leave Patrick alone as long as she didn't try to get more press coverage, but of course by appointing a murderous Deputy Warden (that guy has a reputation for beating prisoners) and giving him carte blanche to hurt Patrick, Bullock has essentially released Sherry from that agreement. That Deputy Warder is heavily protected by the Illuminati, by the way, just like a few others we've encountered. Carol and I hope you'll weigh in with us against this cretin.

The American 'justice' system is way beyond redemption. Isn't it obvious by now, especially with the advent of the Homeland Security Abomination and
their hungry concentration camp network?

Joe Stalin and Addi Hitler would wet their pants with envy at the sight of this impending American holocaust. Patrick's victory over these murderers will put a crack in the dam that may well lead to the release of millions and millions of innocents from this horror. It will surely be one more prohibitive obstacle for that unbelievably overt Homeland Security Abomination.

This prison system is truly America's most grievous shame, especially since most of the innocents in prison right now are people of color. '.All men are created equal,' after all, and '.with liberty and justice for all.' If you're an American, how do you like being seen as schizoid by the rest of the human race on this count? By not opposing tyranny, you're assuredly supporting it. There's no middle ground when things have come to this extreme state.

The evidentiary hearing that can get Patrick released is to take place in February or March. Of course the bad guys would delay that til doomsday if they could. It's up to Sherry now to turn up the heat in the media and I feel that it's up to you and me to keep sending life force to Patrick and to his tormentors at every level, including the federal alleged-government dope dealers. Our energy tools strengthen and heal innocents and they punish predators. That's how 'the law' works. We don't even need to make those determinations. The recipient does that every time.

Recreating (drastically reducing) the prison system to just handle criminals will also no doubt bring under scrutiny the unlawful local, state and federal police agencies and courts in our once-fair land and that will be the distinct end of the Illumiati's rule by deception and intimidation here.

We already have lawful police and every living soul within the borders of our nation falls within their jurisdiction: the elected Sherriffs and their deputies. All we need to do right now to bring this Ameican holocaust to an end is to hold them all accountable to the US Constitution's simple, clear guidelines again. The rest will be easy. We don't need to burn any books but I wouldn't be opposed to sending the UCC and all the false treaties that have usurped our national sovereignty to third world places for toilet paper.

Only grassroots efforts ever amount to any good in this world, especially now, and every soul comes to this life complete with tacit recognition of what is and isn't within the bounds of universal law. We don't need a huge, centralized government to tell us this stuff and we never did.

I've just spent a little time in a country, Uganda, where the Illuminati no longer rule and I can tell you that it was refreshing in a way that isimpossible to express. I want to see the whole planet in that light now.

Our good friend, Dr. William von Peters, notes that empires usually fall from the periphery inward and I clearly saw that it's now happening in Africa first, which is the periphery of the Illuminati's old world order. I was astonished to see that the folks in that part of Africa laugh with scorn at the UN and all of it's would-be murderous, exploitive agencies. Nor is the AIDS agenda or other biological assaults doing nearly as much damage there as they were clearly designed to do. A few months ago people kept their childrend away from a UN-enforced, nationwide 'typhoid vaccination' campaign in droves and nobody was punished for that. They remain hopeful and productive even fifteen years after the City of London destroyed their currency in reprisal for the populist overthrow of Uganda's last proxy dictator/murderer in 1986.

The end of rule by usury and extortion on our lovely planet will mean prosperity and freedom for the entire species, of course. I honestly don't know how much Patrick's victory will lead to this happy result, but I have a sense that it's an important step for all of us and I hope you'll give this the energetic attention that it deserves and that you'll talk it up on the internet. Please copy this and send it around, for instance.

Here are our current suggested targets on Patrick's and Sherry's behalf:

When it gets closer to the evidentiary hearing, I'll give you the names of the corrupt judge and DA, both of whom also work directly for the drug cartel, according to our intel. Donaldson Prison has been thoroughy 'gifted' with orgonite by a reliable networker in Alabama and the courthouse and DA's offices are about to get similary gifted.

Don Croft

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