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Singapore's Getting Gifted Now!

By Don Croft <>
March 6, 2004

I just got a blasting request from Zeke, who's getting his requisite confirmations for busting towers in Singapore. I hope the other masterblasters will give us a hand helping him out because Singapore is the Illuminati's model city and Zeke's in for some $#!+ now that he's ruining the dark masters' complacency there.

Dennis and Carl, please send energy to and through Zeke and his wife now with your new devices, okay? I can't think of a better targetting situation to test your wares on because this energy will move right up through the attackers to perhaps the very top of the Illuminati dungheap.

I'll ask Carol for some followup with me tonight and I'll send out a report tomorrow about the situation. I think we've just been offered an avenue to the heart of darkness in the occult world order, so it will be fun to watch the fireworks.

Have fun with this one, okay?

Carol and I took out the ancient Draconian base under Death Valley on Wednesday and very nearly got arrested. Thank Grid the cops were happy about the new rainfall there ;-)

The newer bases, at China Lake, Mono Lake, Mammoth Lake and Edwards AFB are subsidiaries of that older alien base, apparently. More on that later but anyone could take out the other bases with surprisingly few earthpipes and a tank of petrol. The range of these things is astounding but of course they're only useful for underground targets.

Here's Zeke's letter to me. If you're in Asia (or anywhere, of course) and would like to correspond with him, let me know and I'll forward your email addy to him.



Hi Don,

I wish u could see this. just too bad i don't have a camera to show u the before and after effects. after afew days of rain here. THE SKY LOOKS NORMAL AGAIN!!! (have been real peaceful too, i live near the military airbase. no flights so far :-D) I CAN'T WAIT TO BUILD A CLOUDBUSTER for myself and afew friends, just to convince them to join me for the gifting. would feel kinda lonely with nobody around to support me.

1. I don't want to waste any of ur time reading this, but could i request a blast or two from u and carol. OH FOR ME WIFE TOO PLEASE!!! if u can only blast one of us, please blast her.

2. been feeling abit uneasy lately, probably just me nerves. thought i saw a ghost or summin the other night. and i've got real funny dreams too but i don't wanna bore u with details :-) PLEASE GIVE ME AND WIFEY HERE A BLAST, i think i really need it badly.

3. I've long suspected that over here (Singapore) the ley lines could be prominent buildings or monuments not sure how to ask this, but could anyone
of you confirm this. coz I got a really neat idea on how to put a few of the TBs or HHGs in them.

THANKS A MILLION MATE, u've been a real help getting me started on this. and the forums too with all the articles. (I'll try to borrow a camera or something and show some pix of the effects of a cloudblaster over here when I get it done)

S incerely,



The Team

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