Afternoon Sky Over Irvine, California June 30, 2004

{Editor's Note: These photos were sent to ZS Livingstone on July 10, 2004 for his opinion and analysis. Part of the response that I received from him the next day is posted below, inserted among the photos. Here is another link where you will find the full text of ZSL's e-mail: Sylphs Transmute Chemtrails in Skies Over Irvine, California (July 11, 2004) ...Ken Adachi]
June 30, 2004

From Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
July 11, 2004



Sylphs are in the pictures you intuitively guessed to be so. The easiest way of conceptualizing what is happening in the sky is to see the giant sylphs as baleen whales eating krill. They are eating Chemtrails and changing them into air and water. The transmutation is happening inside the sylph's "gastro-intestinal tract and spinal cord".

"Five mile long 'Blue Whales' floating in the air are making the sky blue again."

There appears to be a dispersal when the CTs are first consumed, as the spew expands into a ball inside the volume of the skin of the sylph. The negative or DOR charge is dissipated. Then the CT is stretched into a tight bright white thin cloud. At this point the physical transmutation processes occur. That thin cloud within thirty minutes becomes air and water vapor.

Sylphs can either eat the CT minutes after it is spewed or when it is a grey-white haze covering the whole sky. Over Irvine, the DOR, deadly charge has been taken from the smeared clouds by all the orgonite in the area. The grounding effect of Croft Chem Busters, Pipes, HHgs and TBs etc. has made the job easier for the sylphs. Also CBs help in the alchemical processes of transmuting barium and other heavy metals including uranium

2:05PM Chemtrail line


2:05PM two visible chemtrails layered among real clouds


2:08PM chemtrail line above real clouds


2:17PM faint chemtrail lines and white 'haze' noticed with chemtrails

  Sylphs can sweep through a hazy sky such as the 2:17PM photograph ingesting tons of metal particles. Days, even months, after the spew has been released the mess can be cleared from the air.












4:33PM (Sylph?)


4:34PM Chemtrail prior to transmutation?


5:22PM Chemtrail in process of Sylph overlay & transmutation?


5:23PM Ct's in transmutation?


5:41PM The Silent Battle Above


5:42PM Sylph Transmuted CT's?


5:52PM Transmuted CTs? against darker blue sky


5:54PM Sylph takeover in progress? (note rainbow reflection-jet fuel of CT or something else?)

    The 5:54PM photograph shows a sylph consuming a newly laid CT. The rainbow effect is at the point where the CT passes through the skin or "baleen" of the sylph. The rainbow is the first step in the transmutation as DOR is being changed into healthy or natural orgone. The sylph's size is many times the span of this picture. The CT in the sylph has spread out and does not have the characteristics of the grey CT smear clouds. The rainbow is something that Don and Carol Croft have seen many times. Often a lenticular cloud has a sheen around its entire circumference. This is DOR becoming Natural Orgone. In that situation you can actually see the full size of the sylph or the energy signature of a fourth dimensional "Friendly Lemurian". Such a spacecraft is a living being, not a physical craft.