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Soda Can Tower Buster,
Perfect Answer to the Camouflaged Towers?

From: Gale <>
Jan. 19, 2004

Here is something else you might want to try......there are always lots and lots of Coke and Pepsi and Beer can's laying around the road side.....they are made of aluminum and can be filled easily with the ingredience for orgone, resin, metals and crystal, and left right on the roadside again. Makes for a wallop of a cylinder type tower buster you can take and load it up with the goodies down the opening then use a funnel to pour in your resin. Have to pound the can a few good times to make sure everything gets to the bottom but it works can also use a piece of strong copper metal to stir things up inside also....just depends how much time and effort you want to put into this......

Give it a try....smiles


Microwave towers camouflaged as trees (Memphis, Tennessee area)



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