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A Succor Punch Blocks Most Govt. Surveillance Devices

By Don Croft <>
January 17, 2005

A Succor Punch Blocks Most Govt. Surveillance Devices (Jan. 17, 2005)

A Succor Punch blocks all of the up-close and even some of the distant surveillance devices, according to what we've observed over the past three years or so. We've gotten plenty of confirmations of that and the most dramatic was when Carol and I eluded the NSA for five whole days a couple of years ago, across five states

The NSA is nearly impossible to elude, otherwise, because they've got the best psychics and a vast army of stalkers. The KGB, even in Stalin's heyday, would be envious of the manpower and resources of the current Homeland Security Abomination, which has a lot of Russians in it, by the way and the presence of Russian nationals in this treasonous agency has been admitted by this unlawful federal government

A few hours after we turned the SP on during that exercise we had to blast NSA and CIA psychics almost continuously for a couple of days, then many times a day for the duration until we showed up in Pasadena and got voluntarily made by a pavement artist at the end of the journey.

Since then, we've kept a SP running whenever we're in the car [a coiled car cable is available on the Succor Punch index page..Ken].

Here's a little test: Leave a SP turned on in your house for a day or so and notice whether the psi parasites swarm you then. They prefer to use cheap bugs so that they don't have to put their expensive psychics to work on mundane stuff like this, of course. Carol found out on a trip that even the trick sonic equipment out in the fedmobile vans parked on the street can't pick up sound from windows when a SP is turned on in the house.

Side note: When I demonstrated my spudgun to Ken Adachi in a strip mall parking lot in Orange County a couple of years ago Carol saw a nearby, listening fed frantically snatching his headphones off because the blast probably deafened him. This work is rewarding in ways that most of us can't even appreciate.

The SP's spy-busting ability is something you need to prove to yourself in order to have any confidence in my claim, of course, and most gifters are no longer plagued by these federally funded criminals any more because there are now too many of us and the feds' morale is apparently at an all time low.

There are dozens of bugs in all of our homes, probably even in some of our clothing and certainly deep in the dashboards of our cars where nobody can get to them. If you want any privacy you need to run a Succor Punch, at least, but if you REALLY want privacy you need to punish the federal jerks who violate your etheric space, too.

Bill Muller taught me, seven years ago, that anything which generates 15Hz blocks surveillance devices in the immediate vicinity. As a top inventor he was under active CIA surveillance so he knew some tricks. We accidentally discovered that the SP blocks all the little devices when we were under very aggressive box surveillance in Los Angeles in May, 02, and discovered a few minutes after turning on the SP, that there were no feds around us any more.

Professionals don't 'lose' people when they're using box surveillance on them. In that case even the satellites apparently lost us, so it's prudent not to underestimate the potency of a humble SP. THEY don't .


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