The Mini Silver Terminator ~ Positive Offset Pathogen Assassin from Ken Adachi

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The Mini Silver Terminator ~
 Positive Offset Pathogen Assassin

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From Ken Adachi, Editor

The Mini Silver Terminator ~ Positive Offset Pathogen Assassin 

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Important New Discovery: 15 Hz MST Zapper Performed Like Beck Electrifier to Dramatically Reduce HIV Viral Count for Full Blown AIDS Patient

Introduction & Overview
The Mini Silver Terminator (MST), with 99.999% pure silver electrode discs, is considerably smaller and lighter than any other zapper found on the Internet. Its small size allows you to wear this lightweight 'Positive Offset Pathogen Assassin' inside your sock for example, for hours at a time, while it silently pulses its pathogen-zapping currents throughout your body, de-activating & destroying a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds, toxins and parasites continuously while it's running.


The Short Version (for those in a hurry who want less technical details)

MST shown with optional ES jack installed

Mini Silver TerminatorSP jack option installed on the MST"Zapping" is a term popularized in the books of Dr. Hulda Clark for electronically killing pathogenic organisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and molds. The Silver Terminator is a name I coined in 2002 for my modified version of the zapper made by Don Croft called the Terminator II. The purpose for creating the Silver Terminator was to replace the copper penny electrodes that Don Croft was using on his box with a similar sized electrode made of 99.990%  pure silver metal which eliminates most of the complaints of skin irritation (reddening and itching) that had plagued many people who were zapping with the copper discs installed on Don's Terminator II. Due to electrolysis action, the copper electrode disc will react with salt from sweat glands and produce a skin irritant called copper chloride. Using pure silver metal against the skin prevents this skin irritation problem completely.

In 2006, I stopped offering Don's Terminator II zapper because the box Don was using was simply too big and too heavy to be worn comfortably (and unnoticed) against the skin for hours at a time. I created a smaller, more compact version of my Silver Terminator with the introduction of the Mini Silver Terminator or MST. It's considerably smaller than the Terminator II (2.75" x 1.5" x 0.8" versus 3.25" x 2" x 0.8") and 33% lighter in weight (3.0 oz versus 4.5 oz). As a result, it's more comfortable to wear against the skin for hours of zapping - without being felt or noticed.

You can wear the MST inside your waistband, or inside a sock (or bra), or held in place with an elastic, stretchy Self Grip band wrapped on your arm or your lower calf for hours at a time and not really notice that you're wearing the MST because of its small size.

The Advantage of Positive Offset Zapping

It has been known since the 1930s that applying a specific AC (alternating current) frequency to the body (using a frequency generator) that matched the Mortal Oscillatory Resonance (MRO) or resonant frequency of a particular microbe or germ organism would cause that pathogen to die.

In 1990, Dr. Hulda Clark made a breakthrough discovery in which she found that a pulsing, positive DC (direct current) voltage (called a positive offset square wave) could kill a very wide spectrum of pathogenic organisms--regardless of the frequency chosen for the positive offset square wave.

Hulda found that the widest array of pathogenic organisms succumbed in the 30kHz - 33kHz frequency range, so she chose that frequency range as the most effective for general, overall whole body zapping. The MST is available in either 32 kHz (32,000 Hz) for general zapping as recommended by Hulda, or 15 Hz for those who prefer the Terminator II lower zapping frequency.

As noted in the books of Dr Hulda Clark, daily, continuous zapping, for many hours, can produce surprising results. It's easy to zap daily with the MST because you can WEAR it for hours by placing it against the inside of your calf, for example, above the ankle, and hold it in place with your sock or with a 4 inch wide Self Grip (self-adhering stretchy elastic band) or both. You can walk around and work and be zapping away the entire time and you will not notice the MST strapped to your lower calf. And no one else will know that you're zapping either - unless you tell them.

Positive Voltage Bias (PVB)

15 HZ squarewaves with positive voltage offset seen on oscilliscopeI now include an exclusive feature with every MST I build which I coined, PVB, or Positive Voltage Bias (TM). Hulda Clark modified her zapper schematic in 2004 to include a small, positive DC voltage bias to the output of her zapper circuit in order to keep the lower cut off voltage of the pulsing square wave signal, 1/4 volt above the zero voltage line (see oscilloscope photo), thus preventing any possibility of the square wave signal touching a tiny portion of the negative voltage region (which invigorates pathogens rather than kills them). The use of PVB guarantees that all of the zapper's pulsing current will kill pathogens, and not allow even a momentary negative current flow at the zero line border region. I've added 0.25 positive DC volts to the bottom of the pulsing square wave as seen in the photo on the right to eliminate any possibility of the square wave ever touching the zero voltage line. No other zapper offered anywhere on the internet has PVB, an exclusive feature of the MST.

Larger Mobius Coil and Elimination of Neodymium Magnet
Some people had reported to me that they have noticed beneficial effects of zapping by wearing the Silver Terminator inside their shirt pocket or pants pocket or under their pillow case - with the unit turned on - but not actually touching the skin (this is an unknown area of radiant field application that Dr. Bob Beck  alluded to in a paper that he wrote in 1978.

In conventional zapping, one is holding the electrodes against the skin in some fashion, however, the mobius coil itself radiates a unique scalar field which the body's auric field (described in the books of Rupert Sheldrake as Morphic Resonance fields) can pick up and be influenced by - on a physical level.

To enhance that scalar field, I now employ a much longer mobius coil than the 18 inch coil used in the Don Croft Terminator II. The significantly longer mobius coil used in the MST is made from 13 feet of 30 ga. Kynar wire, double wound on a flat rectangular form and placed at the rear of the box behind the battery. This longer mobius coil produces a substantially larger scalar field around itself and radiates that field deeper into the body's aura field which in turn influences the physical body.

Neodymium Magnet
I decided to completely eliminate the 1/2 inch diameter neodymium magnet used in the Terminator II, as I came to realize that it was counter-productive. If you study magnet therapy, you will find that a permanent magnet of much smaller gauss field strength is normally employed for only a relatively short period of time and at a specific location. Applying a powerful magnet for too long can have the opposite effect than was intended. While a North pole orientation against the skin is common, it's not exclusive. There are times in magnetic therapy when a South pole application, for purposes of stimulation, is more desirable. Also, the neodymium magnet used in the Terminator II was essentially swamping out the pulsing scalar magnetic field produced by the mobius coil and canceling out the scalar radiant effect altogether, thus truncating an important therapeutic effect-especially for people who are super sensitive to zapping currents.

ES Jack & DC Power Jack

Two optional features offered with the MST are the External Signal Jack (ES) and the DC Power Jack (DC).

A) The External Signal (ES) Jack allows you to:

1) use hand held copper pipe electrodes to directly zap through the body or organ of interest in order to deliver more zapping current to the source of the infection. Hand and/or feet electrode zapping offers additional zapping pathways to get at pathogens located in specific infected areas or organs of the body.

2) utilize the Beck Silver Wrist Electrodes ($70 donation) to achieve bio-electrification effects similar to the Bob Beck electrifier and

3) use the MST for Plate Zapping, Food Zappication, Homeography Bottle Copying, and the ability to make homeopathic Take-Out Drops and Put-In Drops yourself at home.

B) The DC Jack receives the output from a 9 volt DC wall transformer (saving battery power) while zapping at home (or in the car using the car cable - see below), which produces an output voltage (and current) that is a few volts higher than the voltage from a fresh 9 volt battery alone. Higher zapping voltage/current means more pathogens are killed in a given space of time.

To access the MST battery compartment:
Use a thin bladed small screwdriver or the tine of a fork in one on the two thin slots seen along the back upper edge of the box just below the snap-on lid and pry upwards. The lid will pop off.


I can't make any medical claims for the Mini Silver Terminator because the government would harass me, but Dr. Hulda Clark has provided ample evidence of the effectiveness of positive offset DC pulse zapping in all of her books. I strongly recommend studying them.

The MST and all related options offered on this website are ONLY available as Premium Gifts in consideration of support donations. I have nothing to sell and I am not engaged in commerce. If this understanding is acceptable to you, then you are welcomed to send the donation suggested (including shipping) and the Premium Gifts you have selected will be sent to you with gratitude for your support.  

To obtain your Premium Gift, send me an e-mail or leave a voice or text message at 949-544-1375, and include your email address so I can reply more quickly

The MST can be ordered in either 32 kHz or 15 Hz (the advantages of each are explained in detail in the Longer Version seen further below. Choose from one of the FOUR versions of the MST described as A, B, C, or D below and tell me whether you want 15 Hz or 32 kHz.

The hand and feet electrodes, The Beck Silver Wrist Electrodes for bio-electrification, the digital multi-meter, the SP Crystals, and the Bare Bones bargain zapper (comes without the silver discs mounted to the box, but includes the ES Jack for ) are all described in greater in the Longer Version seen further below.

The Mini Silver Terminator Versions (every MST now includes PVB)

Here are the possible choices available as Premium Gifts for suggested donations with the 32 kHz or 15 Hz MST (the ES Jack and DC Power Jack options are described in greater detail further below):

A) Plain 32 kHz (or 15 Hz) MST (no ES jack and no DC power Jack) = $136 + $9 Priority shipping in USA = $145 (outside USA = $136 + $39 Priority = $175)

B) 32 kHz (or 15 Hz) MST with ES Jack only= $166 + $9 Priority (within USA) = $175 (outside USA = $166 + $39 Priority = $205)

C) 32 kHz (or 15 Hz) MST with DC Power Jack only = $171 + $9 Priority (USA) = $180 (outside USA = $171 + $39 Priority = $210)

D) 32 kHz (or 15 Hz) MST with ES Jack and DC Power Pak together = $201 + $9 Priority (USA) = $210 (outside USA = $201 + $39 Priority = $240)

Other Options available to use with the MST:
Beck Silver Wrist Electrodes ($70)
Hand Electrodes & Cable: One set of 3/4 inch Hand Electrodes + one Primary connecting cable = $40 (more details further below)
3) Combo Electrode Package Deal: One set of 3/4" Hand electrodes plus one set of 1" Feet electrodes plus one 42" Primary connecting cable plus one 48" Secondary connecting cable = $65


The Longer Version (with more detailed technical explanations)

Mini Silver Terminator Design

MST with quarters It occurred to me in 2002 that I could eliminate the skin irritation from the copper pennies by bonding 99.99% pure silver discs on top of the penny electrodes in the original Croft Terminator, thus eliminating any skin contact with the copper. Many people know that silver possesses germicidal properties, but few people realize that silver also has tissue restorative properties. That means that it can speed up the healing of damaged tissue, such as sunburn for example (Dr. Robert O. Becker wrote about this in his books, The Body  Electric and Cross Currents). So far, I've noticed a 98% reduction in skin irritation with the silver discs. Some people may get a skin darkening under one of the silver disc (the positive electrode), but usually no irritation, reddening, itching, or discomfort. This is a significant improvement, as the copper disc skin irritation problem is annoying and distracting for many people.

Zinc Toxicity
Another advantage of using the silver discs is that you avoid the loss of copper plating that occurs when you use a copper penny Terminator II. All pennies minted after 1982 use a thin copper plating over a base of zinc metal. When the 2.5% copper plating wears off, you wind up with the 97.5% zinc metal underneath that is now touching your skin. While our body uses small amounts of zinc in its organic form, the elemental (bare, raw metal) form is harmful. And zinc salts, such as zinc chloride, are even more toxic than elemental zinc. When zinc metal touches the sweat of your skin, the chloride from your body sweat combines with the zinc metal to produce zinc chloride; which is both caustic and irritating to the skin. Dogs who have swallowed post-1982 pennies often die due to the toxicity of the zinc. The reason that no one uses galvanized pipes for drinking water any longer is because they were plated with zinc, which would leech into the water and lead to zinc poisoning for those who drank water from that source.

The Circuit Board with Positive Voltage Bias (PVB) TM
15 HZ squarewaves with positive voltage offset seen on oscilliscopeThe Mini Silver Terminator puts out a fast rise, positive offset, pulsing DC square wave which is rich in harmonics.The waveform is "on" for 50% of the cycle, and "off" for the remanding 50% of the cycle; therefore it has a 50% duty cycle . A 50% duty cycle allows an expression of Odd harmonics (3,5, 7, 9 etc.) and a suppression of Even harmonics (2,4,6,8, etc.).

Positive offset means that the voltage is going from zero up to the maximum positive voltage of the battery (or the somewhat higher positive DC voltage of the wall adapter transformer) and then drops back to the zero voltage line for Hulda Clark style, positive offset zappers being offered by others, but I've modified the circuit board of the MST to cause the positive pulsing signal to cut off at 0.25 volts ABOVE the zero voltage line (see oscilloscope photo on right), which offers an extra margin of security in ensure that the zapping signal will never touch even a tiny portion of negative voltage region (which would cause a growth of pathogenic activity). I coined this unique feature Positive Voltage Bias (PVB) TM

At no time does the square wave voltage waveform extend down into the negative portion of the voltage polarity. According to Dr. Hulda Clark, this is a very important consideration since all pathogens will succumb to positive voltage pulses, however, most pathogens are invigorated by negative voltage pulses.

Positive Voltage Bias (PVB) TM, is available exclusively with the MST and nowhere else.

The Mobius Coil

The sudden and rapid rise of the square wave causes scalar waves to be formed in the presence of  the unusually long mobius coil (made with 13 feet of Kynar wire) found on the MST. Scalar waves can transfer information of a complex nature. Most people simply don't realize that the frequency pattern (or frequency signature) of both healthy and unhealthy body components are 'written' or encoded within the human aura (the etheric body), which both surrounds and permeates the physical body. The energy signature of disease conditions first show up in the etheric body and will then translate into physical plane if the problem isn't addressed in sufficient time. This reality has been established and proven repeatedly by Kirlian photography, Radionics, the work of Cleve Backster, and many others.

As noted in the books of Dr Hulda Clark, daily, continuous zapping, for many hours, can produce surprising results. It's easy to zap daily with the compact MST because you can WEAR it for many hours by placing it against the inside of your calf, for example, above the ankle, and hold it in place with your sock or with a 4 inch wide Self Grip (self-adhering stretchy elastic band) or both. You can walk around and work and be zapping away the entire time and you won't notice the MST strapped to your lower calf - because it's small and light. And no one else will know you're zapping either - unless you tell them.

[Hulda Clark discovered that all conditions of ill health or disease, regardless of the organ involved, are a result of the entrenchment of parasites -which are enabled by certain solvents and toxic metals - accompanied by associated bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds - and the toxins they produce. Even healthy Americans have at least 14 different species of parasites in their body from exposure to products of modern life and supermarket food. How your immune system handles those 14 parasites and the 250 other pathogens that we're all walking around, makes all the difference in how 'healthy' you feel and how much energy you have. The positive offset zapper, pioneered and promoted by Dr. Hulda Clark, can kill just about every pathogen in the book, including parasites, regardless of the frequency chosen. This was a huge and extremely important discovery by Dr. Clark that allowed for a single frequency positive offset zapper to replace the need for a multiple frequency generator (also called a function generator) to zap bugs individually, one by one, in the body.]

The 32 kHz Circuit Board: Hulda Clark's Preferred Choice for General Zapping
Hulda Clark found that positive offset square waves of any frequency will adversely affect pathogens, however, she found that positive offset square waves in the 30-33 kHz (kilo Hertz) range would produce the most efficacious results for general, whole body zapping. After considerable examination of Hulda's research, I decided I would offer the MST in both a 32 kHz version, as well as a 15 Hz version previously employed in the original Silver Terminator.

32 kHz Attributes
I recently replicated an experiment described by Hulda Clark in one of her books which verified that the 32 kHz signal is detectable with a frequency counter throughout the body. To prove her contention, l strapped a 15 Hz MST to my lower calf, and using a probe connected to a frequency counter, I could not detect the 15 Hz signal anywhere on my skin, but when I connected the 32 kHz MST to the same place on my calf, I could detect the 32 kHz signal all over my body, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. It boils down to a basic law of electronic circuit action: higher frequencies encounter far less resistance (reactance, actually) when traveling through the body than extremely low frequencies (ELF) like 15 Hz. Hulda states in her book that if the zapping signal is detected on the skin, then it's reaching the organs and tissues found underneath the skin in that area.

15 Hz Attributes
15 Hz will produce a much closer spaced cluster (frequency wise) of odd numbered upper harmonics (1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.) , which in turn will cover a wider frequency band of pathogen resonant frequencies (pathogens are quickly destroyed when they are vibrated at or near their individual resonant frequency; also dubbed MOR or Mortal Oscillatory Resonance by Royal Raymond Rife). For example, the first harmonic of 15 Hz is 30 Hz (only 15 Hz apart), while the first harmonic of 32 kHz is 64 kHz, which is 32,000 Hz higher than 32 kHz. Therefore, you produce no harmonic frequencies between 32 kHz and 64 kHz using the 32 kHz MST, while the 15 Hz MST will produce a new harmonic every odd multiple of 15 Hz all the way up to the Giga hertz range. Since the upper harmonics of the 15 Hz MST are spaced together much more closely, you will hit the resonant frequency (MOR) of many more species of pathogens than will the harmonics of the 32kHz MST can. However, the disadvantage of 15 Hz is that it will not distribute itself throughout the body as easily as 32 kHz which is why Dr Hulda Clark settled on a range of 30,000 to 33,000 Hz as the best overall frequency range for general zapping purposes. .

Best Choice: 32 kHz or 15 Hz?

There are advantages associated with each frequency. Some people order one of each. If you are completely unsure, go with the 32 kHz version since Hulda Clark used that frequency most often to kill the widest spectrum of pathogenic organisms.

More Zapping Current Available Using 9 Volt DC Wall Adapters or a Car Battery via the Cigarette Lighter
I offer the option of having a DC Power Jack (described further below under Options) installed on the MST to allow an external DC voltage from 1) a wall transformer, or 2) from your car's cigarette lighter, or 3) from a 12 volt storage battery, or 4) even from a 12 volt solar cell panel to power the MST externally and save the internal 9 volt battery for portable applications.

Seen on the oscilloscope, the positive offset square wave voltage produced with the 9 volt internal battery will measure about 9.4 volts peak-to-peak (p-p) using a fresh 9 volt battery. The 9 volt DC wall adapter (wall transformer) actually produces 12 - 13 volts DC without a load, and will only dip slightly lower with the MST load. When measured on the oscilloscope, I get a square wave signal that measures 12 volts peak to peak (p-p) from the 32 kHz MST circuit with the 9 volt DC wall transformer, but I get an even larger 17 volts p-p square wave using a 12 volt DC wall adapter.

Following Ohm's Law, a higher voltage will result in a higher current flowing. More current means more killing power for knocking down pathogens.

To test the current output on the 32 kHz MST using different sources of DC voltage, I measured the current flow through a set of hand electrodes with

A) the 9 volt internal battery alone
B) the 9 volt DC wall transformer and
C) a 12 volt DC wall transformer

Here are my results measured for the 32 kHz MST on my Digital Multimeter's AC current scale:

A) 9 volt battery = 2.09 ma (milliamps)
B) 9 volt DC wall transformer = 2.96 ma
C) 12 volt wall transformer = 4.37 ma

Using a 12 volt DC wall adapter (with negative center pin) with the 32 kHz MST, you get more than twice the zapping current delivered by a fresh 9 volt battery. This additional current capacity will allow 2 or 3 people to Zap at the same time, each using their own set of hand electrodes (or feet electrodes) but drawing the current from only one MST.

(The 555 chip used in the 32 kHz circuit board can handle a power supply up to 18 volts without breaking down. Since the 12 volt DC wall adapter puts out 17 volts without a load, I found that the 12 volt wall adapter will work OK with the 32 Khz MST, but it's too strong for the 15 Hz circuit board (it burns out), so if you plan on using a 12 volt DC wall adapter, you can only use it with the 32 kHz MST

External Signal Jack (ES jack) Allows External Application of the signal for Hand/Foot Electrode Zapping, Beck Silver Wrist Electrodes for blood electrification, Plate Zapping, Food Zappication, and Homeography
If you get the External Signal jack option, you can use a connecting cable to bring the signal

1) to a pair of hand or foot electrodes so the zapping current is forced to run through the entire body from electrode to electrode. If you want to maximize electrode zapping even more, you can use both hand and foot electrodes simultaneously by using a secondary cable to connect one pair of electrodes to the other. Zapping with foot electrodes on the floor allows your hands to be free for typing, writing, or other work; a convenient way to zap while sitting in front of a computer console, working at a desk, or watching TV.

2) to a pair of Bob Beck-style Silver Wrist Electrodes placed over the ulna and radial arteries of the wrist and held in place with a stretch elastic band or neoprene strap, for purposes of blood electrification, a new discovery for the MST.

The positive pulsing 32 kHz signal is wired to the center pin of the ES jack. The electrode connecting cable which I offer has a 3/32" sub-mini audio plug attached to one end and terminates in two alligator clips at the other end. The alligator clip which is connected to the center pin of the ES jack is marked with red heat-shrink tubing to identify the positive pulsing signal source. We use the red marked alligator clip alone, clipped to an aluminum plate, for purposes of Plate Zapping, Zappication, and Homeography (tremendously beneficial new scientific discoveries pioneered by Hulda Clark and explained in her most recent books. I'll soon add more information here about the phenomenal benefits available from Plate Zapping and other applications discussed in Hulda Clark's books using a single terminal, positive offset voltage, available via the MST and the External Signal jack)

To access the MST battery compartment: Use a thin bladed screwdriver or the tine of a fork in one on the two thin slots seen along the back edge edge of the snap on lid and pry upwards. The lid will pop off.


The 32kHz Bare Bones Zapper (without the silver discs mounted to the box)

For those who wish to maximize economy, I now offer the 32 kHz zapper circuit with PVB but without the silver discs electrodes and without the mobius coil, but include the ES jack for hand/foot electrode zapping, Plate Zapping, Zappication, and Homeography. You can also add the DC Power Pak as an option if desired. You can make your own connecting cable and hand/foot electrodes or you can obtain them from me (see hand/foot electrodes and connecting cables described further down).

Bare Bones Zappers (without the silver discs mounted to the box)

A) 32 kHz Zapper with ES jack = $96 + $9 Priority USA) = $105 (outside USA = $96 + $39 Priority = $135)

B) 32 kHz Zapper with ES jack and DC Power Jack = $126 + $9 Priority (USA) = $135 (outside USA = $126 + $39 Priority = $165)

Self Grip
For quite a while, I was using a 2" stretchy band with Velcro sewn on the ends to hold the Mini Silver Terminator to the side of my calf just below the knee and left it running 24 hours a day, but eventually I found a fantastic, self clinging tape/bandage called "Self-Grip" that works great to hold the MST in place. It's 98% cotton and 2% latex woven with a special method that allows it to stretch and cling to itself very well, without, at the same time, being too tight or uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time. It comes in 1", 2", 3", and 4" widths in a roll about 66" long. The 3" or the 4" size will work fine with the MST. Look for it in a drug store or athletic shop.

Zap While Sleeping
Strapping the Mini Silver Terminator to the sole of your foot at night (no other area of the body) with Self Grip or placed inside a sock will allow you to zap at night while you're sleeping and usually causes no noticeable discomfort. It may take a few days or even a couple of weeks for your body to acclimate, but eventually most people can sleep through the night and zap at the same time. The skin cells on the sole of the feet and the palms of the hand are of a special nature that will not react to electrolysis, however these are the only two locations that you should consider for all-night zapping. Other skin locations could produce electrolysis irritation or even burns in rare cases, especially with children. .

For Sensitive Individuals-Getting Started
If you're super sensitive to zapping (this does not apply to most people), you can begin your zapping experience by wearing the Mini Silver Terminator on the sole of your foot (against bare skin) for 7 minutes on, followed by 20 minutes off. After the first 20 minute rest period, repeat the process with 7 minutes on and another 20 minutes off. After the second 20 minute rest period, zap one more time for 7 more minutes and you're done (this is called a complete zapping cycle or one zapping session). Give it a day and see how you feel. If you feel normal in every way, you can increase your zapping sessions to two per day. After a couple of days, if all is well, go for 3 zapping sessions a day. Do this for a week or so and if you are not having problems, then try zapping at night while you sleep with the MST strapped to the sole of your foot.

This will give you eight hours of zapping time without any worry of irritation, reddening, or skin darkening. After a week or two, try the MST during your waking hours by securing it to your leg or arm with Self Grip for an hour, but always begin with a complete 7 minute on/20 minute off (x 3) zapping session. Even if you notice nothing, move the MST to the opposite arm or leg for another hour and then no more zapping for that day, but apply the MST to your foot again at night when you go to bed. Build up your time more each day, adding 30 more minutes daily. If you are in relatively good health, you won't get much of a die-off reaction and you probably won't notice any symptoms, but drink more water anyway. If you have a more serious health problem, you need to balance the amount of time you zap and the effort you take to detoxify and get rid of the die-off waste. Drink water often, eat light foods (especially freshly prepared veggies, fruit, & juicing) and take detoxifying baths with Miracle II soap, Magnetic Clay, or sea salt and baking soda).

Recovering your health involves studying much more information than what can be mentioned here, so I strongly recommend that you read and carefully study The books of Dr. Hulda Clark if you want to learn how to defeat disease conditions in the human body.

To order, send me an e-mail or call at 949-544-1375, tell me what you want, and leave me you email address.


External Signal Jack
SP jack option installed on the MST You can utilize the Mini Silver Terminator with the External Signal jack (ES jack) for additional uses besides direct zapping via the silver discs. The 32 kHz (or 15 Hz) signal is delivered via a cable plugged into the ES jack as a signal source for hand and foot electrodes, or for Plate Zapping, or for Homeography, and a pulsed signal source for the Succor Punch (SP) crystal (

Hand and Foot Zapping

Using copper hand or foot electrodes, wrapped with a single layer of wet paper towel, forces the pulsing current to travel from one electrode to the other, traversing the entire body in the process. This is a different type of zapping than contact skin zapping with the silver discs electrodes against the skin and can deliver more current to a wider spectrum of cellular tissue (more information about hand and foot electrodes is found further below).

Plate Zapping allows you to focus the majority of the zapping current to a specific organ or tissue type by placing a slide (or bottle copy) of that organ on an elevated 3.5 inch square aluminum plate which is connected to the positive signal electrode (marked with red heat shrink tubing). Details for plate zapping are found in Hulda Clark's last three books, as well as her Syncrometer Training Manual (I plan to review Plate Zapping in a separate article which will be linked to this page).

SP Crystal Pulsing

Using the optional ES jack mounted on the front of the MST will allow you to pulse your SP crystal without the need for obtaining a separate dedicated SP Pulser unit. I found that it's more convenient to attach a 2.5mm jack to both the SP crystal and the MST box. I then plug a coaxial cable using 2.5mm audio plugs into the Mini Silver Terminator box and into the 2.5mm sub mini phone jack attached to the SP crystal (it's less bulky and more secure in my opinion).

DC jack mounted on read of MST I can add a 2.1mm coax DC barrel jack to the Mini Silver Terminator and feed it with a matching 9 volt DC wall transformer to save on draining the internal battery when using the Mini Silver Terminator at home to pulse the SP crystal or when zapping with hand electrodes (for people in normal or near normal health). You can also use the optional cigarette lighter car cable (below) with the SP Pulser while driving in the car and pulse the SP crystal (or zap with hand electrodes) using the car's battery for power, instead of the MST's internal 9 volt battery. The wall adapter transformer produces a somewhat higher DC voltage than that of the internal 9 volt battery resulting in a pulse output of  about 12 volts peak to peak, versus the 9.4 - 9.6 volts peak to peak pulse output from a fresh 9 volt battery. Ideally, you don't want the pulsing voltage to drop below 9 volts when zapping to insure that all pathogen species are effectively zapped. Pulse voltages in the 10-14 volts range deliver more current and can reach more pathogens without noticeable discomfort to the user. You can also have multiple sets of hand electrodes (more than one person zapping) branched off from a single MST if you are using the wall transformer to power the MST (up to the150 ma current capability of the wall transformer).

The installed DC coax jack for the Mini Silver Terminator, including the 9 volt wall transformer, is available as a stand-alone option for $35

Internal Battery versus the Wall Adapter Power Supply
If you are using the Mini Silver Terminator for zapping purposes, and you are very ill with a life threatening disease condition, then it's wiser to use the internal battery power only (or an external battery source of 9 - 12 volts). For maximum effectiveness, make sure that the battery level doesn't fall below 9 volts before changing over to a fresh battery. You can check the exact voltage of the battery daily with the digital multi meter described below. Even though there are no electrical dangers involved, using a wall transformer to supply DC voltage to the MST while zapping allows an 'etheric' image of the AC wall current to be impressed onto the body's aura. This has zero effect on people with normal health, but if you are extremely weak and in dire straits from advanced disease, then it's better to just use battery power alone for zapping. If you are in normal, or near normal health, then it's OK to use the wall transformer to supply the DC voltage to the MST for zapping purposes

The DC wall transformer power supply is ideal for pulsing the SP crystal at home since you can leave it running 24/7 and never use up your battery power. Save the battery for portable applications where you are carrying the MST in a small camera bag on your belt, or in your pocket, or purse or briefcase and you want to keep the SP crystal turned on and pulsing.

Copper MST with ahnd electrodes and wall adapterHand Electrodes

I use 3/4 inch or 1 inch copper pipe for hand electrodes and 1 inch or 1.25 inch copper pipe for foot electrodes. When zapping with electrodes held in either hand, the current is passing completely through your body to get to the other electrode. This may produce more effective zapping. I cut the pipe about 4 inches long and then deburr and smooth the outer edges of both ends and polish to a bright copper finish. I wrap them with a single layer of industrial strength blue paper towel, wetting them thoroughly with tap water and then damping off with a cloth towel. I cut a little wedge out of the blue paper where I clip the alligator clip so the clip won't rust from exposure to the wet paper towel.

A) Two 3/4 inch copper pipe electrodes (includes 4 extra blue paper towel wraps) = $15
B) Two 1 inch copper pipe electrodes (and 4 extra towel wraps) = $ 18
C) Two 1.25 inch copper pipe electrodes (and 4 extra towel wraps) = $20

Hand Electrodes & Cable: One set of 3/4 inch Hand Electrodes + one Primary connecting cable = $30

Combo Electrode Package Deal: One set of 3/4" Hand electrodes + one set of 1" Feet electrodes + 42" Primary connecting cable + 48" Secondary connecting cable = $55

Copper Foot Electrodes                                                                                  

One inch copper pipe electrodesOne inch copper pipe electrodes with towelsYou can use 1 inch copper pipe for the foot electrode or the larger diameter 1.25 inch copper pipe. The larger diameter pipe allows me to comfortably rest the forward part of the heel of my bare foot on the pipe while sitting at the computer desk or working at the electronics bench. The 1.25 inch diameter of the pipe works nicely with the  weight of my foot placed just forward of the heel so I can sit comfortable for a long time and zap away without noticing the electrodes. I always place a rubber mat of the floor first and then place the foot electrodes on top of the mat. You could also use a plastic bag placed under each foot electrode if you don't have a rubber mat (rubber mats for the sink or under the dish rack will work fine). Of course, I wrap a single layer of blue towel around each foot electrode and keep them wet with tap water. Don't place the foot electrodes directly on carpeting or on wood floors. Use the rubber mat or plastic bag under each electrode as an insulator. $15 for a pair of 1.25 inch copper pipe electrodes, including 4 blue towel wraps.

Hand and Foot Electrode Connecting Cables

MST and Extention Electrode cablesA) I use 16 or 18 gauge stranded copper speaker wire (42 inches long) or black zip cord with alligator clips for the primary copper pipe electrode connecting cable which is partially split apart into two separate wires (each 3 feet long) and terminated with a 2.5mm audio plug. Primary electrode cable = $15

B) If you want to use both hand electrodes and foot electrodes simultaneously, you simply attach another 16 gauge stranded copper speaker wire extension cable from the foot electrodes to the hand electrodes. The secondary extension cable is four feet long with alligator clips attached to both wires at both ends. Secondary electrode extension cable = $15

Using both hand and foot electrodes simultaneously will allow more current flow from the MST and will tend to reach more pathogens throughout the body.

Combo Hand/Foot Electrode Package Deal: One set of 3/4" Hand electrodes plus one set of 1" Feet electrodes plus 42" Primary connecting cable plus one 48 " Secondary connecting cable = $55

(You can also make your own connecting cable by using heavy gauge speaker wire or zip cord that you partially split apart into two separate wires (each 3 feet long) and connect an alligator clip to the end of each separated wire. A 2.5mm male audio plug is available at Radio Shack or electronic parts supply stores)

BEck Silver Wrist electrodes with MST and neoprene wrist strapDr. Bob Beck-style Silver Wrist Electrodes (& wrist band) for Blood Electrification using the MST = $70 donation

I posted a reply to an email in 2011 in which I explained how an individual with full-blown AIDS had contacted me by telephone in 2011. I talked to him for over an hour and explained how the Beck electrifier worked. He told me that he couldn't afford the Beck electrifier, but he could afford the MST, so he tried the MST instead. However, rather than zap with the MST in the conventional manner, he placed the round silver electrodes on the MST directly against his shin on the underside of his wrist, held it in place with Self Grip, and zapped away for 2 hours every day. 90 days later, he got a new PCR test from his doctor and he told me that his viral load went from a previous HIV reading of over 500k to less than 300, about a 99% reduction. We talked after he got the PCR test, and I found out that he was strapping the MST directly to his wrist - thinking that was the correct way to do it. That's when I realized that a pulsing DC voltage (from the MST) could ALSO achieve an induced 50-100microamp current flow in a wrist arteries as did the pulsing AC voltage from a Beck Electrifier. That means that you could place a set of silver electrodes under your wrist, using a stretchy elastic band like Self Grip, and achieve the same blood electrification results as that of the Beck electrifier, but using the MST.

Zip Lock Wetting Bag
I use the heavy duty, 4 mil plastic zip lock bag that the electrodes come in to wet the electrodes when away from home. Pour some bottled water (not too much) into the plastic bag and then after placing the two electrodes inside, squeeze the water up around the electrodes until the blue paper is completely wet. If you want to keep the water Wetting electrodes with plastic water pouchin the bag for awhile, just zip lock the bag and place in your glove compartment, briefcase, or even your pocket. I later found it wiser to place the 4 x 6 inch, 4 mil plastic bag inside a second, quart-size Zip Lock bag for double security against water leaks. It's super convenient and you don't have to worry about finding a way to wet the electrodes when away from home.

Tap water contains plenty of minerals and will make a perfect conductor of electric current. We use the wet paper towel to prevent direct electrolysis between the copper of the pipe and the sweat in your hands which will produce copper chloride, a skin irritant. It also prevents other problems related to electrolysis due to the voltages involved. The blue industrial paper towel is really strong, so it won't fall apart after being wetted repeatedly and can be used over and over again. In a pinch, you can always use regular white paper towel, but they won't hold up like the blue paper can .

Car Cable
The car cable can be a long as 15 feet if desired, but I cut most of them to 4 feet long, as the most convenient length for most people. If you don't specify otherwise, I'll send you the 4 foot cable. Just tell me the length that you want if you want a cable longer than 4 feet. . It shouldn't be shorter than 3 feet, though. I have to reverse the wiring inside the plug to make the center pin of the 2.1 mm  barrel plug negative in order to match the polarity of 2.1mm DC power jack which I install on the SP Pulser (and the DC power pack on the Mini Silver Terminator). $20 (plus shipping) .

(If you intend to get your own car cable, you must reverse the wiring inside the cigarette lighter plug to make the center pin negative)


If interested, send me an e-mail or call at 949-544-1375, tell me what you want. Always leave an email address.

Thank you, Ken Adachi

Disclaimer: This device and the information written here, is provided solely for educational, research, or entertainment value only. No medical claims are made or inferred. No liability for its use is assumed. A Mini Silver Terminator should not be used by persons who are wearing a pacemaker or women who are pregnant. This device has not been tested by the FDA or any other government agency. Individual response may vary. Use at your own discretion and liability.


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