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The Flying Crane Sylph of June 12, 2004

By Ken Adachi<>
June 12, 2004

For readers viewing this page for the first time and who didn't see the notes I had written as an introduction to an article written by cbswork titled Conjunction to Solstice - June 2004 , I'll reproduce here only the relevant paragraph of that intro in which I allude to the Sylph shown here and how I came to photograph it.

"When the influx of Sylphs began a few months ago, DB contacted me by e-mail and wanted me to put him in contact with ZS Livingstone, as the Sylphs were telepathically telling DB that he should recognize ZSL's special relationship with them. We did so and soon afterwards, DB began posting pictures of Sylphs almost daily at his web site. Another fellow in Canada also started a web site devoted to chronicling the heavenly activities of these dedicated chemtrail munching workers (A unexpected event just took place here. As I was typing these words on the morning of June 12, 2004, I had to go to a local shopping plaza to pick up something and after parking the car, I was pleasantly surprised to see the biggest Sylph I've yet to see with my own eyes. It stood out alone, in an otherwise totally clear, blue sky. It was so big, I had to pan the camera and take two shots to get the whole image of the Sylph. I mentally said hello to him and thanked him for putting on such a grand show in our little town on such a bright, breezy, and sunny morning)."

It's interesting to note that this photo was taken on June 12, a date of potential astrological significance

Here's two pans of the Sylph that I was refering to:

Left pan of camera                                                                          Right pan

I later opened up Photoshop and overlapped the two shots as best I could and butted the two frames together, so you could see the full width of the Big Sylph as I saw it. He was a magnificient specimen in all regards, a heart breaker with the lady Sylphs I'm sure:-)

I went back to the same spot a couple of hours later just to see if he was still there, but he was gone. Maybe it was a photo op all along?


Someone took the time (thanks) to merge the two photos with more skill than I and sent them to me a month or so after I first posted this page. .

Flying Crane Sylph June 12 2004


Update, June 16, 2004:
A few days after posting these shots, I was talking with ZS Livingstone on the phone on June 15 and asked him if he had a chance to see the above photo yet. He said he didn't see the photo yet, but got the psychic impression that the Slyph was intentionally posing for me. He also said that the Slyph travelled a long distance to show up for this photo. The next day, I received the following e mail from him:

Re: June 12, 2004 Slyph Photographed by Ken Adachi (June 16, 2004)

June 12, 2004 Slyph Photographed by Ken Adachi

From: Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
June 16, 2004

Subject: June 12 shot of sylph ( )
From: "Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone"
Date: Tue, June 15, 2004 10:17 pm
To: "Ken Adachi" <>


This sylph was really posing for you. It took on the shape of a Japanese flying crane, the same crane which is fashioned in paper,origami, to represent a prayer for peace. I remember seeing hundreds of thousands folded paper cranes made by school children and sent to Hiroshima annually.

This is the same sylph which has been photographed resting atop Mount Fuji and probably crossed the Pacific specifically to be photographed by you.

The sylph could have decided on any image, but chose a crane. The wispy clouds are like calligraphic brush strokes, also Japanese in theme.

Have you been having a lot of internet "hits" from Japan? Have you had any recent correspondence with someone from Japan?

The sylph tuned into you to check your itinerary, and may have read some of your remembered emails. Something important is probably in your email.


Update, June 17, 2004
I was talking on the phone this morning with Trevor James Constable and I told him about the above picture. He told me that he still had in his possession many original negatives of Slyphs which he had photographed using infrared film during the 1950's and 60's (Trevor referred to Sylphs as "critters" in his 1976 book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life), but did not include these particular shots in his book because he couldn't reproduce the images clearly enough to use when converted to a black and white half tone print (required by book printers). He mentioned to me that he was able to attract the Slyphs to his location by performing the "Star exercise" (explained in his Cosmic Pulse book) which acted as a sort of lighthouse beacon for the Slyphs to tune into and be drawn to his location. I told Trevor that I was typing an introduction on the morning of June 12 which mentioned the role of Slyphs in neutralizing and destroying chemtrails and Trevor said (as did ZS Livingstone) that my thoughts about the Slyphs allowed them to tune into me and this in turn acted as a magnet to draw the Slyph into my area.

It's truly amazing to witness these things first hand. I now have a small taste of the excitement that Trevor must have felt along with Dr. James Woods back in the late 1950's and early 60's photographing UFO's and Slyphs by spending their weekends in the southern California desert, getting up before sunrise and performing the Star exercise- sometimes for hours. As Trevor performed the exercise, Jim Woods would aim the camera into the empty sky above Trevor and shoot off a few rolls of film - just hoping the 'critters' or UFOs would show up after they developed the infrared film. At the time, they couldn't actually see the Slyphs or UFOs with only their naked eye. It was a tremendous investment in time and energy for them to try and capture the Slyphs on film this way; as I'm quite certain that the majority of those infrared film rolls came up blank, but when they did hit paydirt, the results were spectacular. You can see Trevor's original Slyph photos in The Cosmic Pulse of Life.

Ken Adachi