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By Don Croft <>
Oct. 20-24, 2005

October 20, 2005

I couldn't resist that

Remember Fred Flintstone's wife?

Some of us have been blasting that new HAARP hurricane, which is aimed at Palm Beach, a short jump south of us here, which may mean that it's really aimed at the very hurricane-vulnerable residence of the originators of the orgonite cloudbuster

Here's an update: Yesterday it was getting dark and DOR-y around here--there were even a bunch of buzzards flying around this heavily gifted (by Jeff McKinley) little town in the afternoon. It rained torents in the evening when Jeff was here with me. We got together, as many are apparently doing, to smack down the eye of the new HAARP storm with his unique tool, which Carol says is Jeff's 3D interface of a vast and friendly elemental who hates HAARP. I know that it takes several days to build up to hurricane conditions and that one was scheduled to get here in 48 hours from now or so. It means that the conditions here are supposed to be dreadful now, but they're not at all..

I haven't been out in town yet today, I don't have TV and won't listen to crapola, er, I mean payola What To Think Network radio news so I'll ask someone in 3D for a storm report later this afternoon when I go out for errands. Yesterday you could smell fear in the air in this town. I suspect that the HAARP arrays, inland, were throwing dense DOR at us here to prepare a pathway for the fake hurricane.

Jeff had already busted all the HAARP arrays for some distance inland and for a long way up and down the coast, so that was a long reach for the would-be atmosphere killers. I think the reason we picked this place to roost is because it feels better than any place we've been in Florida, due to Jeff's heavy local gifting. Thanks, partner!

There are scores of CBs in this state but only two or three people who have been tweaked enough by their social conscience, so follow through and bust a lot of death transmitters, too. Even if the CBers who made or bought them for selfish reasons would just point them out to sea everyone's life in the assaulted areas would be better.

Thankfully, it never takes many committed folks in a region to get the gifting work done adequately, otherwise we'd probably all be in concentration camps or short coffins by now; maybe even in Solyent Green wafers . 'You want fries with that, ma'am?'

When I got up this morning the sky was clear, there was no wind, it's now a typically gorgeous South Florida October day and there are happy little wild birds and wild animals all around our little jungle retreat on Jones Creek.

Jeff's coming over again tonight so we can have another storm-blasting session. Carol's back in Idaho collecting our stuff and arranging for boat financing, but she told me on the phone, yesterday afternoon, that this is a particularly massive HAARP construct with a lot of built-in vengeance aimed at orgonite. Have the HAARP schmucks already given up? Are they looking for a bit of coastline, again, that has no cloudbusters yet? Have you considered how many rightly fed-up people will volunteer to pull the switch on these mass murderers when they've been brought to account in lawful courts around the world, maybe pretty soon?

My front door is about two feet above the new ocean level on this saltwater creek, about two miles from the Atlantic through Jupiter Inlet. The only other time I was in a hurricane was ten years ago in a little open boat in the Gulf of Mexico for a few days, after which I ran to shore to get some sleep. I beached the boat, then, and slept for a day and a half. When I woke up the receding storm surge had dropped the level of the ocean about 8 feet, leaving my sailing dory high and dry and a week later much of Yucatan was still flooded from that HAARP storm. There hadn't been a hurricane there in over a century.

Although the ocean level is clearly rising (when they built this duplex I reckon that the level of hte ocean was a couple feet lower than it is now) the 'hurricane' which passed right over Jeff's cloudbuster here a year ago had NO accompanying storm surge, so it obviously wasn't a hurricane, even if you discount the weak winds. Jeff enjoyed standing outside and experiencing the coming and going of that storm's eye, in fact. If it were a real hurricane he'd have ended up in the next county. This was true of all of the hurricanes in FL last season. There was a lot of intermittent damage on the Gulf Coast from tiny tornadoes that showed up and disappeared in the areas between the cloudbusters and apparently that's what the What To Think Network were selling as hurricane damage. Tornadoes never accompany natural hurricanes or steady storms at this latitude; those are little locally-generated HAARP constructs and indicate sour grapes for the cloudbusters disabling their hurricanes..

See, there isn't anyone on the other coast, yet, who's taken on the job of regional HAARP busting. As far as I know, Greg Brown's the only resident over there who has done a significant amount of gifting, so far, but others will show up, no doubt, and get it all done. One of his cloudbusters deflated the 'worst' hurricane,which was aimed at Port Charlotte, by the way. We were there a couple of times in the last month, looking at catamarans, and our broker showed us and told us about the isolated tornado damage there. For instance, one house in a neighborhood may have been destroyed by a HAARP mini-tornado while the others were untouched. Otherwise all of the trees are still standing and we didn't see any signs of the catastrophic mayhem that the liars on the What To Think Network were claiming.

I was very happy to get 3D confirmaiton of the reports that reputable eyewitnesses had sent me last year.

Real hurricanes pile up a lot of water in front of them, which is why the deflating one that hit the unprotected the Mississippi coastline last month did so much damage. Mississippi's coast, like where we live, is vulnerable to the slightest storm surge now because of the rising ocean level and there are no cloudbusters there, yet.

Louis Onder in Alabama had generously put several big orgonite objects with pipes sticking out of them along that coast, so it was interesting to see that these were not stopping or deflecting that HAARP storm, as Robert Schoen's CB in New Orleans had apparently done.

In a few years, more and more coastal communities will have to be abandoned, as has happened at Plum Island, Massachusetts (a popular resort), and will likely happen to most of Florida pretty soon. That's why we're buying a boat instead of property here

Jeff stated that, 'This is the very last hurricane season,' the other day and I absolutely agree. Thanks to Jeff and to Dave Emmett in Barbados there will be new cloudbusters throughout the Caribbean long before the next storm season arrives, so there won't likely be any natural hurricanes, especially if enough of the big HAARP arrays on those islands are also disabled in time; the massive HAARP arrays on the little known, uninhabited islands west of the Florida Keys will be disabled by us via whatever ocean boat we end up with soon.

Those new arrays are in the center of the area where the last series of HAARP storms were generated. Eric Carlson had disabled most of the huge HAARP transmitters in the Florida Keys earlier this year.

Carol and a German psychic saw those new transmitters etherically and one of Jeff's friends saw them in 3D from a commercial vessel recently. Earlier, that fellow, who's dad owns the boat, had ringed the Dry Tortugas with a hundred or so TBs, from the boat's inflatable dinghy, but our estimate that the HAARP arrays were on those better-known islands, just south of where the towers actually are, was a little off. Next time the What To Think Weather Channel shows you doctored radar imagery of the region you'll still be able to see the immediate effects of those new towers.

One reason we probably won't have any more big HAARP storms is that Carol, Jeff and I are going to travel to those islands after the storm season has passed and when we're more confident/competent sailors , and we'll disable those new HAARP arrays. By then, I'll know how to put pictures in posts, so will illustrate our victory and will also post the pictures of whatever US Navy or Coast Guard traitors, Chinese sampans or Russian subs may try to scare us away from there.

I don't know if you have to contend with NSA (the best--talented psychics!) hackers as much as I do, every day, but every time I make a good point in email, posts or articles my firewall pops up and indicates an intrusion attempt. That's one of the little signals that tell me I'm on track in the moment. I got one of those victory banners just now and I bet it will take three or four tries to post this report today.

Carol got a clear signal that she's on track, too, when she got grievously poisoned in the Chicago airport on Sunday night. She got an intimation that the mini pizza she had just ordered was a threat but she hadn't eaten all day and was raveonous, so disregarded her intuition and ate it anyway. I think the airlines only give you peanuts on cross country flights these days. Fallout of the New Vigilance? The jackbooted Airport Gestapo have intimidated most people away from commercial flying by now, after all, so the airlines aren't making much money, even though they're probably owned by the oil cartel, so get breaks on the price of fuel.

She was so violently ill, immediately, that she was unable to stand and was hallucinating. She had the presence of mind to put two zappers on and stopped puking after awhile. She caught her connecting flight to Spokane right after that and within 12 hours she was feeling great, thanks to the effective and timely energy-tossing response of Dooney & Dr Stevo, Lynda in Georgia, Jeff and I.

I'm sure these federal criminals who succeed in poisoning a few of us from time to time can't quite figure out why we're all still breathing. I bet they all own zappers by now, though I got dosed in the airport in Copenhagen on my way to Namibia four years ago. I remember the agent who did it, too, but was a little too slow out of the gate to get out of the way of the mist she sprayed at me. The zapper handled that one in a couple of hours but the worst kind is what they manage to get into our food.

I'll find out what HAARP's latest intended/announced Wiiiiillllmmmmmaaaaaa landfall is when I do my errands this afternoon. Jeff and I and apparently many more will keep blasting that storm regularly so that, hopefuly, nobody will get harmed.

Richard Hoagland, whom I consider to be among the cream of the crop of CIA disinformants (these are the ones who give out so much genuine information that they shoot their handlers in the foot), mentioned on Coast to Coast on Monday, I think, that someone's deflating this storm remotely and I took that to mean that the CIA is lining up a new disinfo campaign to steal our thunder and Hoagland will introduce it all.

The Sylphs started showing up in force and numbers as the orgonite-gifting began to tip orgone balance of the atmosphere in the earth's favor back then. When you recognize a Sylph, it's already directly connected with your heart, of course, and is giving you energy/information. Otherwise, it would have just looked like an ordinary cloud to you.

By the way, I just read a CIA disinfo attempt by a fake scientist to explain away the new Sylph clouds. 'Harumph.'

Remember how dismal and depressing the skies were where you live before the cloudbusters and towerbusters got distributed sufficiently?

In other news:

The impending invasion of the US by China is apparently not going to take place as scheduled, or at all. The reason I feel confident about that is that a very popular, 'channeled' CIA disinformant who is featured on popular disinfo sites and media shows, now claims that it will happen shortly

Something that's surely sticking in the BushSr cabal's and Chinese military's craw, right now, is the fact that nobody in the US has ever voluntarily disarmed.

If the entire Russian army, including their commando regiments and American Special Forces, utterly failed to subdue small, impoverished and underequipped Chechnia, what chance does any army or all armies have to take this extremely well armed and determined population of 300 million?

No terrain in America favors guerrilla warriors more than the Pacific Northwest, to boot and you can bet your @$$ the instantly-swelled Constitutional militias would have the support of the populace in that case. I'm sure the Chinese generals know THE ART OF WAR by heart no matter how stupid the treasonous the US generals in the BushSr regime are.

You can bet that if the death towers were fully operational our nation would have been invaded and conquered by Russia and China, both, long before now at the treasonous federal government's invitation.

A few reputable psychics who have had visions of a Chinese invasion of the Northwest will learn, if they haven't, that all of these visions are conditional and that orgonite and a few committed folks are changing the balance decisively and perpetually now.

Any time a secret mass mayhem plot is publicly announced it automatically gets abandoned, which is why we usually make an effort to at least post summaries of what the EW psychics have gathered during group sessions.. That's a law that this world order can't transgress, even though they probably hate that fact

When any of the orchestrated internet/media horde of CIA and MI6 disinformants announce a destructive plot it's doubly guaranteed not to happen, thank God.

Get a load of the comical disinfo being put out by Pravda these days, by the way via 'Sorcha Faal.' As clever as some disreputable Russians have been with political subterfuge and infiltration in the past 90 years they've never been very good at propaganda from The Workers' Paradise.

None of us have posted much about the fact that a few people have been working hard on etherically disabling the Chinese leadership for the past year, since we learned that the invasion was arranged by with the Bush Sr cabal's open encouragement and even financial help. That's also apparently when Greenspan started secretly sending all of the US Treasury's gold to Hong Kong, as agreed to perhaps several decades ago by the London-based Federal Reserve Abomination. The Fed stole all of that gold, before, and was storing it a couple of blocks away from the WTC in big, underground vaults at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. They already had most of the Romanov's gold bullion because London had scammed the Czar into putting it 'somewhere safe.' New York has always been one of London's money drops.

For years I've been wondering how the BushSr regime will finally fall and be brought to account and now I'm thinking that it will happen pretty fast when the PJ folks find out that BushSr and Greenspan tried to literally sell us all out to China and Russia.

Fortunately for us, the world order trades on decay and debt, neither of which are essentially real, and a nation doesn't need gold in order to be wealthy and prosperous any more.

In fact, we can all get by quite well for awhile with no federal gov't at all and we'll all probably prosper in the interim, since it also means there will be no IRS extorting money from innocents, no more federal funding of the biggest Gulag in the history of manind, and because genuine social charity can be handled most efficiently and generously from a state and local level, which is the only way it can ever work work, anyway.

Imagine the legions of bureaucrats and other able-bodied wards of the state actually working for a living for a change instead of feeding on the federal reserve sow's belly!

Those who don't deserve charity can become productive without having to pay 95% of their wages for housing and subsistence survival any more, too, because it's government-subsidized usury that's gradually jacked up the price of housing and food to surreal levels. It's a win/win deal!

The intentionally weak early federal govenment was set up in the first place to mainly be a facilitator for the independent republics that make up the USA, after all, and we're all grown up enough, by now, not to get into state quarrels that need a daddy to break them up, at least until a lawful, sufficiently limited federal gov’t is set up to replace this treasonous one.

Do me a favor, okay? Just because something's never, never, never mentioned on the What To Think Network or by university professors doesn't mean it's not important to consider. Just keep that in mind and then look with a little discernment at the Big Picture with me, okay?

The field is still open for you to do this historic gifting work where you live, by the way, and you can afford it, so what's stopping you?


"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich

Re: "Wiiiiillllllmmmaaaaaaaaa!" [message #2572 is a reply to message #2565 ] Fri, 21 October 2005 09:38
Messages: 45
Location: Manatee county Florida Etheric Warrior

Don, I started feeling the HAARP stuff last night and this morning its gotten stronger.I am pointing my CB at it and have the radinoics working on it too. There are some gals around here doing gifting, I hope they read this and point there stuff at Wilma too.

The local newsfakers are trying there best to instill fear amoungst us, the county gov is is in "emergengy" mode and with the haarp crap going full blast, It just sucks being around here now. I did notice that most of the predicted (planned?) paths of Wilma are pointed staight at you,buddy.



Re: "Wiiiiillllllmmmaaaaaaaaa!" [message #2576 is a reply to message #2572 ] Fri, 21 October 2005 16:54
Messages: 13
Location: Jupiter, Fla.(southeast) Etheric Warrior

Hey y'all. brer, the fear vibe hit town over here also but has since subsided a bit. the storm missed it's swift ride to fla. up a trough already, due directly to the many who are working on dissipating this artificial abomination of nature.
there will be seven or more cbs pointing at it from over here but we havent turned them yet. dave emmett is arriving today and we had talked about maybe setting some cbs out over on your coast too. know any locations?

i want all to know that the exact location of the haarp arrays plagueing hurricane alley for so long have now been located through a network effort of aware young people, mostly surfer-types who love their oceans and planet. we get dolphin reports, underwater array location reports, and of course remotely located haarp reports, the last being exactly 45 mi. due north of Ft. Jefferson on Dry Tortugas. Don wants to gift these a.s.a.p. but i must add that they will most likely be done before that. there are just too many people now who will not stand for these crimes and are acting swiftly. the young gifters and forward observers jump in heart first and don't seem to have to go through the slow process of waking up like i did. it's the human version of the overturning moment in physics- they just understand very quickly and it spreads like wildfire! the line of sight of this storm does indeed seem to be coming right at don and carol's place. it also passes nearly directly over the aforementioned haarp towers. the timing and geometry seem to be pretty exact, but if that is the case, it is already thrown off, and will continue to be thrown further and further off until it harmlessly dissipates, or turns out to be a day off work for us all. so,lets all work on this thing by blasting and cb pointing.

jeff mckinley


Re: "Wiiiiillllllmmmaaaaaaaaa!" [message #2577 is a reply to message #2576 ]
Fri, 21 October 2005 17:42
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Registered: August 2004
Location: Manatee county Florida Etheric Warrior


From what I've been able to keep track of the area south of Naples has no CB's.There are a few in the Naples/Ft.Myers area, but none from Charolette harbor north to Englewood.from north port all the way to crystal river is fairley well covered,but very few north of there to Tallahasse. As to where you could put them, where ever the palmettos and skeeters are the thickest:-)

That's great to hear about your surfer dude/dudette network! Sometimes I feel pretty alone over here.the fear vibe slacked off here too.



Re: "Wiiiiillllllmmmaaaaaaaaa!" [message #2579 is a reply to message #2577 ]
Fri, 21 October 2005 19:43
Don Croft
Messages: 560

We found out in the Florida Keys in April, 2001, that the range of a CB only effectively extends to the horizon, which isn't very far away in Florida, but one can shoot a lot farther with pipe extensions. To entirely stop a storm hundreds of miles away, though, might require some concerted blasting.

I just sent out a mass email inviting EWers to 'punish the HAARPies' tomorrow evening, by the way, and many of us are spontaneously 'pressurizing the storm's eye' as Jeff McKinley (Jackson) described it to me last night.

All DOR storms are characterized by very low atmospheric pressure and healthy, orgonized atmosphere is characterized by high pressure, so when you're throwing energy at a storm's center you're essentially pressurizing it, whether you considered that or not

If I'm not mistaken, the implications are good that we can knock out storms at sea with a shipboard CB. We might find out before long, because Carol just got financing for a nice ocean-sailing catamaran and that's in the pipe now.

Somebody really needs to bust up the HAARP facilities in the Gulf, too, and if Jeff's young friends can get to that brand new, island HAARP megaplex in the Gulf first, more power to them, of course! It's about time that the youthful vanguard of this grassroot movement is made up of more than a bunch of middle aged folks, don't you agree?

When Carol and I were in the Keys with our first orgonite cloudbuster back then the atmosphere there was oppressive and even smoggy until we got set up, then it brightened up and felt wonderful within a day. That was a half year before the death transmitters proliferated, by the way..

Homestead Air Force Base, 60 miles northeast of our RV campsite in the Keys, had a perpetual thunderhead over it, no matter what the rest of the sky looked like, so I pointed the CB at it. My memory might be playing tricks now, but I think the cloud vanished fast when I added the pipe extensions, but wasn't greatly affected by the 'bare' CB before that.

Jeff noted last night, during our Thursday two-man, local storm busting session, that he saw a lovely hole on the horizon in the HAARP muck where my current, plain CB is now pointing. He's only a couple miles away, and I think he's also pointing his CB in that direction so it's safe to assume that we're both creating that window. Also there's no wind here and the rain is ionized today. North and south of us is dense, DOR overcast, though. Someday we'll be able to factor in how much and in what circumstances the owners of CBs are affecting the atmosphere.

Many of have experienced the curious, 'orgone capacitance' phenomenon in which we affect the atmosphere ahead of us when we travel, whether or not we're carrying a CB with us.

It's kind of fun to have a CB on the car roof, pointing ahead or behind because you get some really fine, dramatic reactions from the feds who are following if the thing is pointing to the rear, then another kind after they pass you if the thing is pointing forward. It's a genuine etheric hotfoot for these poor unfortunates. I almost feel bad for them.. I think they used to enjoy surveilling people until we all came along.

The localized effect of a CB is a phenomenon I've always appreciated. In July, 2001, Gert Botha in the Namib Desert was overcome by sandstorms during the construction of his lovely new home and made a half-scale cloudbuster out of available materials and desperation and got immediate relief from the flying sand and screaming wind. At one point, after local HAARpies apparently turned up the volume, he was standing, awestruck, in a little cylindrical field of calm, surrounded by raging wind and sand. He actually saw the sand dropping straight down like a curtain around the edge. The field had a diameter of about 300 meters, he said.

Carol and I later exchanged a full-sized CB with that one and took Gert's original to a new home in a vortex on Brandberg, the sacred mountain to the north.

By the way, I've always gotten a kick out of place names. The Spanish named a lot of places here in Florida, but apparently didn't like it here very much. One of the most desirable places to live these days is Boca Raton, for instance, which means 'Rat's Mouth.'

Swakopmund in Namibia is a coastal resort town, very popular with wealthy German tourists. Gert, who struck Carol and I as very honest, told me that the old Koi San word, 'swakop,' means 'diarrhea,' and is descriptive of the way the opaque, muddy water of the usually dry Swakop River looks after it empties out into the South Atlantic after storms. One could say in awe, 'Wow, the only way the ancient Bushmen could have known what that looks like is if they were seeing it from a very high altitude or from SPACESHIPS!'

I'm not digressing--let's see if we can resolutely kick some hairy, occult/corporate @$$ tomorrow evening!



Re: "Wiiiiillllllmmmaaaaaaaaa!" [message #2581 is a reply to message #2565 ]
Sat, 22 October 2005 10:05
Don Croft
Messages: 560

Oy, I feel like a complete dummy! Reba, on the other side of the state, told me that Wilma was never scheduled to hit Palm Beach; it's scheduled to hit Naples, according to the What To Think Network. I'm glad I didn't ask Ken Adachi to put this on The snipers behind the grassy knoll would have feasted on me for weeks

I tentatively suggested to her that Palm Beach was mentioned early on but that she perhaps succumbed to the What To Think Network Syndrome: instantly forgetting important, early-reported genuine info as soon as the Network got its wits together and started scamming. I know that the Monarch yuppie CIA suits at CNN HQ in Atlanta won't or can't work in the wee hours, for instance, so their daily scams don't generally start until around 9AM, after they've had their Starbucks fix.

I did allow, in that email, that I rather might have succumbed to the Isolated Hermit Syndrome, instead, since the only person I've been discussing this with is Jeff

When Jeff came over last night for the Friday Storm Blasting session I asked him about this and he, in fact, never told me that the media whores had mentioned Palm Beach; rather it was clear that I mistook his casual but considered speculation for that assumption.

It's better for me to correct my blunders quick instead of letting you think I've finally and boldly leaped from the fringe of rationality, don't you agree?

I think that what cemented my misperception was that the day after Jeff ruminated out loud on that in my presence (it was a good observation/insight, by the way, and maybe he'll expound on it in this thread) everyone around here was in a fenzy, as though the hurricane were at the door. I went out to use a payphone to call Carol and hordes of panicked people were buying up all the bottled water and beer and emptying the gas stations' undergrond tanks.

The next day, when all that orgonite around here finally ate up all of the sudden HAARP/DOR darkness, people were giddy and I even witnessed an unfortunate reptile having a meltdown. The next evening, Friday, Jeff noted that on his way over here there was almost no traffic. Usually, Friday is drunk-party frenzy night for the PJ folks here in South Florida. He figures that the What To Think Network was beaming strong, subliminal messages to the PJs, like, 'Staaaaay In Your Hooooommmmmeeesss!'

Seriously, tonight's chatblast will focus on destroying that storm. The Frenchies did some work on it last night in a chat session and I asked Steeve to post about that here. We'll use their intel tonight, of course.

I still believe that Jeff's hunch that the storm is aimed at us, even perhaps across the state from the other side, was a good one because that sudden DOR smack, three days ago, that terrorized our town can only be accounted for by distant and powerful HAARP projections.

it's now clear to me, at least, that in order to guide the path of a hurricane so that it ends up at the What To Think Network's announed destination, HAARP has to 'prepare the ground' along the path by depressing a furrow in the atmosphere with massive DOR.

I'm sure you realize that determining landfall of a genuine hurricane, days in advance, would be just as likely as pushing a cooked spaghetti noodle across the tablecloth to a spot on the other side of the table.

Rather, think of HAARP storms and their artificial pathways as pushing a straight, uncooked spaghetti noodle across a tablecloth. Ten years ago I saw a PBS TV special on the storms that flooded the area around St Louis. In that case they hadn't started doctoring radar imagery and the paths of those successive storms were arrow-straight and steady-state, not at all like natural storms behave. Some had said that the flooding was on account of the fact that Clinton had put all the dikes in the White House.

When I was living in Tonga in 84/5 there were two hurricanes in the vicinity and they both hit Fiji, five hundred miles away, along the exact, same straight path. I still don't know why the HAARPies had such a h@*don for Fiji's main island then.

If you look at a globe you'll see that Fiji is about in the middle of the vast, open South Pacific, right on the equator, where violent storms are rare.

A fellow who had lived in Fiji told me that when an earlier hurricane went thru and devastated the city across the island from Fiji the East Indian residents there immediately went out and started vigorously repairing the damage but the easy going Fijians were out playing in the big puddles. My wife would react like the East Indians in this case and I'd react like the Fijians. Those two groups, which are about equal in numbers, get along quite well in Fiji, by the way, as my wife and I do

I apologized to Reba this morning, by the way.



Re: "Wiiiiillllllmmmaaaaaaaaa!" [message #2583 is a reply to message #2581 ]
Sat, 22 October 2005 17:17
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Location: Manatee county Florida Etheric Warrior

Chemtrails are now being laid over my area,just like all the other hurricanes, they spray before, during and after it passes.Just for the record.


Re: "Wiiiiillllllmmmaaaaaaaaa!" [message #2591 is a reply to message #2583 ]
Mon, 24 October 2005 11:01
Don Croft
Messages: 560

Greg, some half hearted chemtrails were shot thru the Sylph clouds here, yesterday afteroon, but of course they were eaten immediately

I'm in the eye of the storm now. Folks, meet 'Wilma the Hurricane that Couldn't.'

The power's gone but I'm doing email in the car with the wireless thing.

Just wanted to let you know that nothing in my view has been damaged, though the house next door lost a bit of rain gutter.

We're getting great intel from this experience and thanks for all that good work you guys did, beating this HAARPie bitch, Wilma, into submission. Note that it almost became a hurricane again as it passed by W. Cuba. I'll ask Carol if there's a massive HAARP array there, as Jeff's clear impression in our blast session last night indicated.

We're both very pleased and proud to have Dave Emmett here from Barbados, by the way! Our visits are laugh fests, so of course we get a lot done.

Dave's brand new CB on that E Caribbean island obliterated a very strong hurricane that was thrown at Barbados early in this year's HAARP season and that was his first big confirmation of the power of orgonite. He says the wind never even blew around him that time

HAARP is sending tornadoes to S Florida now, so let's see how close they can get one to a CB on this side of the state. Jeff knows the area and has distributed a bunch of CBs. A few other folks have CBs in this area but they're too chicken to talk about it, unfortunately, or to bust death towers and HAARP arrays. At least they're adding to the 'good' side, though.

If the feds don't stop everyone's cellphones here, as they did in New Orleans, I'll get online again shortly and finish all my email.

Carol, who's in Idaho for the moment, got a barometer a few months ago and we thought it was busted. Now, it's showing the lowest possible atmospheric pressure (might need adjusting) but apparently, before now, the thing was accurately recording the high local pressure that the cloudbuster was creating, even through some would-be thunderstorms this summer in Eastern Washington. This bears some experimentation, don't you think?

Let's blind the mind controlled with SCIENCE!

I'll go across town after the storm passes and see how Jeff and DAve are faring in Jeff's lovely orgonite factory, er, I mean condo. His computer isn't working well and he's probably lost power, too.

The only area being reported damaged now on local radio is parts of teh Keys, which are dealing with a 5' storm surge. The saltwater here is up into our yard again from the dock but it's about the same level as when it rained a lot a few weeks ago. The ocean's rising, of courfse, from all the polar melt.

This is a big storm eye because it's not a hurricane. I'll keep moving my CB around to point into the wind. I'll find out, shortly, whether this is the eye or the CB finally stopped the wind. I know the eye is close, otherwise, from what callers to a local talk show are telling. None of them report damage, either but many of our northern and foreign friends will believe the What To Think Network reports that Florida is a wasteland, no doubt. Maybe I could get the the more increduloous ones to send me donations of gold and diamonds.

The feds around here apparently fled the coming HAARP storm a few days ago. They scare pretty easily, don't you think? Before that you couldn't pee behind a bush around here without hitting one of those two-legged vultures in Brooks Brothers suits and Gucci shoes.

The only other time, ever, that our CB didn't stop a strong wind was in a concerted HAARP assault on our community, three years ago. Even then, the winds never got over 40mph or so and the assault only lasted a couple of hours before we tamed it. I heard that somebody's carport roof in town blew off that day, though

We were living in a traditionally windswept area but that was the only time in four years that we experienced strong wind after setting up a CB there.

Jeff promised to write a report, too. Maybe I'll take him my puter today. He's got a lot more storm experience, here, than I do and he's kind of psychic, so has additional insights from that angle, too.

The sewer rats play a deeeeeeeep game and everything they do has several purposes. Got to hand them some kudos for that, at least. I wonder if a sub-agenda was to ruin the terrific catamaran on a canal, in Ft Lauderdale, that Carol finally got financing for.

I noticed, just now, that traffic has started up on the roads again here and, an hour after the calm started it's even calmer, nor is the sky getting dark again..

Five days ago all the bottled water and beer disappeared from the shelves and everyone looked and acted like the sky was falling but yesterday, even though it was pretty sure that the eye of the HAARP storm would hit us or come close, people were relaxed and confident. Maybe all that expressed, induced terror was transformed into calm by all the orgonite that Jeff put around this area.

By the way, I've been casually dropping the term, 'HAARP season,' for a couple of days but Jeff said it, first



Re: "Wiiiiillllllmmmaaaaaaaaa!" [message #2592 is a reply to message #2591 ]
Mon, 24 October 2005 11:21
Don Croft
Messages: 560

Update: I just went in the house and listened to a national news broadcast and an 'eyewitness' reported, presumably live, that the wind is 100mph in West Palm Beach, which is about ten miles away from us

There's a southeast gentle breeze here, which is a tradewind, I gather, well over an hour after the wind stopped. I suspect that CBS News report is a blatant lie becuase there's a Cloudbuster in W Palm Beach--one of Jeff's--so even if this calm is locally created by our CBs W Palm Beach would be included in it.

It's painful for me to listen to the What To Think Network lying about what's happening here now. We might be catching them with their pants down this time and, if so, I would like to give them a good, public spankin'



Re: "Wiiiiillllllmmmaaaaaaaaa!" [message #2594 is a reply to message #2579 ]
Mon, 24 October 2005 12:21
Don Croft
Messages: 560

Steeve, is there any way to restore the posts in this thread that the NSA hackers erased just now? I'm throwing hacker monkeys off my own back left and right now.

The last time I posted, a half hour ago, we were still in the eye of this storm and now the wind's blowing from NW instead of from SE, as before. The eye took an hour to pass over us.

I'm gratified that a little vindication comes my way for assuming that this HAARPie was being aimed at us, at least

There's no significant damage from wind reported from anywhere in Florida, or least that was the state of affairs before FEMA took over broadcasts when the eye was over me and now they're defaulting to teh What To Think Network--no more local call in shows on my radio dial. I went out into the strongest gusts and I think the biggest one was around 90mph, but I'm not a good judge of that. The barometer bottomed out when the eye got here, though. Apparently the What To Think 'eyewitness' reports on FEMAcast are lying, at least. They're putting network National TV news on FM radio here. I couldn't get any AM stations so maybe the Jackboots made them leave the air

The people around panicked five days ago but that suddently turned to calm and remained that way, maybe because of all that giftinug Jeff's done here. Yesterday, when people were sure we'd get the storm's direct hit, nobody seemed much concerned when I was out on my errands.

Some chemtrails were laid through the magnificent Sylph clouds overhead yesterday but they were eaten immediately and voraciously. Who can account for personal taste?

I'm sitting in the Jeep now with an inverter and my wireless email connection because the power went out three hours ago.

There's a five foot storm surge in the Keys, so some wet feet there. Those flat islands are more vulnerable now because the ocean's been rising, anyway, and the massive new HAARP array just west of there in the Gulf, plus perhaps a huge one just south, in Cuba, made it not-fun for those folks, of course.

A friend of Jeff's who was in a boat saw the big array in the Gulf after Jeff ('Jackson') started asking friends and acquaintances in gthe region to keep their eyes peeled.

More to follow. Let's see if I can succeed in posting this past the resolute NSA hackers' serried ranks, now

We're very pleased and proud to have Dave Emmett here from Barbados this week. He destroyed a hurricane aimed at that island with his then-brand-new CB, early in the HAARP season. There wasn't even any wind that time when the center of the fake hurricane reached teh island.

When we've gotten together this week it's been a laugh fest, so of course we got a lot done. He's at Jeff's and I'll go over there shortly, when the wind stops again, and see what they're up to.

More to follow shortly. Thanks, everyone, for remotely beating this HAARPie bitch, Wilma, down to tropical storm strength during the past six days!



Re: "Wiiiiillllllmmmaaaaaaaaa!" [message #2597 is a reply to message #2594 ]
Mon, 24 October 2005 12:35
Don Croft
Messages: 560

One of the erased messages was about the eye of the storm, which passed right over us between 9:30AM and 10:30, an hour ago, in fact. I think I forgot to mention that in the successful post. I'm blasting those infantile hackers and their NSA pimps now. I get really irritated when my stuff gets disappeared from the net.


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