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The World is Ending NOW!

By Don Croft <>
January 6, 2005

But, of course, it’s been ending for over a century and ‘the world’ is actually just a period in human history—simply a paradigm; an almost accidental, mass-accepted, inadequate interpretation of reality.

That world of parasitic institutional exploitation and non-accountability of governments and corporations needs to end now in order for us to reach maturity as a specie. How can that be a bad thing? Most people are led to assume that this can only take place through geological and/or political violence and even mass murder or thermonuclear genocide.

For most of my adult life (so far) I never questioned that assumption because any rational person can see that this ancient world order has been poised for several generations to commit this mayhem. In the last four years, though, I’ve been seeing another, more encouraging option.

Every reputable prophet and seer in the world throughout human history has foreseen and even promised the end of tyranny in this age and in each case they’ve stated that we would have a choice to experience the transition as intense suffering and deprivation or as a relatively smooth, painless process. I rather believe that humanity, consciously or otherwise, has opted for the latter and that the only ones among us, generally, who stand to lose a lot in the transition process are the incorrigible parasites and predators.

DB states, unequivocably, that we’ll all soon experience extinction as a specie at the hands of these occult/corporate predators and their offworld consorts. I tell you candidly that he’s a more accomplished and gifted man than I am and that I’m in no position to say that he’s mistaken. I can say, though, that every single specific prediction, including his, of our imminent demise that’s been made during the three years that I’ve known him has not come to pass and during that time the outward fortunes of the world, as I know it, have continued to improve, even in Los Angeles, where DB lives and does business under the aegis of

I admit that the possibility of the imminent demise of humanity adds some piquance to my own gifting and predator-blasting efforts and it reminds me of the way sexuality and death seem to be so inseparable as concepts in our daily lives. Lots of people ask me why I’m so optimistic in the face of DB’s expressed, consistent pessimism and I’m led to answer that the outcome of this planet-wide etheric struggle may depend entirely upon YOUR actions at this point ;-) so Get Busier With Your Gifting so we can continue to shift the balance in our favor!

I actually believe that the calamities which the Chicken Littles (DB’s not a chicken little because he’s Doing Something About the Problems that we are all intimately aware of) are bleating hopelessly about are mostly behind us by now and those calamities are obviously spiritual in nature rather than physical.

Humanity is waking up now at an accelerating rate, though the only way one can know that is to empower ourselves, of course. Gifting the environment with orgonite is empowering because it’s pure service work. Its effects are miraculous by anyone’s reasonable definition (we’re not discussing seeing Mother Mary’s visage in a tortilla here, nor a pipe-smoking statue of a saint on someone’s front lawn, nor Sai Baba generating a stream of verbouti from his hand with the help of some trick hyperdimensional manipulation machinery at Montauk) but one has to abandon cynicism if one is to be able to catch more than a fleeting glimpse the significance of this grassroot gifting effort. Healthy skepticism is good and useful, though, because detachment is an essential part of discernment.

There have been some bumps along the way toward this current ‘unfolding’ phase of specie enlightenment. The bumps, including last month’s mass murder event in Asia, have all been courtesy the occult/corporate world order who gained control of the the physical, occult (fake spiritual) and political resources of the planet because the kings and rulers in the mid-1800s refused to meet their then-obvious civic responsibilities and were more concerned with exploiting their own neighbors and countrymen than in organizing themselves under the banner of a new, free global commonwealth.

I bet you’ve never even considered the true, historical genesis of today’s problems, but please bear with me and consider the following without feeling the need to believe, disbelieve or judge the material I'm offering, okay? This is how we all arrive at grasping a wider view of reality than what we’ve been used to, of course. I’m not saying I’m right; I’m only saying that you might profit in some way from considering my suggestions.

By the middle part of the nineteenth century transportation, communication and commerce were well enough developed to easily foster this necessary effort of forming a loose, minimally centralized global commonwealth and the masses of people were educated enough to inform themselves and to hold these mostly-elected governments responsible for their own ‘common weal.’ There was a tradition in the world, by then, of democratically elected government for the first time in recorded history and nations were vying with each other for respectability.

The Islamic commonwealth, which was founded soon after Muhammad ended the millennia-old exploitation of usurers and satanic magicians in Arabia, had achieved relative peace and prosperity, after all, while Europe was still struggling under the yoke of Vatican-sponsored abyssmal ignorance and even occasional genocide such as what the Holy Roman Empire ruthlessly inflicted on the relatively enlightened, self-subsistent and peaceful Cathars in France.

The fact that those kings and elected rulers in Europe, some time after the end of the ages-long rule, by arbitrary ‘Divine Right,’ of European despots, refused to accept the responsibility to achieve world peace and harmony is, I feel, what led to the ensuing and increasing corporate-sponsored global calamities and it devolved upon humanity in general (we meek ones, in fact) to assume the responsibility for ending suffering, deprivation and gross ignorance forever.

We’re not petitioning our corrupted and beyond-salvage governments to help us any more; we’re healing the physical/etheric climate of our planet and tipping the scales in our favor by undermining the oppressive thoughtforms that were created by these macroparasites since the middle of the nineteenth century and even long before that. This is mostly being accomplished by a few thousand people around the world who have developed an odd sort of ‘littering’ habit, strange to tell.

These ‘bumps’ in the path of humanity’s coming of age have included all of the wars of parasitic consolidation that were managed by these globalist, corporate hidden men for their own business and political purposes. The bumps were the American Civil War, the first and second World Wars, the various fake, very bloody ‘communist’ revolutions, the Cold War in general, and the subversion and dissolution of the ancient Turkish and Chinese Empires.

Along with those orchestrated catastrophes we’ve been treated to a series of bloody, fearsome and oppressive corporate-sponsored regimes, including Hitler’s, Mussolini’s, Roosevelt’s, Churchill’s, Stalin’s, Mao’s, Ho Chi Minh’s, Castro’s, Pol Pot’s, ad nauseum, on the way toward the nazification of the planet under the UN banner.

According to The City’s occult lapdogs, the Theosophists, by the way, all of these mentioned regime-leaders are on a par with Jesus Christ as the true benefactors of humanity. That illustrates Muhammad’s tongue-in-cheek note that the alleged literati, who are actually just stuffed shirts, want us all to ‘perceive the straight to be crooked and the crooked to be straight.’

The cynicism of The City is most evident in their open sponsorship of the Bolsheviks and the ensuing Lenin/Stalin regime, whose existence was based on the claim that the Soviet Union was a modern hallmark that provided hope to suffering humanity for the coming end of the control of the world’s economy by the London bankers. See how these Machiavellian macroparasites play both ends against the middle?

The City’s agents who proselytized humanity from Moscow and Peking induced masses of poor and dispossessed people all around the world, also a huge section of the newly pot-addicted, college-age white children of America’s Depression Babies in the late 1960s, to rally for several decades around the idea of ‘International Socialism.’;-)

That generation of Europoids (myself included) is also the first fruits of the massive CIA Monarch Program, of course. The occult/corporate order prudently created more than a few routes to ensure it’s ultimate, though lately thwarted, goal: the total enslavement and massive reduction of humanity well before the year 2000.

They don't seem to have any escape routes, though, which is an indication of their gross arrogance. We'll be fools if we don't exploit every opportunity to bring them to accountability as soon as possible.

Along the way toward ‘international socialism’ most of the western world has been subjected to National Socialism (Nazism). All of the ‘developed nations’ have been directly controlled by London’s bankers since the downfall of France in the early 1800s. Communism and fascism are both 'the far left.' Any rational person can see that 'the far right' is nothing but pure anarchy, as epitomized by a successful commune. The paradigm for 'anarchy' which is promoted in our educational system is demonstrated by anti-hygeinic bomb throwers. See how The City are in the habit of twisting even simple truths into Big Lies?

In more recent times we’ve witnessed the inception of a brand new spiritual Dark Age, mass suicide, overall hopelessness, television as a successful mind control tool, the essential end of charity in the West, militant amorality and the destruction of the nuclear family as an institution. How are not all of these genuine examples of devastating calamities?

On the upside, everyone’s daily lives became less toilsome by the early 1900s and most people found themselves having to decide what to do with that brand new phenomenon, ‘free time.’ For the endless masses of Pajama People, of course, the tough payday decision is usually, ‘What ratio of beer or marijuana to lottery tickets should I buy with my discretionary cash this week?’ and their default leisure activity is television and/or pornography, of course.

For every million or so Pajama People and semi-awake there are a handful of people who are ready, willing and able to apply solutions to the problems that were created by the macroparasites in the absence of real government and lawful authority in the world.

Before the internet came along all of us were social paraiahs on account of our desire to examine reality without prejudice. Most of us were even censured by our own parents and perhaps even psychiatrists for that.

I think the technical psychological term for genuinely expressed personal sovereignty is ‘elitism,’ but remember that Dr Wilhelm Reich was blackballed by Freud and the other etheric gangsters for exercising this essential birthright and you’ll then know that you’ve always been in good company if you’re genuinely interested in leaving institutionalized science and 'lowest common denominator' status quo behind in your personal pursuit of excellence and refinement. Now, of course, we who strive to express genuine excellence can easily find each other through this wonderful medium and we no longer feel alone and dispossessed in a sea of surly PJ folk.

To say that modern psychology, with its unreserved reliance on mind-altering drugs is ‘merely an imperfect science,' by the way, is the same as saying that fascism is ‘merely an imperfect political system.’ Modern psychology and its incestual sister discipline, voodoo, is the bedrock of all mind control programs 8)

We few ardently awakening people are represented, at least partly, by the several thousand people who are empowering ourselves by intelligently gifting our environment with orgonite and a small handful of these nice folks are also actively pursuing the more blatant of the quasi-official mass murderers within the cabals of the world order with the intel-gathering and blow-by-blow reporting help of a few world class psychics on Etheric Warriors.

What distinguishes our little group at Etheric Warriors from the many more around the world who are doing this necessary political janitorial work through their own individual and group efforts is that we’re doing it relatively openly and reporting some of our efforts and results on in order to encourage more and more people to try their hand at neutralizing the once-powerful genocide cabals. 'Unorganized' is our watchword, by the way, in this very temporary effort.

For the purpose of this discussion the PJ folk don’t actually matter, God bless them. That’s not an arrogant or exclusive statement because the PJ folks, by their own expressed choice, don’t want to have a hand in improving their own lot but they’ll continue to adopt more and more enlightened attitudes over succeeding generations and even within single generations in a sort of tag-along fashion.

This tag-along aspect is why there’s less and less racial, religious and national prejudice in the world, for instance, and the PJ folks, along with everyone, are gradually adopting a genuinely global world view in place of the traditional xenophobia, bookburning, lynching and flagwaving that they were always induced to blindly and even enthusiastically respond to before.

When Dr Reich arrived in America in 1938 he was quite dismayed to discover that the social ambience here was identical to the oppressive atmosphere he had just observed in Germany under Hitler’s rule. Both the German and the American PJ folks were waving flags and parroting propaganda about ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ at the time, of course, and the German stuff was actually more credible because at least the Germans openly discussed the culpability of the City of London ;-) and America had descended into a pitiful Anglophile stupor by then, with the generous help of Theosophy’s Hollywood, of course..

As long as the tenuously improving awareness of the PJ folk and the semi-awake can be prevented from suddenly degrading into overt paranoia the world will be safe from overt enslavement and genocide because the PJ folk and the semi-awake aren’t the problem, after all, and they’re not generally clever enough to be ‘bad,’ even if a few of them might be inclined to be predators. These people are lukewarm, so they're ineffective and predators are, at least, never lukewarm.

There’s no good reason why the rest of us should take responsibility for the actions of the tiny minority of genuinely predatory and parasitic people in the world. You’ll probably never even meet anyone like that satanic mass murderess, Hillary Clinton, whom Mexicans say has a tail so long that she can't shut the door behind her, nor the atavistic macroparasite, Donald Trump, in fact, unless you get unlawfully thrown into the American Gulag Archipelago, which is the ‘other’ place where predators and parasites eventually end up when they don’t qualify for government or corporate jobs. I challenge anyone to find any real distinction between Jack the Ripper and Chainsaw Cheney.

Preaching to the choir is a waste of time, of course, so I’m directing this discussion to the few semi-awake who are beginning to distrust CNN but are sort of distracted in mid stride toward full discernment and accountability by the host of disinformation outlets on the internet.

Go read a reputable research journalist’s book, folks, and stop propagating those slick internet disinformation presentations, please. ;-) On second thought, make or buy some orgonite and go bust the local death towers, then you’ll probably be empowered enough to seize at least a kernel of truth from the easily available documented, genuine works of research journalism. By the way, before the inception of the internet a lot of these books were successfully banned in North America.

Just as dung enriches the soil and encourages seeds to germinate sooner, though, these occult/corporate machinations on the internet have also generated a sense of urgency and even fury in a few semi-awake people, perhaps including you, and now more and more people are looking for and finding genuine solutions to these artificial, ‘insurmountable’ obstacles to human progress that the professional Chicken Littles and their volunteer entourage have gotten so extrovert and even obtuse about promoting in recent months.

If you've still got one foot in the sparkle box you’ve probably suddenly become at least vaguely aware, thanks to the disinformation outlets themselves, that a hidden, parasitic global hierarchy has been patiently plotting for several centuries to end all human freedom in these short days (the ‘days’ including the past century when their best-laid plans of enslavement and genocide were to have been fully carried out well before the year 2000). Oops! What happened? Why are they so far behind schedule now? Aren’t we supposed to believe that these allegedly superhuman forces can’t be effectively opposed and that they’re even capable of planning several moves ahead in their game? Aren’t they supposed to even know what potential threats to their hegemony will show up for at least a generation or two in the future?

They apparently knew about orgonite’s coming as early as the late 1940s, if I’m not mistaken. The fact that they can’t understand the dynamics of orgonite, even now, may account for their inability to create an effective ‘antidote’ for it earlier. Orgonite may be the ‘magic bullet’ that may have been the subject of these old families’ worst nightmares for centuries and even millennia and anyone can see that it’s ‘the meek’ who are distributing orgonite in the environment throughout the world right now.

Jesus promised that ‘the meek’ would inherit the earth (but wait: didn't Icke say that he 'has proof' that Jesus was just a mean-spirited, cynical reptilian? ;-) ) but this may be one of the simple truths that entirely escape the understanding of all but the genuinely empowered. ‘The truth is one point but the ignorant multiply it.’ Genuine humility, as much of it as we can muster, is our best avenue toward discernment/empowerment and humility also fosters genuine service work, which is what empowers us the most. I believe that ‘meek’ in the context of Jesus’ promise mainly means, ‘humble.’ The finer Taoists all know that humility is also synonymous with ‘power’ and ‘force.’ There are lots and lots of ways to discern a simple truth, of course.

A friend of ours used to be employed by the occult/corporate world order as an oracle; that is, he was trained, perhaps even bred, to have the ability to foresee future trends and finer realities, then report back to his master, Torkum Sassarian, who was a member of the Great White Brotherhood and directly oversaw the development of the new age movement until his demise in the late 1990s. You’ve never heard of him because he worked in secret but TS was the direct master of all of the newage gurus whose names you do know. He mercifully died in the ninetiees gut was replaced by a carbon copy immediately. The Great White Brotherhood is one of those organizations whose members suffer from 'cookie cutter' syndrome. Conformity, even at that exalted (sic) level is still just herd response.

Our friend sincerely believed, until his mid-thirties, that the Great White Brotherhood were the true servants, saviors and benefactors of humanity and Theosophy (the newage movement) is both the GWB's outwardly expressed doctrine and recruiting medium. Inside TS's level of the organizaiton it's simply satanism, of course.

Our friend told us that at any given time in history there are several equally gifted men and women who are unwittingly doing this work for the occult/corporate hierarchy because the macroparasites are simply unable to conceive the finer part of reality, let alone directly retrieve information in the astral realm because they’re too spiritually degraded by ritual murders and other forms of exploitation and unbalanced self-interest. It's kind of like kite flying. The kite string is Theosophy in this case--a profoundly effective (until now) mind control protocol. The oracles are the kites into the etheric realm and the blood-stained, clawed paws of people like TS are at the other end of the string.

There’s an awful lot about DB that I won’t tell, of course, because it’s entirely up to him to do that. One reason, besides not divulging confidences, that I can’t tell you much about him is that the many evidences and proofs for his claims about the nature of the hidden global heirarchy which he personally showed me during my visits with him since May of 02 are not part of any public record, so I can’t reference them.

If and when he decides to share these proofs publicly he knows his life will be on the line again, as it has been periodically since he woke up to the true nature of the occult/corporate order and began opposing them around ten years ago. It’s safe to say that no other Illuminati oracle in history has survived this long after actively opposing their former masters but I’ve felt right along that DB will be live to be an old man because the tables have turned on his former masters..

He told me that, generally, when the oracles inevitably wake up to the true nature of their occupation they either suicide, begin to serve the dark masters in another capacity (as Drunvalo, Braden, Twyman, Maitreya, etc., are doing now) or go into heavily monitored seclusion. It’s never a clean break, apparently. It takes many years for an oracle to undo the profound amount of mind control and behavior programming that was put in place to keep these very personable, charismatic people from taking a hard look at their own lives and along with the dissociative programming they’re pampered and provided with extraordinary opportunities, priveleges and awards along the way.

The more cynical oracles become full-time recruiting agents for the dark masters, as I mentioned. They’re all extremely talented psychics and magicians, as DB is, and they’ve still managed to replicate at least an imitation of personal integrity so that they can present a credible image to their potential recruits in the new age movement, which is also rapidly losing credibility and influence lately, by the way. A year ago my own credibility would have suffered by mentioning those names but now you can probably easily see what I’m talking about.

Part of the reason the newage gurus seemed so credible is that they’ve all been subjected, as young children, to extreme dissociative programming in one or another of the CIA’s Monarch Programs so parts of their personalities, mostly the publicly presented, loving and friendly parts, are genuine. Dissociative programming is induced by repetitive sexual trauma, of course, usually as the core component of directed adult group rituals. Fill in the blanks. Millions and millions of people under the age of 56 or 57 are active assets of these programs right now because MK Ultra got off to a flourishing start at Montauk soon after the end of WWII with the generous help of the German Vril Society, who owned the Montauk underground facility without a break since the 1800s and perhaps before that. Barry Goldwater tried to shut it down in the eightees but the effort was pretty superficial and ineffective--perhaps done only for effect. Who among his level of masonry and gov't can be trusted, after all?

The massive scale, previously secret CIA mind control agenda is yet another obvious global calamity that we’re finding some resolution for now. Exposure is always the first step but we’re well beyond that stage now.

DB has done more gifting than anyone else. I doubt that anyone has come close to matching his effort, in fact, and he literally couldn’t afford the time and resources it’s taken him to turn Los Angeles, almost singlehandedly, into a lovely, envigorating environment. Before he started the atmosphere and ambience in that enormous metropolitan area was so horrible that many travelers drove miles out of their way to avoid the Los Angeles Basin on their journeys.

As far as Carol and I were concerned it was absolutely the anus of North America as recently as 3 ½ years ago when we left our first cloudbuster there out of tearful (the smog was BAD) pity. DB has set many high standards for the gifting and predator-blasting effort since before we met, in fact, and I feel privileged to have been included and involved in his gifting and predator-blasting efforts from time to time. His predator-targeting intel is exquisite, of course, perhaps partly because he personally knows so many of the targets from his ‘past life.’

When I got well acquainted with him during our first, intensely educational visit in Pasadena in the spring of 2002 and was satisfied that he was honestly representing himself the overwhelming thought that occurred to me was ‘DB represents the ‘other shoe’ that will drop in the process of disabling and dislodging this hidden global hierarchy!’ I had clearly recognized, by then, that the first shoe was the already expanding global grassroot network of Gifters, of course, and that was even before DB suggested the term, ‘gifting.’ I was mainly concerned, then, with disabling the new global forest of death towers and the already-expanded network of orgonite cloudbusters was already finishing the essential task of neutralizing the international chemtrail program.

DB had seen the emergence of the orgonite cloudbuster as a signal that we had a chance to undo the parasitic hegemony of the world order, which is why he created CLOUDS OF DEATH and then contacted me. CLOUDS OF DEATH is still the only genuine documentary film about the chemtrail program and, of course, it’s the only film that discusses the solution to the chemtrails. If you want an eye-opening experience in re: not-so-clever disinformation, watch that film, then watch Carnicom’s too-little, too-late video effort about the chemtrails. Notice how Carnicom copied DB’s style, even in his opening sequence, but neglects to mention that there’s any solution to the chemtrails other than ‘writing to your Congressman.’ ;-)

Only someone who’s genuinely been inside of the beast and has the evidence of this organization’s true intentions, history and methods can put the knife where it belongs to finally end the behemoth’s life by public disclosure of these secrets, I still believe. I’ve seen some of the secret evidence and that’s fueled a lot of my specific efforts but I can’t discuss any of it publicly in good conscience. Even if I told you what I saw, that would just be hearsay for you because it’s not my direct experience.

My untimely disclosure would be sort of like Carlos Castaneda’s apparent dilemma around Don Juan’s insistence that his magic/knowledge traditions may only be publicly related second hand, by Carlos. The only proper context for something of this magnitude and historical significance is personal disclosure by people who have direct knowledge and experience.

The existence of Don Juan is debatable but DB, who once swore he’d never again have a public profile, has and corresponds with a lot of folks. I guarantee that some of the things he’s shown me are more substantive and significant than anything Don Juan presented to Carlos Castaneda, by the way. Don Juan was mainly concerned with ways to achieve personal empowerment; DB is a genuine servant of humanity.

If you’re energy sensitive and/or have some latent or emerging psi potential you can see the hidden imagery in the pictures that DB offers on If you’re not empowered yet but have some psi talent then you’ll probably assume that you’re only imagining these things when you see them but the reason he offers these images is so that all of the people who are able to see what he’s showing will be able to know that it’s not just in their imaginations. This is an empowering process. I think most children can see the imagery and there’s no onus on anyone, like me, who simply lacks the capacity to see them. Psychism is a gift, after all, like a talent for music or painting. I’m certainly content with and grateful for the gifts that I already have, including a sort of genius for seeing and then stating the obvious ;-).

It’s the latter gift that made it possible, nine years ago, for me to see the healing and market potential of the zapper, which cheaply and easily cures cancer, AIDS and nearly every other human illness. The same gift made it possible for me to similarly see orgonite’s potential a couple of years later and when I combined my talents with Carol’s inestimable gifts, not long after that, and soon contributed my journal reports to Ken Adachi’s a global grassroot effort was almost accidentally born. I may be more amazed that anyone—even a little embarrassed, actually, to have introduces so much viable, timely technology to the internet’s interactive audience. Carol feels the same way I do and her recent experience with the dolphins may be starting yet another empowering grassroot movement. I feel sure that if Carol and I weren’t genuinely ordinary people we couldn’t have achieved any of this.

I lack the gift to see subtle energy manifestations except in rare moments but I know a lot of reputable, gifted people who can see them in DBs photos on the internet and their testimony constitutes empirical evidence for me and should do so for any other rational person. Notice that I use the term, ’reputable’ quite a lot. Reputation used to be a common human standard in the days before TV and the CIA/NSA/MI6 clever and resourceful disinformation campaign on the internet and it will be again, don’t worry. We all are responsible to not be dazzled by mere charisma when we’re investigating claims, of course, because I think we’re all born charisma junkies. Identifying a shortcoming is the first major step in overcoming it, though, and thankfully we’ve all got plenty of personal shortcomings to provide some impetus for our lifelong struggle to achieve genuine, perhaps eternal personal integrity.

I don’t want to go back to ‘the [alleged] good old days,’ by the way. Along with the nice things in human culture which have all been obliterated by the concerted efforts of the occult/corporate order in the last century or so were a whole lot of not-so-nice features of daily life. Look at your old family photos from the 1930s and before and you’ll see how grim life used to be, also how hardshelled nearly everyone was. It looks to me like the entire country then was like Hell's Kitchen in the Bronx and incest & bestiality was probagbly more common than not. Men were openly expected to let their 'other head' do all of the thinking.

If you were taken back in time and planted among your ancestors I’m sure you’d feel like you’d died and gone to hell. Imagine paranoid, deeply prejudiced PJ folk with guns to your head. Read Jerzy Kozinski's PAINTED BIRD and you'll get an idea of how severely individuality was penalized, even after WWII. I think the whole world was kind of like a mix of a remote, vicious, inbred Appalachian moonshine community and a modern South Chicago crack house.

We’ve progressed in awareness and discernment since those days in spite of the massive, costly and concerted parasitic efforts that were expended to reduce us all, spiritually, to the absolute lowest common denominator. The Public School System was the vanguard for that grand-scale social experiment for quite awhile, at least until the internet came along..

The Pajama People in the early days of corporate hegemony didn’t have much to lose except the institutionalization by which their lives had been constrained for thousands of years, so their status actually improved, hence the ‘beer/pot/lottery-ticket’ dilemma they face instead of ‘Will my family eat this week?’ or, in the case of Americans, ‘How can I do my patriotic duty to make my community safe from Indians, Chinese and Negroes?’

Are you aware that interracial marriages are now more widely accepted in the American South, even among the white Pajama People, than in any other part of the country? That’s one clear evidence of genuine, albeit unwitting, spiritual progress in society. I bet at least one or both of your own living parents are Pajama People, even the ones that are younger than I am (55). I can make the claim to have been raised and systematically censured by PJ folk, though my stepdad, who was the more grievous censurer, worked for the CIA, so he doesn’t count as a self-policing PJ person. This is also a sign of progress in a ‘half full’ vs. ‘half empty’ sort of way that you can probably easily identify. Our own kids are already exceeding us in terms of discernment in many cases, I think you'll agree. Factor out the youthful stupidity and hormone hurricanes that we all experienced and you'll see what I mean..

I feel pretty lucky to know DB because none of the good, documented conspiracy books I’d read for the past twenty years did more than hint at the more hidden aspects of this old world order. The only authors I read who went deeply into the subject of the occult aspect of this parasitic organization didn’t seem trustworthy because they were using the subject matter in a less than honest way to promote one ideology or another or were otherwise burdened with a huge personal axe to grind, so would not fully document their assertions.

The recent massive book (only dangerous if it's dropped on someone's head--not a threat to the world order at all) that’s dedicated to the claim that the Jesuits, alone, own and operate the occult/corporate world order is a case in point. The Jesuits are simply one of the many occult tentacles of this resourceful behemoth. The impressive weight of a book may be sufficient credentials to persuade the semi-awake to proselytize on the internet on behalf of an author (they don't generally read big books, by the way) but it doesn’t constitute evidence, per se. Two exceptional authors who document the occult nature of the corporate world order, Margery White and Helga Zepp-LaRouche, are published by Franklin Press. Jim Marrs is another good, documented source of that information. Texx Marrs is CIA ('British Israel,' my @$$!), so don't get the two confused ;-)

The internet, as an interactive medium, has induced millions of people to begin similar investigations into the reality of hidden government but it’s a little bit like TV, still—maybe because of the video screen and eye candy—and the semi-awake people, who make up the majority of surfers, demand pre-packaged presentations, Cliff Notes digests of general questions and dilemmas. The CIA, NSA, MI6 and other lawless but well-funded agencies have happily obliged the semi-awake by sponsoring massive ‘information’ sites that feature ‘experts’ who allegedly have plenty of credentials but who also have no discernable reputations that one can check up on.

To say that the printed page is obsolete is probably premature because the genuine research journalists, who create their own reputations through documentation and genuine insight, don’t give away their hard-won secrets on the internet; they earn their livelihoods honestly by selling their books. If we won’t read conspiracy information in the context of documented evidence we’re not able to distinguish it from gossip, so we’re not empowered by the ‘information.’ We can ‘resonate’ with ‘truths’ all we want and that’s fine for our own use but in order to present anything as ‘truth’ we need to back it up with evidence. What if the masses of semi-awake kneejerk proselytes were to suddenly adopt this reasonable standard? I bet the army of CIA tale tellers and their cohorts would clear off the internet in a week in that case ;-)

To promote anything as ‘truth’ without having any evidence for it is nothing more than rumormongering and this well-established kneejerk propagation response among the new horde of the semi-awake on the internet energizes the CIA's disnformation engine. After all, if the same bit of disinformation shows up from a half dozen well meaning folks who have lists then it will have the color of validity for semi-awake recipients, many of whom have their own lists, etc.—a surreal version of the old pyramid scam. I always 'answer back' when I get that crap in my mailbox and a few of the semi-awake who send me this trash have actually started looking more closely at their desire to propagate it. The CIA knows how to tweak the titillation response.

The grittier aspect of this carnival are supermarket tabloid style speculation, titillation and regurgitation by the disinformation outlets on the Internet which are specifically designed to induce the amateur sensationalists to further spread these packaged presentations, many of which are obviously produced by highly paid writers, graphic artists and computer geniuses and all of which alleged information is ‘free of charge.’ Conspicuously absent from all of these popular sites is any genuine discussion of solutions to the seemingly insurmountable problems they’re in the business of describing. Also, the purveyors have no discernible reputations to speak of, unlike the authors of genuine conspiracy books whose reputations are established by throrough documentation.

I’m repeating this simple observation several times in this article and in various ways—have you noticed? Our informal network demonstrates solutions and so can you and anyone else now. I think that a little repetition is useful for me to get this point across and, hopefully, I've engaged your attention by entertaining you a bit. There's no shame in that..

The casual observer might conclude that humanity doesn’t deserve to have a progressive, genuinely free civilization. On the other hand, a Golden Age has been promised for humanity by every relevant prophet and seer in the world for the past six thousand years and I don’t think anyone will argue that the beginning of this Golden Age isn’t imminent, no matter what one may believe will happen between now and then.

I personally believe it began already because history isn’t a solid-state, either-or process; rather it more resembles the flowing, interactive Taoist yin-yang symbol, I think. The beginning of one process is always concealed within and an integral part of the ending of another and in this case the seed of the destruction of global tyranny has been within reach for several generations.

I believe that it was a slave on an antebellum Virginia plantation, for instance, who first recognized that orgonite sinkers enabled one to catch more fish than usual. Stacie Almquist met one of his descendents on a beach in Virginia last year—he was the only fellow catching fish that day among the surf casters.

The semi-awake people currently won’t question the lie that humanity is congenitally corrupt and prone to destroy ourselves and each other as we 'swarm the planet like consuming locusts.' I think this 'we are all evil' lie was invented by one of the occult/corporate assets in England named Calvin and that they refined the concept further by a procession of fake, institutional, anti-spiritual Rennaisance men during the Age of Reason. This is the line that has been promoted by the occult/corporate world order since they first started making dramatic inroads in geopolitics in the 1600s from London.

Thomas Malthus was a Church of England clergyman who is still being presented in all of the colleges and universities as the world’s first economist. His ‘other,' perhaps more generous’ employer was the British East India Company. They employed him to justify their wholesale slaughter and starvation the masses of craftsmen and farmers in the sections of India, which had just come under their corporate and military control.

The Indian weavers’ hands were cut off ( I think that was usually fatal) in order to give England a leg up in the newly burgeoning textile trade and millions of farmers and their families starved to death because the corporation’s mercenaries forced them to stop growing food and to only grow opium poppies, instead. The land of the dead farming families was acquired and consolidated under the corporation’s control and the ancient Babylonian practice of ‘ground rent’ was established in place of property ownership. Ground rent and usury are the financial underpinnings of the occult/corporate world order, of course. I think anyone can see that. Your own mortage is ‘ground rent,’ for instance. Even if you own your house you’re forced to pay rent to the Federal Reserve Corporation’s local administrative branch of ‘government’ in the form of exorbitant property taxes. The usury aspect of buying your home is obvious in the fact that you’ll eventually pay three or four times the agreed amount before you can allegedly own it outright.

Malthus, of course, was paid to make the case that ‘the earth’s resources are getting used up, as evidenced by the starving masses in India.’ See how this infantile notion is still blindly perpetuated in our schools and in the media? The new corollary, which is a variation of Calvin’s ‘original sin’ silliness, is that ‘humans are merely hungry locusts on the surface of the planet and we’re not worthy of survival because we pollute and exploit ‘our own mother’ in many ways.’

Karl Marx was employed by the same London families, later on, as was Darwin. Marx was paid so little to write his infantile, chest pounding speculations that he let one of his own children starve to death so that he could survive and finish his 'mission.' I guess that's how it sometimes goes if your daddy is promoting 'the dialectic of materialism.' ;-) Marx's partner was Friedrich Engels, a very wealthy man in England who managed factories which enslaved children. That's the genesis of 'international socialism.' We already know how National Socialism came into being ;-)

I swear, even two years ago it was hard to find anyone who would fairly consider these simple observations but by now the number of gifters has swelled considerably and people like Georg Ritschl have made it rain a lot, even in desert areas, with a combination of cloudbusters and disabling coastal HAARP arrays, so more and more people are seeing that we’re not even using most of the earth’s surface yet. We don’t even need government or corporate help to reverse all of the world’s deserts and turn them into gardens. Georg has been scraping by, for instance, since moving to Africa and he finances most of his own efforts.

The only physical calamities that Carol and I can foresee is the present submergence of all low lying coastal regions and land masses as the polar ice caps continue to melt. The melting is accelerating, as one can see from photos of deep blue pools at the geographical north pole, taken last August. The earth’s rotational axis is steadily shifting, too, as anyone who’s living in Anchorage, Alaska can tell you now. The sun shown this winter when it should have been dark or dusky, so apparently the axis is shifting down toward Europe now. It's been raining in the Arctic Circle in Finland, though, so maybe I'm mistaken. We'll soon see, I guess. At least it's not flipping suddenly and there's another sign that the alleged 'earth changes' won't likely occur as predicted.

Notice how a few of the professional Chicken Littles are, even still. trying to blame these natural trends on car exhausts, hairspray, cow flatulence and YOUR 'consumerism' (not theirs ;-).

In fact the ice caps have always melted in a periodic fashion and the earth’s axis tilts periodically, sometimes violently and suddenly, and we’re simply experiencing a phase of one of these long cycles. See how timely it is for us all to be easily able to reverse the deserts now? Most of the people of China live along a narrow coastal region, by the way. Most of China is very sparsely inhabited and fertile but even though the folks are crowded into a narrow coastal strip they still don’t need to import food in order to feed their billion people.

The previous periods of starvation in China were the results of civil war and exploitation by the British, who grew all that opium in India in order to parasitically spread hopelessness, chaos and anarchy in China, just like what the CIA and FBI are trying to accomplish among the Black, Asian and Hispanic parts of the American populace right now with their government-run drug cartel. The CIA and FBI are kind of like Mafia nad Cosa Nostra--at each others throats but partners when it comes to exploiting humanity, especially people of color. That dynamic is exactly how parasitic species gain their toeholds in the human body, by the way.

The British East India Company, which was the then-new paradigm for institutional global exploitation, had a board of directors made up of the old Venetian banking families who had fled to Amsterdam in the 1500s to conduct their usury and slave trade in relative safety. Sultan ‘Abdu’l Aziz had just taken Constnatinople--Venice's buffer stronghold--which was at Europe’s eastern edge; the Turks had seized this territory just across the Adriatic Sea from Venice, the Moors had just recently left Spain and the Islamic Mongols had reached as far as Vienna before they got tired of conquering and went home, so Venice no longer had a sufficient safety buffer within which to conduct their predatory businesses.

Mohammed had explicitly forbidden usury and even forbade lending money at interest altogether, so the Venetian bankers felt doubly exposed. Banks in Islamic countries thrived by charging nominal fees for transactions, just like any other legitimate business would do and a merchant in Madrid could pay by check, drawn on his account in Baghdad--it was that efficient.

Moving to London enabled the Venetians to corner the global opium market as well as to achieve safety in a new island stronghold, remote from Turkish hegemony. Thanks to the superior seamanship and shipbuilding skill of their English host culture (who by then had access to vast, easily accessible virgin forests in Eastern North America) the Venetian families were soon able to gain hegemony over the ocean trade routes. The Dutch, Spanish and French (the Holy Roman Empire) simply couldn't keep up with them.

The origin of these banking families is lost in antiquity but some good researchers present the case that they were instrumental in the financing, then destruction, through usury, of the Babylonian, Egyptian and Roman Empires, which is pretty intriguing when one considers how patiently these parasites must have plotted to overtake, then undermine all of the governments, cultures and economies of planet for several more recent centuries, don’t you agree?

I’m particularly intrigued by the similarity of ‘Venetia’ and ‘Phoenicia.’ Phoenicia was the financial arm of the Egyptian Empire and before the time of Moses (1300BC) Phoenician, Libyan, Celtic and Egyptian colonies are known to have existed throughout North America and as far away as Samoa, which may show the true extent of that old trading empire. This is fully documented in the books of Dr Barry Fell, who had the benefit of a grassroot, international network of amateur and professional archaeologists who collected and compiled the vast body of evidence before the untimely death of Dr Fell. Check it out on I think he was scragged by the CIA agout ten years ago. He wasn't old then and he loved life.

Thor Heyerdahl first encountered evidence of the influence of ancient Middle Eastern cultures in the Marquesas Islands when he was a graduate student of archaeology who visited French Polynesia in the late 1930s with his new wife. They both narrowly escaped being eaten by cannibals, who were openly encouraged by a cynical French Jesuit missionary who was suffering from elephantiasis, by the way. That was a terrific read! We know he found abundant evidence of Middle East culture in South America and Easter Island after his earlier trip to the Marquesas.

The English members of the British East India Company’s board of directors were the traitors who benefited from the usurpation of the throne of Charles II by William of Orange, whom they directly sponsored. Orange is a district in Holland where the fifth column invasion and subversion of England was organized by the Venetian bankers.
We all learned about military invasions when we were dutiful public school pupils but the more common method of invasion, subterfuge, was never mentioned unless a proactive teacher required us to read Machiavelli’s THE PRINCE. All of the old English nobility who were loyal to Charles were dispossessed and their positions were given to the gangsters who helped the Venetians, not that the previous aristocracy were paragons of integrity, of course ;-)

These English gangster families (the first 'aristocrats' in these families were simply resourceful thugs before they made a pact with the Venetians) are the people who now make up the upper level of England’s old caste system, which closely resembles the Indian caste system, of course. This simple, obvious truth is also never mentioned by official historians or by the present prostituted media. Here’s another case where charisma beats discernment, hands down. A simple popular referendum in England could end that horrible, oppressive system in a day. Are you an Anglophile? Why, in God’s Name? ;-) LaRouche calls the queen, 'The Whore of Babylon' becuase she is the figurehead of the global heroin and cocaine cartel.

It’s fair to honor the genuine contributions of English culture and history to the world but it’s important to acknowledge the geopolitical criminal history that’s been sponsored by that nation, too, since the early 1600s. The media and academia facilitate these City of London corporate parasites’ long-standing (so to speak) ability to hide under the skirts of the Whore of Babylon.

You can read all of this documented history in books from a variety of sources, including Eustace Mullins, Tupper Saucy, the Franklin Press, the John Birch Society’s recommended publications, Jim Marrs, and so on. These authors may disagree on a number of ideological considerations but they were all led inexorably in their meticulous research to the same conclusion about the origin and nature of the occult/corporate world order.

If you intend to inform yourself you'll have to get your hands on some books and actually read them. Otherwise you’ll only be rumormongering if you promote, as factual, any of what I’m telling you.

We’re each accountable for ‘proving’ this stuff to ourselves. I mainly just want you to consider a wider view right now so that you won’t just assume that you and you kids will be living in a cold, damp cave, wearing animal skins and eating trapped rats in the near future as firestorms or a new ice age rage outside, ‘if you survive at all.’

I’m not a research journalist. All I’m doing here is to encourage you to patronize genuinely reputable sources of information rather than to base your worldview on hearsay, no matter how convincing it seems nor how titillating it is. As far as you’re concerned, my comments about history and current events are just one fellow’s regarded opinion, at best.

Hint: no ‘official’ historian, including the ones who write for The History Channel, will discuss the role of the City of London in geopolitics, nor will they even mention the bowels of international finance. ‘The City’ as it’s known among the occult/corporate minions, is the center of world power and has been ever since Napolean was conquered by British deception at Waterloo. Right after the fall of France, which was London’s last remaining global competitor, the Council of Vienna was convened so that the usurers in London could finally subvert the nobility (landowners) of Europe and eventually own what they owned.

Don Juan, the Yaqui man of knowledge ( I personally believe that this fellow really lived) is said to have told Carlos Castaneda that one must be empowered in order to understand a simple truth. The CIA has cynically references a verse in the Book of Isaiah for it’s motto: They shall know the truth, and the truth shall set them free.

In my experience, and apparently in the experience of several thousand of our gifting cohorts around the world, these two notions have been proven over and over again to hold true.

The reason I use the term, ‘semi-awake’ for the masses of unwitting propagators of half truths and disinformation is that they're unconsciously working for the CIA/NSA and it’s parent organization, British MI6. The espionage agencies are the source of the endless stream of Chicken Little fabrications on countless websites such as,,,,, ChemtrailtrackingUSA, American Patriot Friends Network, ad nauseum. These well-meaning people are rightfully dis-satisfied with CNN and the History Channel but are not fully engaged or accountable, yet, in terms of discernment. It reminds me of the way that people 'find themselves' in theosophy after leaving slightly more restrictive churches.

Of course, if the CIA were an honest organization, they’d have chosen this verse from the Book of Hosea to represent the true nature of their relationship to that parasitic organization’s host, the American people, ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge.’ They wish! ;-)

The single most distinguishing feature of the CIA/NSA/MI6-sponsored disinformation outlets is that they spend all of their energy and resources graphically presenting mostly-genuine information about the problems we’re all facing but, as I mentioned, they resolutely avoid even hinting about solutions, all of which are also available on the internet, but only to those who will ‘finish the stride’ and actually hunt for them. Rather, these disinfo nabobs typically infer that only government ‘experts’ or large corporations are qualified to address these problems and that perhaps only by ‘writing to your Congressman’ or ‘boycotting Exxon for a day’ will you personally have any role in the process of righting these wrongs. Note how all of them also promote the Calvinist/Malthusian worldview, too. How pitiful is that?

As I see it, this massive, concerted disinformation campaign is simply a delaying tactic because the occult/corporate world order knows that enough people are waking up to bring them down in a short time but many of them can be and are caught up in the Chicken Little wheel-spinning syndrome.

What our relatively quiet but busy grassroots movement represents, though, is the Trojan Horse aspect of the internet. We’ve been networking and sharing intel on the net for almost four years and this network grows exponentially in stages in spite of all the sabotage and slander that’s been directed against this effort.

The Catch 22 for the lawless espionage agencies, of course, is that any direct criticism of our work in a public forum or medium strongly induces more people to examine the empowering work that we’re propagating. If the lawless espionage/sabotage agencies were unaware of this principle before they found this out the hard way, two years ago, when Jeff Rense verbally attacked orgonite cloudbusters in a series of his national radio programs and on his website by explicitly warning people not to experiment with them. In fact the growth of the number of actual participants in this network during that month or so was the largest single ‘growth spurt’ in our history, to date, and Rense stopped mentioning us altogether and took most of the slanderous material about us off of right after that growth and consolidation ‘event’ took place.

Dr James DeMeo, who was arguably The Authority on all things related to Dr Wilhelm Reich before we came along, hasn’t been as prudent as Rense in his public slander attempts, so he continues to unwittingly spread this cause here and abroad. Immediately after his visit to Germany a year ago, during which time he often specifically warned Germans not to experiment with orgonite cloudbusters, there were immediately a score of CBs made in Germany according to our recommended, time-tested specifications and now there are a great deal many more.

There’s even a thriving German language forum dedicated to orgonite and cloudbusting now, conducted by Georg Ritschl, a German émigré who has and who almost singlehandedly induced frequent rainfall throughout the Kalahari Desert and the surrounding regions for the past year and reversed the long-standing, near-famine level drought throughout Southern Africa. Georg is another fellow in this network who, like DB, has set some very high standards of accomplishment which some of us will have to work very hard to meet.

Gifting is empowering. I’ve tracked many, many people’s growth in awareness over the years, including ours, largely facilitated by this service and planetary healing work. There’s nothing in the world that pleases us more than to witness an individual’s self-empowerment, in fact, and it’s even better when we’ve played a small part in the process. We set up so that more and more people can assume the role of teacher and facilitator in this network. The network is too large to include everyone on a single forum, unfortunately, or even in a dozen similar forums.

If you like what you’re reading on EW, contact the people whose posts you enjoy the most and ask for their support. When you’re ready, and if you have a social conscience as we do, set up a similar board effort. If you exercise your social conscience and decide to initiate another small board effort one of the things we can teach you is how to keep the sociopathic riffraff, paid agents and programmed moles out of your ‘parlor’ on the internet, as we’ve done. We can also refer some genuine participants to you.

~Carol Croft’s husband (only a man)

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