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Tennesse Agents Raid Shop of Free Energy Inventor, Carl Tilly

[Editor's Note: It's an old story here in the Land of the Free: make a free energy device or come up with a simple cure for cancer-and the government stooges working for corporate America will come down on you like a ton of bricks and do everything possible to destroy you. They did exactly the same thing to free energy inventor Edwin Gray in the 1970's and 80's. By the way, even when the non-existent "charges" are finally dropped, I've NEVER heard of anyone getting their seized property back-never. This exchange between Carl Tilly and Jerry Decker was posted at Adachi]

From Ken Adachi <>
July 29, 2003l

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From: Jerry Decker To:
Date: Monday, July 28, 2003 9:55 PM Subject: update on Tilley?

Hola Carl y Doug!

Well, whats the scoop?

Haven't seen any updates and that religious nut (cheap silver plate) is all over the recent Tennessee takeover of your stuff, stomping his squat little troll legs up and down with glee while wringing his hands and still shouting about you being a fraud.

As I always said, I don't see enough proof either way, so any determination of verity as to real or fraud is still up in the air.....unfortunately because because it engenders endless speculation and gossip.

Is the government going to test your device to verify it works?

Last update on your main page shows 5/20/03 and no mention was made about the Tennessee government raid, though I do see your stockholder
meeting in April on the update page...its seems like shortly after that was when the raid happened.

Is there a correlation with one or more disgruntled investors wanting some return on their investment or something more than just public demos?

Don't know if you are still answering emails or not, just wondered if you could update us and I will post your answers/comments to the list.
Would appreciate if you could update us and/or clarify current status of your device. Good luck.

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From: Carl Tilley
Date: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 11:33 AM Subject: Re: update on Tilley?

Hi Jerry,

We are alive and charges have been filed yet .....we are still fact we built another car and shop device (out of state) and almost ready for the final test and that will be verified out of state by a well known group of people.

Actually when the state came in and took the items they did not take the spare parts....they took the boat and ATV.......... The Boat had no motor as it had been removed for repair, the ATV device was off along with one of the charging devices for the car and the truck....they were setting on the counter when they stormed in.

In other words they had not a clue what they were looking for. The shop device was also taken but they left the batteries, the Inverter, the control Center and the Charge controller. These items are far from Tennessee now.

If they intend to test it they need more parts as it takes two for each car....the boat has no motor, the car needs one more charging unit, the truck needs two charging units and the building device needs the inverter, control center, battery bank and charge controller.

They also took away the computer and some records. They did not take any prints or drawings of the device.

The story by Mr.. Allan that they took everything that was not nailed down is a lie. They took only the large items and some paperwork. All
the spare parts and needed items were not taken.

Carl Tilley

Subject: [Keelynet] Re: Fw: update on Tilley? Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003
13:30:56 -0500 From: Jerry Decker <> Organization:
KeelyNet To: References:

Hola Carl!

Thank you for the rapid and timely update, I will post to the list so folks will know what really happened and the current status....good

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