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Experiences with Alien Beings, Part 1

[Editor's Note: Franz Erdl is a German national who lives in the Dominican Republic. He has been engaged in special healing work for many years now, assisting people who lives have been taken over or are strongly influenced by negative alien beings or demonic entities. His colleague in psychic healing is a woman named Martina who lives in Germany. They typically perform their healing work over the internet using Skype to communicate. Beyond the client, sometimes a third person participates with Franz and Martina in their healing sessions

I find this two part overview of the alien and astral beings which Franz and Martina have encountered in their healing work to be a valuable addition to our knowledge base about the nature, characteristics, and motivations of the darkly orientated extra-dimensional beings who are the driving force behind the Illuminated NWO takeover of planet earth.

You might notice a correlation in the descriptions of aliens provided in Sept. 2005 by Andy & Willy and the alien entities described here by Franz and Martina. Franz's important essay, The Alien Influence on Humanity, first posted in Sep. 2008, needs to be carefully studied by every thinking human being who wants to understand the subtle and usually un-noticed outside influence that shape our everyday decisions and thoughts. People aren't so easily manipulated if they know they are being manipulated towards a destructive trajectory.

A big shake up in the astral/demonic realm has been underway since early 2011, thanks to the efforts of selfless and unheralded light workers, healers, and certain extraordinary individuals who are helping to bring about a spiritual Renaissance of sorts among legions of demonic entities who are switching sides. This in turn creates a loss of demonic "backing" among Dark Siders and that results in a loosening of evil's grip among negative aliens. So suddenly, Franz and Martina encounter a large number of Reptilians and Grays, especially, who want to break free of their Dark taskmasters and to heal their souls. This is the "Historical Event" alluded to by Franz Erdl in his Oct 19, 2011 article.

This 'changing' of the guard will naturally have a ripple effect upon the human and human/hybrid Illuminated minions and sellout dirt bags (E.g. US Congress) who are trying to install the NWO takeover on behalf of their Reptilian alien overlords. Franz says that the Snake/Serpent beings are the most evil orientated of all and are the ones responsible for turning Reptilians (and other negative alien groups) into evil actors.

I've tweaked the English slightly in parts 1 and 2 to better reflect the speech patterns and phrases most used by native English speakers (the original English translation was nonetheless well writtten). ..Ken Adachi]

By Franz Erdl <>
Originally posted July 19, 2011 (w/ addendums up to Oct. 2011)

Experiences with Alien Beings, Part 1 by Franz Erdl (Dec. 14, 2011)

July 19. 2011 (English translation by Franja)


All beings which I have seen during sessions on my own or with Martina were present in an astral form. Only on one exceptional occasion, an optically visible UFO appeared. Many of these beings may have their own plane of reality and we are only able to perceive them when they are approaching astrally or are manifesting in our reality. We have never experienced such a manifestation though.

Their astral presence creates a picture of them, and if it is intensive enough, they even become visually apparent. Reptilians even have a specific astral odor, reminiscent of decay, like rotten eggs. Martina often smells them before even seeing them.

When you are not as psychic as Martina, you can make out the difference between aliens by the emotions they cause. Many malicious Draconians radiate fear, which makes your knees shiver and causes incapacity to deal with the situation. Praying mantis like beings cause stress and jumpiness since their frequencies are not compatible with ours. This will be discussed in the following chapters.

All of these statements are only snap-shots. Our knowledge about the aliens changes and adjusts constantly.

I differentiate between aliens and astral beings. The latter live in the astral plane only; they do not have their own reality.

The sorrowful history of the Grays

Usually I write about my personal experiences only and avoid quoting stuff which I don't really know much about. In this case I make an exception because a book, which I read a long time ago is the missing link to our own experiences with the Grays. I forgot the name of the author, but I remember he was an US-Military remote viewer. He drew the following conclusions:

~ Once, the Grays used to live on their own planet

~ They fell prey to an invasion (which they were not aware of) by an unseen race (probably Reptilian) who caused catastrophes on their planet

~ When survival on their planet was almost impossible, the intruders appeared like saviours

~ The condition for their "help“ was the obedience of the Grays

Two weeks after writing the things above, we received the energetic affirmation of the fact, that the Grays' planet has been destroyed. It was terrible. They used to live together in relationships, male and female. During the invasion their families had been torn apart. The Grays used to be a race of slender, tall beings. Probably they lived with less gravity than we do. The shape of their bodies and facial features differed from the pictures of the Grays that we know now.

There were men and women, and their babies were made the [fun] way we do it. Originally the Grays must have had a white or light silver-gray skin colour Once I have met such a Grey. He had a calming and visible vibrancy caused by his heart's quality. I perceived his look being light metallic silver.

What happened throughout the invasion was extremely crude and made the Grays become the monsters that we know today: evil, scary, ugly, dangerous and without emotions. The Reptilians abused them in every way possible.

The tall Grays, who have almost kept their original form, are full of implants (we could perceive them) in their head and must have gone through a lot of brainwashing. They have special skills and therefore are of high use to the Reptilians. They are able to function autonomously, but only as far as their implants will allow it.

All other forms of Grays were probably created artificially, like the 1.2 meter (4 feet) high ones, often regarded as soulless bio-robots.

Yet, we have relayed experiences contrary to this statement. There might be a number of different versions of Grays. In any case, they were kept away from their souls (I think that most had one) as far as possible. They were crossbred with all kinds of insensitive and evil beings, so they would become nasty enough for administrating their diabolic masters' agenda. I assume that many crossbreeds have been made with evil astral beings as well. Therefore, the most ugly, ill-minded beings have been created. Female Grays had been overtaken and were off-bred. Reproduction was highly controlled and manipulated. This is the destiny of most Grays.

There are some individuals, who have escaped from this destiny or could free themselves from slavery, at least for a short time. None of these outcasts are doing okay, though, as far as we have seen. They are hidden, and always on the watch to escape their suppressors. They are in danger when trying to contact us and we are still mourning for one individual Gray who helped us and now appears to have been imprisoned.

Some Positive experiences with Grays

Positive experiences with Grays are relatively rare, maybe because there are only a few good ones left or maybe they are not able to contact us. Negative experiences are daily. They are constantly interfering with our lives and hinder good things from growing. Though the Grays are in a regrettable condition, I advise against helping or healing them. It's like trying to heal corrupt, mean, and evil human beings. Both are highly brainwashed, which is hard to overcome. Yet Grays have much more dangerous abilities and those, who cannot handle this, might very quickly have a Gray intrude into their energy field.

The White Gray

The first time I have perceived a Gray was in Munich in 1998. My wife (girlfriend back then) had dental problems. In the course of the evening, a Gray made himself known. It seemed he wanted to be recognized. He was completely white, which astonished me since it was contrary to everything I have heard about them before. He came close and pointed out areas of Karin's teeth. I understood that he wanted to advise us of astral manipulations. When he left I was very touched and teared up. His heart touched mine and I could sense how loving this being was. Amazing! A Gray touching my heart; this was new to me. I was disappointed that he had to leave so quickly.

Years later, I understood that keeping their stopovers to a minimum is for reasons of their own safety. Therefore, I cannot tell the names, nor much about our experiences with helpful, benevolent Grays. The names they told us were not their actual names, but rather are correlated to them.

The Small Gray Assistant

The small Gray showed up sometime in 2010. I cannot really remember all the things he did for us, but he was there for one week during our sessions. In one special session he was working with, and on Martina. She could feel his energetic work on her.

Then he said: "Now I have to shut down your synapses for a short while.“

Martina fearfully: "What are synapses?“

"They are junctions of your nerves. If I shut down your synapses, you will not feel much.“

Sceptically Martina allowed him to work on her synapses. And then she experienced the most deep relaxation ever. She would have loved to keep this state forever. After half an hour, the Grey had to "switch her on“ again.

After one week, the small one didn't come by anymore. During a session, we were able to locate him. He was caught inside a box, which belonged to a lager installation of the Reptilians. It was serving as a prison and as a reprogramming station in the same time. Through a quick energy attack, we wre able to free him, despite the guards. Some weeks later, he came by again to inform us quickly that he is safe now.

The Silver Gray

The Silver Gray could escape from the invasion. I could perceive him standing in a beautiful spot of our planet, some sort of oasis with palm trees, a lake, beautiful. He radiated a strong heartiness, which made him appear silver-grey in the astral realm. But he was deeply sad. He knew that he would never be able to return to his home planet. He had to leave his race. His last chance was to incarnate here on earth. He was incredibly sad and lonely. Today he is just as sad. After some incarnations he has landed on this Caribbean island. His conditions: miserable body, unacceptable relationships, etc.. The Reptilians control him in the same way as they do to the other Grays, just that they cannot force him to do evil. Lately we have met other people who have been Grays before. A deep-rooted pain in their hearts lead us directly to the invasion on their former home planet.

The Soul Seekers

My cat Miko has been suffering from infections causing open wounds, which had been healed in an extraordinary way some years before (here). After a few months the infections returned and have been staying now for two years in spite of all treatments. Healing sessions mostly advised us of an influence by the Grays, but nothing has helped yet. Apparently those Grays are working on sustaining the infection on Miko's skin. A few years ago, when we decided to euthanize Miko, the Grays stopped to manipulate him and the infection stopped all of the sudden and healed up in one week.

During a session 3-4 months ago, Martina managed to “communicate” with some small Grays. She asked them why they were doing this to Miko, and they answered: “Well, you are doing animal experiments, too, don't you!” Bugger, they were right in a way! We answered, that we were not the ones doing animal experiments and that Miko was our friend. Next thing the Grays told us was, that we were parasites and locusts. Second “Bugger”! I could imagine quite well that humans appear like locusts, since they are exploiting and eroding everything which they were given. I said: “You should know that the Reptilians' influence made us to blind and powerless creatures, but it hasn't always been this way. Plus, you Greys are influenced and manipulated by them to regard us as parasites. Please try to see the truth!” They kept quiet for some while, and then the spokesman answered: “Fill the void.” These three words hit the mark. They could feel their own emptiness, because since the invasion they had been cut off their souls. They must have realized, that there was something inside Martina and me, which they were lacking. I don't know what happened, but ever since then the antagonism stopped. The next few weeks they showed up from time to time. Communicating was difficult, I only could get them on the emotional level and Martina could understand them off and on.

At night, when lying in bed, I usually scan my environment on astral influences. That means, I get in touch with and check out Karin, the cats, the house, the car and the soil underneath our house. Thereby I check up on negative entities, malicious aliens, deceased persons and dark energies. If any of these energy forms are present, I am feeling a flow of energy, which then is directly dissolving the specific problem. One night, after doing the procedure, I still sensed some presence.

When asking “alien presence” I felt the energy flow. Asking if they were friends, I sensed energy again, like the answer “yes”. The present aliens were my friends and it felt good. I felt joy rising in my heart. After five minutes they left again. Another day I asked them, why they had to leave so early. Thereupon they showed me their boss, a grim, small Gray with an malicious radiation. I got it. They are controlled and thereby do not have much liberty of action.

So, this went on for a while. Usually they stopped by during the evening and stayed for a short while. One day I cricked my knee. Today I believe I absorbed something from earth, but back then didn't know that and couldn't heal myself. So guess who appeared that evening to heal my knee?

The next evening I met up for a Skype session with Martina and told her about the incident. Immediately we could feel their presence. Our communication almost only worked through feelings. When we addressed something which the agreed on, we could sense a flush of positive energy. When negating, we simply didn't feel any energy. Martina was sitting in her room at home and was watching the starry sky, when suddenly three small dots of light appeared. First she thought they were three shooting stars, but this would have been very uncommon plus the three dots stood still and then slowly expired. We asked: “is it you?” and the three dots lighted up and we sensed a flush of energy. This was a clear answer. We asked further questions which we unfortunately forgot, but they weren't that important anyway. In any case positive answers would cause a flush of energy and simultaneously one of those lights flashing. Negation didn't cause any reaction. At the end of this incident all three lighted up once more and then flew away. Some weeks later they stopped visiting us. Who expects our cat to be healed now is wrong. Whatever experiment they do to him, it continues. The group of small friends, who are controlled by a Nazi-like control system has little influence on ongoing projects. After all we cannot stop animal experiments and wars on out planet either. This continues against our will. So we cannot accuse our small gray friends.

The Rebel Gray

He showed up during a healing session, when we were trying to detach an aggressive astral entity from a client. He appeared, caught it and locked it away. He was a tall Gray with a benevolent radiation. We liked him a lot since we were able to feel him clearly. During a period of a few weeks he showed up from time to time, helping us out. We already got used to his help when all of the sudden he was gone. The reason for his disappearance were very blurry. One time we got the information that he was doing well but that was not reliable, too many confusing energies. Martina could realize him in a desperate situation. He expressed something like “I failed, I have done something wrong and fell into a trap.” We couldn't help him. What's left is sorrow.

He belonged to a group of rebels who have found a spot of existence outside the invaded empire. He explained to us that they always have to be on the watch to be able to stay in their exile. He advised us to be alert and to check out our environment for foes and hostile influences so we are able to cut off attacks beforehand.

(continued on July 25)

FRanz Erdl holding Pomelo fruitThis fruit is called Pomelo. It looks similar to the head of a Gray. Sorry, I look terrible here

(Note from the translator: That is not true, Franz), but unfortunately I couldn't take another picture of Pomelo and me because we ate it quickly. It tastes similar to grapefruit.

I'd like to add that recently, we had further positive experiences with Grays.

Negative experiences with Grays

The common experiences with Grays is that they conduct those detestable abductions. This goes along with our psychic impressions. Grays and other alien beings are able to abduct us (maybe not everyone) physically or astrally.

There is an interesting self-made video on such an abduction. I believe it is authentic.    (Uploaded by on Mar 27, 2011)

A quick description of the video:

The victim, a woman, began to notice black helicopters circling above her house. Later she noticed a UFO at the spot where the helicopter has been before. After that she had the suspicion that she had been abducted. She talked to her husband about it and to calm her down, he installed an infra-red camera in their sleeping room. A part of the filmed material shows, how the sleeping woman is disappearing from her bed and then returning 13 minutes later (in the video 13 minutes are reduced to one minute). It was impossible to transfer the infra-red recording on the PC, so the victims filmed the record from the security monitor with their ordinary video camera (this makes fraud more difficult and unlikely).

Watch this shocking material but please return to my page!

Abductions and attempted abductions in my life

Martina found out an abduction in my life as well, without me remembering it. But I believe she is right, because I can sense an influence in my right brain hemisphere, which they use once in a while to influence my perception. Then I can sense a pressure at my right temple. I know I cannot trust my perception during the influence.

According to Martina, my abduction happened during my time in the USA (how suitable!) in 1985-1988. I was taken to a desert area and six big Grays abducted me.

A few weeks ago, six Grays appeared again, trying to abduct me. In fact it didn't work out, yet their preparations were highly interesting. That day was extremely annoying for Karin and me. For every gewgaw, we had misunderstanding and conflicts. By the way, such accumulations of misconceptions are mostly indicating a Reptilian and Gray presence. We both were aware of their influence, but we couldn't help it and quarrelled anyway.

The intruders did a great job. Our irritation and willingness to fight increased. Dealing with it in a rational way didn't work any more. At the end of the day, we both were frustrated with each other and thought, it wouldn't work out between us. There was no chance for appreciation any more.

Finally, I decided to sleep downstairs on the couch to gain some free space. Karin went upstairs as usual. A separation like this has never happened before. Each of us felt totally alone. Shortly after I laid down for sleep, I felt lighter and lighter. First I enjoyed it, but when it increased and I was seeing six grey heads around me, I immediately became alert and conscious, which stopped the process of getting lighter. I went upstairs to look for Karin. She was doing fine and our appreciation for each other returned.

Unnoticed daily influences

We were sitting in a group of five people at the table in a hotel, having breakfast. Three spiritually inclined and two not so spiritual persons. Our conversation started to get interesting for me, but soon became shallow again. Well, that can happen, but afterwards I was very disturbed. Back home, both Karin and me felt unwell. Later I met Martina on Skype and told her about that we had breakfast with some people and that we were feeling unwell now. She looked what had caused this feeling and found the following: in the middle of our conversation a Grey appeared, right at the table! He manipulated our energies, which stalled all fruitful conversations and caused a general negative state of emotions.

The next case happened in a place with all kind of people, where we often go during the weekends. Back home Karin felt sick. Again, Martina had a psychic look on its probable cause. Result: at the place where we went, about five Reps and five Grays appeared. They walked unseen through the crowded place. One Gray threw some sort of poison into Karin's aura, which caused her malaise. This made it easy for the Reps to steal her energy.

Picture that, the Reptilian made the Gray throw the poison, just to get the energy himself! Such arrogance!

(By the way, I do not think that Reptilians and co. suck our negative energies, like fear and pain. I think fear and pain are their tools to get an easy access on our life energy. When feeling scared or in pain, our chakras are more vulnerable to be tapped into. Our protection is weakened. The intruders can also steal our abilities and use them, by holding our soul fragments captive. So they steal our positive life energy. Yet, what they definitely don't like are positive soul energies, which have their origin in the Divine Origin.)

The stories above are only two examples of the Grays' daily negative operations, but might be enough input to wake you up.

Their most common influence is causing misunderstanding and emotional problems between couples and groups. They pick out the weak spots of their victims and mercilessly add fuel to the fire. This is so easy for them.

At the end of this articles I will discuss ways to deal with such negative influences by Grays and other negative beings.

The Grays' film production

As far as I could witness, Grays are masters of reality manipulation: they make up astral holograms and even „videos“, which mock the sights especially of psychic people and make them perceive false visions. We fell into their trap, too, and have learned by and by to recognize manipulated perceptions. I warn you in particular from working with more than two or three psychic people in the same time. Two or three people can communicate much better than a whole group. Groups are under control of so called group dynamics. In psychic groups, usually one or two person are recognizably the most psychic ones. This often leads in a certain direction and the others being passively lead by this dynamics. This group dynamic strengthens automatically the direction, even if the direction is wrong! Grays amplify this dynamics even more and the participants perceive an epic „Repto vs. Human show“. At the end, all group members feel very fond of themselves, without that anything has really changed. I have experienced enough of such sessions.


(I'm referring to the praying-mantis/ mantides; let's call them simply Mantis).

Mantis are big, more than 3 meter high, insect-like alien beings. They have a pair of thin arms and legs, and their head is reminiscent to a praying-mantis' head.

Since the beginning of 2011, Mantis have shown up more often during our sessions. It looks like their ships have arrived at the beginning of this year. They only stand out in negative ways. Their presence alone is bugging. They appear to be without feelings and radiate frequencies that literally get on one's nerves.

Apparently this is their main task: to manipulate our nerves. For example, they can quicken the heartbeat through the nerves of the heart muscle by infusing astral electric impulses. This can stress their victim a lot. I do not know if they can kill someone by doing so, but I think it is possible. Furthermore Mantis can confound healing sessions by bothering the healer's or patient's nervous system. This also goes for energy- and light-workers.

Apparently their most adopted appliance is blocking thoughts by blocking parts of the brain. They do this to us quite often. After two seconds, we didn't know any more what we had intended to say or do, and later cannot remember either. Sometimes their mental manipulation is so obvious that it is easy to find the Mantis at work and to kick him out of our system right away.

But many times they remain unseen during a session and thereby they slowly retard it. When sessions stop working, we immediately check if a Mantis is around. Mantis are able to sexually abuse an abductee. This can cause a tremendous shock, because of their size and appearance.

Mantis can possess people or attach closely to their energy system. If a Mantis' influence on a person is very strong, this person is awkwardly intelligent and undefeated by logic. They do not radiate any heart energy.

We have seen Mantis who were controlling groups of Grays. Mostly, we found Reptilians behind those Mantis.

Also some Mantis work together with other insect-like beings. Apparently there is a variety of insect-like beings. They have similarities to ants, spiders and beetles. They seem to work on the same level, with frequencies; pure neural/ brain waves. They do not have any emotional warmth.

Another very important detail:

Many people talk about friendly aliens taking them to their space ships to mediate "helpful“ informations. Sometimes Mantis where present and appeared very friendly. I think this is a big theatre play. But I do not doubt those people's encounters with such beings.

Up to this point, I've heard two productions:

   Lie #1: "Humans are destroying planet earth“ they are telling the abductees that we humans are the ones destroying our planet. This is a maneuver to distract us from realizing that it's actually the Reptilians and their slaves who are dragging earth down into chaos. They make believe, that we are the main initiators and we can hardly defend ourselves against their lies.

    Lie #2: "We are coming to pick up you spiritually developed people.“ This belief system is causing a gap within humanity and holding off the "more developed ones“ to do something about ongoing catastrophes, which is their actual task. Those left behind have to stay in the chaos to learn, and the chosen ones, the abductees, are rescued and saved.

These productions are pure poison for humanity. The Mantis' function is to keep those "chosen ones'“ in line with their dark agenda. Their new messenger returns impressed (hypnotized) to humanity, writes a book or something like that.

(continued on August 20, 2011)

An important addition about The Mantis:

Through their ability to influence our nervous system without touching upon our emotions, they can control our muscle reflexes to a great extent. And they surely do that...for example when using a pendulum or when practicing kinesiology, etc..

A couple of times, I have tried to find out important information by using a pendulum. Therefore, I first chased away Reptilians, Grays and Mantises from my closer energetic space and then I checked out, if my channel was clear, before starting to work with the pendulum. When lucky, the channel was free for 10-20 seconds. When they absolutely do not want you to find out information through a pendulum, the channel stays blocked. Try it with lottery numbers. When the channel stays clean, you can find the right numbers!

Franz Erdl

Part 2

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