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Experiences with Alien Beings, Part 2

Part 1

By Franz Erdl <>
Originally posted July 19, 2011 (w/ addendums up to Oct. 2011)

Experiences with Alien Beings, Part 2 by Franz Erdl (Dec. 14, 2011)


I have been procrastinating to work on this chapter about Reptilians for some time now. I simply feel such reluctance dealing with these guys. I have written a lot about them in other articles and therefore this chapter will not be a scientific paper on them, but shall contain some useful information for people, who suffer from reptilian influence.

Reptilian Appearance

Most of the Reps we have seen conform to the commonly known Reptilian: two legs, two arms, the face – a mixture between a lizard and a Gray (Martina might draw it some time). They are very big , probably about 3 meters high as other sources mention (its hard to measure the size of an astral being). The presence of a Reptilian includes the scent of rotten eggs and decay (if the psychic person can smell astrally).

There are other forms of Reptilians, but they haven't shown up much for us. Sometimes they look similar to crocodiles or dinosaurs. Someone told me once about a Reptilian with the lower body part of a snake (how does such a creature walk at all?). Probably such beings exist only in astral form; it's hard to say.

Most of the Reptilians that we can perceive are negative in orientation. Yet, there seems to be some great exceptions. Actually, two Reps have appeared to help us. But this is not the standard and you shouldn't expect that to happen. During two years of working together, we haven't met a single Reptilian who was slightly positive.

Their charisma is cold, clean and false. It's hard to sense their badness. Other beings radiate their inner badness directly. Yet, there are exceptions regarding their charisma, too.

What does the presence of Reptilians feel like?

I think, this depends on the Rep's intention. Usually he works together with Grays and creates mischief between people by making them get tangled up in misunderstandings, leading to irritation. Reptilians are good in activating negative emotions, especially those of depression or aggression. They can make plans work out in the wrong. Grays are able to cause such results as well, yet Reps are much better in influencing our emotions. Both kinds can put astral entities into our bodies, when being enervated. Generally, such beings can cause permanent malaise and sicknesses, life goes south, etc.. Usually, it is easy to detach fresh astral attachments.

When finding an astral being attached, or a Gray or a Mantis, we usually also find a Reptilian behind them, being the responsible for what's going on. Until now, we haven't found any being in charge, who is controlling the Reptilians.

This doesn't mean that there are none. Some say the Draconians (Dracs) are standing above the Reptilians. This could be, but we do not have any proof. We have seen Dracs, but not in connection to other beings.

I consider Reptilian beings the project managers. They lead small, yet important projects as much as they are standing behind very big projects affecting the whole world. For example we discovered one Reptilian who was in charge of the whole of Canada. Some Reps are assigned to only one person.

They "love“ to catch people's (or other beings') soul fragments, to A) feed on their energies and B) use their victims skills for their own advantage. A soul fragment is an invisible energetic part of a human (or other being), who is going along with him during this whole life experience. The soul fragment is forming throughout this life and learning how to deal with reality. When the body dies, it returns to the Original Soul/ Higher Self. But Reps try to traumatize one's soul fragment so much, that it is unable to return to its source. Thus, they can hold fragments of our souls captive – for thousands of years.

At this point, I want to make clear that imprisoned soul fragments are not uncommon, but are the rule. The imprisonment causes a loss of our skills, so that our energy is missing and we are unable to get rid of the aliens' awkward influences, because they have anchored themselves through the traumatized, detained soul fragment (through which they have free access to us). This means, detaching their anchor is essential for our liberation.

People often ask me how they can protect themselves from them. I always answer: "Clear away the old reptilian connections, otherwise you won't be protected!“

I don't keep an account of sessions and usually forget the experiences with Reps & Co. soon. Therefore I will talk about a recent session (courtesy of our client, "C".).

The event, which we worked on during the session, took place only a few hundred years ago. Four-mast-sailing-vessels had already been developed. During the first scene Martina perceives a rich man dressed in clothes of velvet. He hands out a document to C. We can see that it is a message, which should be passed on by C. A Grey is present at this event and observes what's going on. Next scene: C is on the boat on the high seas. From the bird's eyes a Rep is watching the boat. A storm raises. The boat sinks. All people on the boat were drowned. Obviously, the storm was not natural in origin.

Summary of this event:

    It seems interesting, that the storm was created artificially, since there wasn't things like HAARP or other technologies back then. We can assume that they possess the techniques for the creation of storms from within their UFOs.

    The message given to C wasn't supposed to reach its goal. Grays were assigned to follow the events and to report everything to the project manager.

    The human victims died in a state of agony and fear. The traumatized souls (or soul fragments) remain in the depths of the sea. The Reps binds these souls, still at the bottom of the sea, together in some sort of energy prison.

    Through the trauma, the Rep is able to connect to the soul fragments of the victims by installing an energy-suction-line (cord). Thereby he gains strength and uses the skills from these souls.

We assume that all drowned persons had some Reptilian connection from former lives, just as C had. I cannot imagine, that those people back then were any less influenced by reptilian manipulation. They were just as " free" as we are "free" today. If there was any free person at all during that era, he wouldn't have entered the ship.

How to defend oneself against Reptilians

In another article, I wrote that we cannot provide any solution to the Reptilian-problem. That is true, buut isn't true at the same time. By all means, I want to explain this topic in a more detailed way.

One crucial factor is: Are there any soul fragments of oneself, which are under Reptilian influence? And if so, how many soul fragments are influenced and how strongly is each of them connected to the Reps? This is the most important thing. If a high percentage of my soul is under Reptilian control, I do not have to learn how to defend myself. This wouldn't be of any use.

If all soul fragments are available, I have an automatic protection. Thereby my soul can constitute a channel to the Soul's Origin, the Divine Origin (or however it might be called). Anyway, through this channel one can receive an energy, which is incompatible with the Reps.

But even if you have access to this energy, they still try to disconnect you from it through their tricks, lies and fear making and through using other people against you. This means, when former lives are fully healed, it's just the beginning of the learning process.

It's not necessary that all soul fragments of a person have to be healed in order to connect to the healing energy of the Origin. Some people have maintained a good healing channel and therefore are able to free/heal themselves and others.

I have met people whose souls are not free at all, yet they are able to chase away Reptilians through concentration and will power (in their stomach/Solar Plexus, not in their head). Others have strong mental skills and are able to succeed through imagination. Such skills differ individually and if you don't have such skills, don't start exercising - heal your soul. This is my advice!

Martina and I experienced the following: most of the time we can immediately chase away appearing Reps through our soul energy. If it is impossible to chase him away, he usually has a strong connection to the client. This means: break the connection and you chase away the Rep. This works well in most cases - BUT there are some cases where we are in the dark, and we do not get the reason why. If something is very important to them, they leave us in a haze. Then we do not even know why the session is stuck.

There are cases, where Reptilians plus Mantises and Grays try to hinder our healing sessions. We couldn't necessarily stop their interferencehelp it, but at least we could see why they did so. When they hinder healing a person, it shows that this is an important project to them. Then they try to fight us on different levels at the same time, so we do not know anymore, where we should start our healing session. Part of their attack is that they shut down our technology. This means, computers break down "out of the blue“ or the internet doesn't work any longer. Strikingly, this always happens at critical moments during the healing sessions. Once we tried to energetically fight a group of Reps who were operating through a famous spiritual person. During a critical second of the healing session, they suddenly shut down Skype internationally for about 20 hours!

At this point, I want to affirm the fact that Reptilians are still very powerful beings, as long as they are worshiped as false gods or false Gurus (→ all Gurus are false!) by millions of loyal sheep, through whom they obtain their energy and legitimize their existence. It is the foxed "free“ will of those people, who is working against my free will, the intention to heal. Reptilians need our energy to be powerful. Without the assistance of those sheep, still believing that they have to praise or worship someone or something, the Reptilians would fail.

An experience we had more than once is the following: during a session we could perceive a Reptilian, and then concentrated on positive energy towards him. He immediately created a protective shield. After a while he left, but we can sense that he doesn't leave forever. The same thing happened with a hybrid, a Reptilian in human body (a Freemason) who was attacking a client with black magic over and over again. First, he shielded himself against our energy, then he drew back into another dimension. Naturally, he'd come back sooner or later to capture: "his" earthy body

(We can barely help this hybrid, who is strongly possessed by a Reptilian and whose soul is hard to find. We have had many sessions with clients who are strongly dominated by Reps or other beings (at the same time), but we haven't been able to achieve our goal 100%, even though these individuals have a strong will to get free. About Freemasons, I am not that sure and therefore we do not even try to heal the hybrid)

To summarize, we can say that in most cases we can chase away Reptilians with healing energy. Usually, it is necessary to recognize the kind of dark being we are dealing with. If it is hard to recognize, one can “scan” by asking, which kind of being is there (usually, when I feel a flow of energy, it means “yes”).

Then it is necessary to command what you want. This can sound like:

  "I ask my Soul to direct healing energy at the Rep!“, or

   "I want the Rep to be chased away by positive energy!“, or

   "I chase you away by my Soul's energy!“, or

   "I command you to leave!“

Astral reptilian installations on the earth's surface

It is generally known that there are underground Reptilian bases. Yet it is news to me, that they exist on the earth's surface, too. Already ten years ago, during a walk on our beach, I realized that I started to feel scared and depressed at some spots. Some months ago, the same thing happened. I felt fearful and depressed and Karin became very exhausted all of a sudden, so she couldn't continue walking.

When we returned home feeling very sick, we immediately talked to Martina to research this phenomenon. Conclusion: a Rep was with us. We could get rid of him immediately. We also found out that he came from some sort of invisible building, which is located [astrally] on the beach, exactly where we started to feel uncomfortable. The length of the complex includes hundreds of meters, reaching from the land into the sea. Maximum width is one hundred meters. The width is easy to be recognized, since the physical place, where the building is astrally located, is the only part of the area not covered by roofs. I have heard that it is difficult to dispose of the property/land at this part of the beach. For example, one buyer died in the same year he had bought the land. I bet that land will never be built on.

The astral reptilian installation looks a bit like an office building (interestingly, the local administration building abuts to it). Reptilians and Grays are to be found there.

Their installation is one kilometer from Cabarete. There is a similar spot a bit further to the east of Cabarete. The spot is not built-up, too, yet bigger than the one we went to. I know that a few private firms tried to invest in it, spent a lot of money, tried to harden its soil with big machines and then gave it up. New owners don't make it there, either. In this area is another astral installation that appears quite technical with Grays being there. We couldn’t find out more. But every time I pass the area, I get depressed. This is why I avoid it.

(continued on Sep. 14, 2011)

Luckily I hadn't finished this part yet, because lately we were confronted with some heartbreaking events, which I want to share with you. Get your hankerchiefs out, and let's start.

We have just started a healing session, when suddenly a Reptilian appeared. He placed himself between the client and us. Thus, we couldn't help the person. We had to make the Reptilian leave, but he wouldn't leave, no matter what we tried. We shot him with purest energy, but no success. After 45 minutes, Martina recognized all of the sudden, that the Reptilian had sad eyes. Reptilians with sad eyes? Could that be true? Indeed it was.

We realized that he had a positive attitude. Under black magic, he was locked inside a vessel, which looked pretty much like an oil lamp. Furthermore, he was forced to carry out dark orders through black magic, as well. The awarding authority was the CIA. I said: "I free you from this task!“ and "I free you from the bottle“ and this worked! In only a few minutes, the sad-eyed Reptilian transformed into a very tender and friendly being.

The second story goes like this: we started another session and connected to the soul of the client, as always. Martina can perceive that the client's soul shows a Reptilian. That was new, too! Suddenly, Martina was inside the Reptilian! That never had happened before either. It turned out that this Rep was a dropout. He was tired of doing evil, but he needed our support for his healing process. While helping him, he also transformed into a much softer shape. At the end of the session he escaped into a safe place (wherever that might be).

Draconians or Dracs

There is a narrow relationship between Draconians and Dragons. Of both kinds, there exists both good and evil ones. It's possible that Dragons are much older and Dracs (who could be a two-legged mutation of a Dragon).

Certainly, there have been wars between good and evil Dragons and good and evil Draconians a long long time ago. We receive many references to these wars during our sessions.

Let's deal with Dracs at this point. We rarely meet any Dracs. We haven't yet perceived whether Dracs are on top of the hierarchy ruling other beings such as Reptilians (this is a general assumption by many people, who deal with this topic). We never saw Dracs in company with other beings. Sometimes, when perceiving the presence of Grays operating on their dark tasks, they usually had a Mantis behind them, and behind the Mantis were Reptilians. Sometimes we can see beings behind those, which we call "Bigheads“, but I will discuss this kind later.

We have not found Dracs in this hierarchical chain. Of course, this doesn't mean that they are not the bosses; we just haven't found out their role and task yet. So every time we met a Drac, they appeared on their own, neither in the company of other beings, or of other Dracs.

A classic fight between a human being and a Draconian (like in the movies)

This encounter was certainly cinematic. Somehow a Drac made a connection to me through another person. He stayed for two days in my home. Of course, we didn't feel very well during his stay. I talked to Martina about this and she noticed the Presence of this Drac.

I started to hold up my hands in front of me to shower him with positive energy to make him leave. But after a while, I felt a dark, scary energy creeping up my limbs. This energy was pure fear. And very quickly I realized that I couldn't let this energy reach my heart. This would have had a negative impact on me. I asked for more positive Soul energy and it started to flow, because the Draconian fear energy drew back slowly. I continued the energy shower, but then the same thing happened again: fear dragged up my arms and legs and I wasn't able to stop it. Again I asked my Soul to help me heal quickly and strongly work against this fear energy. This worked after one scary minute. I felt healing energy. The fear dissolved and the Drac left.

In another incident, someone had sent a Drac to us (Karin and me) through black magic. This was done by some people from our neighborhood, who were being turned into enemies for some reason. (I have to add that they paid a professional Haitian Voodoo Master for that) This magic didn't work immediately, but gradually, step by step. It started with some little accidents: first I overlooked a little wall, when backing my car up. The bumper bar was squashed. Then, small shivers of fear started to run through me. Later that day we went to a pharmacy, then the spell fully began to work. The fear shivers became so strong that my legs started to shake. I advised Karin of this and by this it started to her as well. We returned to our car, set down, our limbs were totally trembling.

It was clear that this fear was imposed on us. But it was so strongly inside our body, which disabled us to confront anything implying courage. For sure we asked our Souls to free us, but it took hours until the fear dissolved. That was tough black magic. Later, we got to know that a Drac was involved. Trembling from fear and physical weakness are typical for Drac attacks. I am not sure what would have happened to people who were unable to help themselves. I suspect the worst.

I have met two people who had Dracs attached. Apparently they had some sort of contract with their Drac. Every time, someone tried to attack this persons in one way or another, one felt weak, scared and started to shake. An example based on a true story: I wanted my neighbor to remove his garbage bin from my estate. But the pure thoughts on going there to tell him what I wanted made me feel scared and weak. Karin felt the same way. It is very typical when dealing with Drac attached people, that the „victim“ is not scared of the person in general but only starts to feel this way when he wants to become active against the Drac-Host. This usually happens very unexpectedly.

Dracs have more skills than making you feel scared. The one who stayed in my house for two days has caused other damage, too. For example, he attached himself (energetically) to an email I was sending, to be able to place himself into the PC of a friend. He wanted to sabotage my friend's PC. He only started to use his fear weapon once I recognized him and tried to chase him off.

Positive Dracs

At this moment I only remember one good Drac, whom Martina and I met on the astral plane. We could feel his heart energy, like we always do when being confronted with a good being. Martina also could sense a „father energy“ with such intensity and quality unknown and indescribable to us. This must be a very original form of energy.

We found about five Dracs incarnated in human form. These are people like you and I, who had former lives being Dracs. But I don't want to talk more about them in order to guard them.


Wars were fought between good and evil Dragons. We could perceive scenarios of these battles and saw that apparently the good ones were conquered and eliminated. You only can die in a 3 D body and on the astral plane, where these battles have taken place, „dying“ and wars work in different ways than here. There they fight and die through magic. Those who lost, were being banished, embroiled in magical spells, isolated, blocked, traumatized etc..

This might be the reason for us only perceiving negative Dragons. None of the good ones shows up and walks freely on the astral plane. But we found some good Dragons, in form of banished and blocked soul fragments of living people. This means, these kind of people were Dragons long ago. Their magical powers have been trapped as their dragon soul fragments were encapsulated. In the meantime we succeeded to free some of these old dragon people. Martina is so in love with these folks, she has hard times letting go of them.

We meet evil Dragons once in a while. Yet they aren't that loose, either. Mostly they are attached to certain places. For example some catholic churches have a Dragon placed on them. How could this happen? Through black magic which was practiced by churchmen, who accompanied the dark site. Obviously they did. For centuries a part of the dignitaries were black magicians. There were honest, faithful Christians, too, but many black sheep among those, who called themselves Christians.

What is the task of a Dragon placed on a church? Churches were built on high energy places. Such a Dragon was and still is responsible for this sort of places, like a dark guard of high energy places. Plus he had to watch the area around the church. If you want to heal such pieces of land, you have to ridden it of the Dragon and the black magic, which makes him stay there. Let's get to work, people!


We haven't seen Lions in this past year anymore. Before that they showed up and helped out once in a while. Either, they walked upright and had wings or they walked on all fours like our earthy lions. They connected well to our heart chakra. We could only contact them through our heart energy. They seem they were able to deal with dark astral beings and helped us to get rid of some cross-grained ones. We don't know at all why they have not shown up anymore since end 2010/beginning 2011.


In these past two years, since Martina and I are working together, we strangely enough have never met any Nordics. We almost doubt their existence. But many sensitive, psychic people have seen them before, and I doubt they were crazy.


We call this kind of beings Bigheads, because they have a huge head (too huge) with an ugly, small face. Usually they have two arms and two legs. One time we perceived a Bighead with four arms, operating a control panel. Another was connected to tubes. Every single one we have seen until now was ugly. We had the impression that they stood above the Reptilians. But we don't know much about them yet.

Snakes/Serpent beings

I could write a large book on Snakes, if I was able to correctly interpret and collect the information about them, which we found out about them. Snakes are around often, but are hard to be uncovered. Their negative influence varies, but has some typical characteristics. If these character traits are found in a person, you can be sure he/she has a Snake in his energy system. When obtrusively digging deeper, you can finally force the Snake to show up and perceive it. But this isn't that easy.

In contrast to other beings, Snakes seem to be fixed. Other beings can come and go as they want to. A Snake simply stays. Sometimes we had the impression that they were placed into humans by Reptilians, so it is easier for them to control and exploit the person. We are not sure, if Snakes are alien beings or astral beings. As you can see regarding the topic of Snakes, many question marks are left.

One sort of Snake causes these kinds of issues, when hosting a person: the person's energy is fully blocked. The healer is unable to let healing energy flow into his hosted client. The client cannot feel anything and nothing changes.

Another type of Snake causes the following: the Snake mainly causes envy and jealousy. There is disposition to cause intrigues and make mischief among others by spreading lies and rumors. A toxic mixture, which is the reason for a lot of damage.

As I mentioned before, it is hard to find them, even when using the question-detection-method. You have to penetratingly rip open their haze and protections to be able to see them clearly.


Apparently, demons are astral beings. We perceive them as a dark, unshaped mass with an ugly face in its inside. Demons eat souls. We could observe this: in a certain place, ritual sacrifices have been practiced. The soul fragments of the killed and sacrificed people were directly after the ceremony swallowed by a demon, who was sitting inside the soil of the ceremonial place. It looks like the demon become big and fat from eating souls. The more souls he gets, the fatter he appears.

Demons can be dissolved by liberating the soul fragments of the ritual victims. These soul fragments have to be unbanned of the magic, fears and traumas to finally find their way back to their Original Souls. Thereby the Demon gets reduced to almost size zero.

I am not sure if there is another kind of definition of Demons. At least this is the kind I got to see for several times. It is possible that Reptilians use Demons as a storage space for soul fragments. Who knows? It seems Reps run out of storage space. Martina had an insight into one of their huge technical complexes which was designed to store souls. But this complex didn't work. Martina sensed that the Reps were doing something wrong. Hopefully they do! Maybe we are lucky and the planned date for the genocide of the human race will be delayed for reasons of lack of storage space.


Since September 2011 we recognized a new kind of monsters, which we haven't seen before. But since September they show up daily. It seems as if a spaceship full of these creatures has been brought to earth lately. Martina describes them as a mixture of Reptilian, Dragon and Demon. I can hardly imagine how they look like. I cannot see them, but I can sense them. One of these beings was able to destroy some of my technical devices (emergency power supply and Wi-Fi), before I was able to kick them out.

I am worried about this new kind. Have they been created by Reps? Are they some sort of oviparous whole-milk-sow? They need the dragon part for magical power, the demon part for storage space. But why the reptilian part? The Rep is the commander and beneficiary. He can serve himself the energies of the locked soul fragments. Whatsoever, remember to include these creatures into your daily scanning. I forgot that and therefore needed a long time to realize this Rep-Demon inside my home.

Devil-like beings

These are creatures who look like we imagine the typical devil. Red and horned, yes, they exist. But they are rare in our sessions. They do not seem to come from our dimension. Usually you don't need to scan them. I have the impression, they only exist in great darkness and it's apparently not dark enough here. But they are working on that.

Manipulated Nature beings

Reps are working on the manipulation of Nature beings. Nature beings are astral beings. I have actually been able to see them a few times. The biggest tree standing on my estate hosts a being, who shows itself astrally in form of a fairy. The second biggest tree hosts a magician.

Especially where I am living, a few miles inland, there is a huge subterranean complex for the manipulation of Nature beings (look at Cabarete on Google maps and you can see that the area south of Cabarete is blurred, similar to the HAARP area. This is because of the complex.) Earth and Nature beings are horrified of this complex.

Blurred area south of Carabete, DR

[Blurred out margin begins at 19-44'05-77" N / 70- 24.55- 07"W. Enter into Google Earth]

What does manipulated Nature beings cause?

Example N°1: my wife Karin walks through our estate, pushing away branches. Suddenly she feels a strong, stinging pain in her right ear. One of the branches rebound and pricked directly into her ear. Bad coincidence, one could say. But this wouldn't happen if kind, well-functioning Nature beings were around. Together, Martina and I found an aggressive being. Obviously we shouldn't chase it off but heal it. After a healing session we found a very well-functioning Nature being. It has been manipulated.

The second experience is much worse. They create manipulated beings, to place them into places. For example they have placed on being onto our house. We have it there for many years now. The effect of such a being is strongly freezing. We aren't able to continue working on our „¾ finished house“. Inside the house we feel much more blocked than outside. I believe it is also some sort of anchor, a portal for other evil beings. This being became one with the walls of our house, which is why it is so hard to see and remove. Until now we haven't found a solution. Apparently the Reps have enough beings stored, so if I heal one, they just re-attach another.

This list isn't completed and the information probably not a 100% correct. New insights will be added. But for now, it's enough.


Franz Erdl


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