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The Rockefeller File

Surrender by Consent

"We shall have world government whether or not you like it - by conquest or consent." -CFR member James Warburg testifying before the Senate foreign Relations Committee on February 17, 1950

By Gary Allen
Published 1976

Table of Contents

Chapter 7
Surrender by Consent

As we have seen in the preceding chapter, there can be absolutely no doubt that the major Rockefeller goal today is the creation of a " New World Order" a one-world government that would control all of mankind. But, wanting a Global Superstate and getting one are two different things. How do the Rockefellers expect to round up all of us cows and herd us into their World Government corral?

The Rockefellers know that the roads to World Government can be as varied as human hopes, fears, ambitions, ignorance and greed. And since the Rockefellers' never put all of their financial or political eggs into one basket, you will not be surprised to learn that they are involved in promoting every conceivable route to a World Superstate. If there is an approach they have overlooked, we can't think of it. (And if you can, please don't mention it out loud-or the New York Times might announce tomorrow that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) or a Rockefeller Foundation grant is supporting it.)

A complete listing of all organizations, movements, publications, and programs supporting World Government, which in turn are managed behind the scenes by the Rockefeller-CFR axis, would fill a book the size of the Los Angeles area telephone directory. Obviously, we can mention only a few of the more important trails along the Rockefellers' drive toward World Government. Certainly the most visible pathway toward World Government is the organization that was created in 1945 by the Rockefellers for precisely this purpose - the United Nations

As we shall see in the next chapter, the controlled media have deliberately created a myth that the UN is a meaningless debating society. We are supposed to believe that the Rockefellers have spent millions on an organization that is, at best, an expensive but relatively harmless irritant. This public image of the UN has been invaluable to the global master planners, and it is about as accurate as an itinerant peddler's claim for his sure-fire snake oil potion. If the Rockefeller thought-controllers can persuade enough Americans to accept voluntarily the surrender of US sovereignty to the United Nations, their long campaign for World Government will be over. The -New World Order -will have arrived- with all the hoopla of a Wall Street ticker tape parade. The Rockefellers would be willing to pay almost any price for such a bloodless coup d'etat , In fact, they are paying millions of dollars every year to finance just such a possibility. Here are just a few of the organizations in the United States which are financed and/or directed by the Rockefeller - CFR combine that are actively promoting the voluntary demise of American independence.

American Assembly
American Association for the United Nations

American Friends Service Committee
Arden House Group
Atlantic Union
Business Council
Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences
Center of Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
Chatham House
Citizens Committee for International Development
Committees on Foreign Relations
Committee for Economic Development
Council on Foreign Relations
Federation of World Governments
Foreign Policy Association
Institute of International Education
Institute for World Order
National Planning Association US National Commission
The Trilateral Commission World Affairs Council
United World Federalists

If you recognize more than half of this list, congratulations! You are already well-informed about this Rockefeller road to serfdom. But if most of these names are new to you, we respectfully suggest that you have some homework to do. And while doing it, please remember that some of the most innocent sounding groups, or some apparently ineffective body whose avowed purposes seem totally non-political, may be one of the most dangerous tentacles on the whole World Government octopus.

Such is the case with one of the oldest organizations mentioned above, Atlantic Union. It is the grandaddy of regional government schemes, composed of those who believe that getting half a loaf is half way to getting a whole loaf. Atlantic Unionists argue that regional government is a necessary way station on the road to total World Government. Until Rocky's boy Henry [Kissinger] sprung détente on them, Atlantic Union was also the organization for one-worlders who claimed to be anti-Communists. (And, indeed, there were some legitimate anti communists in the group.)

The Atlantic Unionists believe that our War of Independence was all a ghastly mistake. This may seem a little odd as we prepare to celebrate the nation's bicentennial, but there are as many unreconstructed Tories on Wall Street as there are unreconstructed secessionists in Alabama. The idea of Atlantic Union had its origin in the fertile brain of an Englishman named Cecil Rhodes, whose dream was to see the United States reannexed to the British Empire. To this end he established the Rhodes Foundation, providing for the education in England of bright young Americans.

In 1939, a Rhodes Scholar named Clarence Streit wrote a book called Union Now, which advocated a gradual approach to final world union by way of regional unions, starting with the union between the US and Britain. committees were set up all over America, and Mr. Streit reported that over two million Americans had signed petitions asking for union with Britain.

In Streit's own words, Atlantic Union, now expanded to include Western Europe, was the first step towards total world government:

" It [Union Now] proclaimed the need of world government and insisted that no country needed this more urgently than the United States. Streit, who has been a close associate of Communists and socialists all his adult life, has no hostility towards collectivism. He said in Union Now: - Democracy not only allows mankind to choose freely between capitalism and collectivism, but it includes Marxist governments."

In his pamphlets, Streit asks the question:" Does the rise of socialism in some Western European democracies prevent our federating with them?" He answers with an emphatic "No !"

In March 1949, Federal Union set up a political-action unit called the Atlantic Union Committee. The first president of this Committee was former Supreme Court justice Owen J. Roberts, who said he considers national sovereignty a " silly shibboleth." More than twenty years ago the Los Angeles Examiner described what Atlantic Union would mean to America:

"They [the nations of Western Europe] would impose their socialism in place of our republican self government, extract taxes from us as they pleased, draft our men for their armies and our women for their factories, appropriate the bulk of our productive wealth for their own enrichment. How can any Senator or Representative elected to represent the people of the United States bring himself to advocate so clear a policy of national self-destruction?"

The goals of Atlantic Union have not changed. But very few newspapers are as courageous or outspoken anymore. Bucking the Rockefellers is not the way to build your advertising revenue. Less than a dozen years after its founding, the Atlantic Union Committee had grown to 871 wealthy and influential members, 107 of whom were members of the CFR. Today it has some 2,000 members. An Atlantic Union Resolution which would, in effect, repeal the Declaration of independence, was first introduced in Congress in 1949. It has been reintroduced every year since, but until recently never received much attention-despite its endorsement by such Rockefeller CFR stalwarts as Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern, Dwight Eisenhower, Adlai Stevenson, John Foster Dulles, Jacob Javits, William Fulbright, Eugene McCarthy, and Henry Kissinger.

In 1975, the Atlantic Union resolution was once more introduced into the House of Representatives. Incredibly, 111 Congressmen (38 more sponsors than the resolution ever had before), all sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, officially co-sponsored the measure which would supersede our Constitution! According to the bill's chief sponsor, Illinois Republican Paul Findley:

"This proposal never before had so much vigorous fresh blood as it has today. Nearly half of its sponsors are new 59 to be exact. Of these, 26 are freshmen, elected last November; 13 others voted for it when it was stalled on the floor last year by the thin majority of 210 to 197. Most significant of all, 10 of those who voted against it two years ago and still remain in the House are sponsoring it today; 56 of the 210 who opposed it in 1973 are no longer among the, members of the House. "

In 1973, the Atlantic Union resolution missed passing by a scant 13 votes. As Findley gloated, many of those who voted against it are now gone and several others who once opposed the measure have seen the Rockefeller handwriting on the wall and have become sponsors. As you probably suspect, Atlantic Union is a Rockefeller operation. The Oilbucks Gang has been tied to Atlantic federation for some 35 years. In fact, when Nelson Rockefeller was given the Atlantic Union's highest honor: the Pioneer Award, in 1964, Clarence Streit told the assembled dignitaries at the presentation that Nelson Rockefeller had saved the organization from a dangerous division back in 1939. lt seems that the two strongest chapters, one in New York City and the other in Washington, were at loggerheads on where the group's headquarters would be established. Both wanted it in their own city.

Ever the politician. Streit wanted to satisfy both factions, but he didn't have the shekels to finance such an elaborate operation. lt was at that moment the Rockefeller cavalry came galloping to the rescue. Nelson promised to provide an entire floor at 10 East 40 th Street, New York City, rent free. Twenty-five years later, it was Rocky's open espousal of ending American independence, expressed in his book The Future of Federalism. that gave many secret World Government supporters in Congress the courage to speak up. According to Streit:

"The Future of Federalism- came at a time when other US political leaders and many of our best friends in Congress were afraid even to mention such words as'federal' or 'union' -in connection with Atlantica, lest they arouse controversy and opposition from misguided "

The Rockefeller family has provided free rental for the Atlantic Union headquarters, and Streit informs us that this fact had been kept a secret for 25 years. Even this admission was made at a private dinner of Insiders. You will find no mention of this incredible fact in the newspapers the next day. (Streit's disclosure appeared in their own publication, and was later placed in the Congressional Record for all to see by a - misguided patrioteer.-)

You are not supposed to know that the richest family in the country wants to abolish the independence of the United States. For those Americans willing to go directly into the Great Merger with the Communists, without shillyshallying around with regional intermediaries, the Rockefeller-CFR combine has several organizations available to support. The most blatant, as well as the most successful, is probably the United World

The United World Federalists was formed in 1947 by two CFR stalwarts, Norman Cousins and James P. Warburg (whose statement, promising world government" by consent or conquest," began this chapter). One of the most famous slogans of this Rockefeller front was "One world or none.-"

The UWF has been particularly effective at appealing to the idealism of youthful Americans, through chapters on many high school and college campuses, with its promise of "world peace through world law." Most of these young members apparently assume that a World Government created and controlled by Insiders would protect individual rights, guarantee freedom of the press, respect religious beliefs and practices, and so on.

Naturally, the UWF says nothing to disillusion them. The United World Federalists has been a CFR operation since it was created, more than 25 years ago, by amalgamating three small organizations, the World Federalists, Student Federalists, and Americans United for World Government. Its membership has been heavily interlocked with that of the CFR from the day it began. Yet so successful has been the Rockefeller-CFR public relations job on behalf of the UWF that today it can-and does-promote virtually every major plank of the Communist Party, without losing an ounce of its Establishment-created -respectability."

The first president of the United World Federalists was Cord Meyer Jr., who, of course, was also a member of the CFR. In a very curious book called Peace or Anarchy, Meyer touted the usual Insider line that the United States should be thrilled to disarm itself and merge into a -Federated World Government "under the control of the United Nations." And here is the kind of "peace" - the UWF president wanted to see established:

"... once having joined the One-World Federated Government, no nation could secede or revolt ... because with the Atom Bomb in its possession the Federal Government [of the World] would blow that nation off the face of the earth. "

Significantly, when he stepped down as UWF president, Meyer slid into a top position with another Rockefeller organization, the Central Intelligence Agency. His activities since then have been cloaked in a veil of secrecy, but one can only assume that his vision of an all powerful World Government, happily blowing recalcitrant nations" off the face of the earth," has not changed.

In recent decades, UWF* supporters have become much more subtle in their advocacy of a World Superstate. The game is still the same, but the names have been changed to protect the guilty. They are now selected by Rockefeller's PR boys on Madison Avenue to be much more palatable to the public. You will not, for example, find a UWF member today stating the group's goals quite as crudely as a UWF professor named Milton Mayer did in 1949, when he said:

" We must haul down the American flag ... haul it down, stamp on it, spit on it. "

The Rockefellers, you understand, never spit; they expectorate. Although less than one American in a thousand would consider for a moment the suggestion that his political leaders have actually advocated abandoning our independence, the truth is that the UWF has been endorsed by such big-name politicos as Harry Truman, Adlai Stevenson, Hubert Humphrey, Richard Nixon, Jacob Javits, Dwight Eisenhower, Frank Church, justice William 0. Douglas, and Ronald Reagan.

For decades Atlantic Union and United World Federalists and scores of less-effective Rockefeller fronts have followed a course of patient gradualism. They do not expect Americans to accept World Government overnight like water dripping on a rock, they plan to wear down all opposition in time. * To make their commitment to globalism, not nationalism, even clearer, the UWF changed its name in 1969 to World Federalists, USA. But there are increasing indications that the leaders of he conspiratorial internationalists are running out of patience. Sure, they will permit the UWF and assorted cherries to continue on their merry way, urging us to put he gun to our collective heads and pull the trigger-all the while promising us we'll be better off for the experience, of course. But as we shall see in the next chapter, some of he top brass have contingency plans well prepared to move considerably faster should it become necessary.

One development that may signal more severe storms on the horizon was the formation, more than two years ago [July 1973], of a new entity called "The Trilateral Commission." The founding meeting was called by David Rockefeller, the number one man in the Council on Foreign Relations and Chairman of the Board of Chase Manhattan Bank. When David asks some 200 leading bankers, businessmen, politicians, and labor leaders throughout the world to join him in forming a multi-national planning commission, you can be certain that the invitation has all of the force of a royal command.

Long-time Rockefeller watchers know that major shifts in the internationalists' plans are frequently signaled by brief articles in the New York Times. So when that Insiders' house organ mentioned in a small dispatch on June 18, 1974, that:

" the lives and fortunes of large numbers of human beings hang upon the outcome of decisions taken by a small handful of national leaders"-

on the Trilateral Commission, it was time to pay more attention -a lot more attention- to the group. If your life hangs upon (a rather strong choice of words for so august a publication as the Times) the deliberations and decisions of this commission, it is time to find out what they are deciding.

The tipoff came with the appointment of Zbigniew Brzezinski as a director of the commission.

Shortly after the formation of the Trilateral Commission, the new director (who is an officer of the CFR) wrote an article for the CFR's official journal, Foreign Affairs, in which he said:

"The world is not likely to unite [willingly] behind a common ideology or a super-government. The only practical hope is that it will now respond to a common concern for its own survival. .... The Atlantic [Union] concept was a creative response to the problems of the cold war era. Today, the Atlantic framework is too narrow to encompass the multitude of challenges-and opportunities -that confront the international community. lt is a recognition of this reality to propose ... that the active promotion of such trilateral cooperation must now become the central priority of U.S. policy. "

In other words, Brzezinski says it's time to forget about the rather open and above-board approach to world government proposed by Atlantic Union. Voluntary union will not be achieved in time; it's time to try another approach. What is that " other approach " ?

Simply stated, it is to impose the very same controls over nations that World Government advocates propose, but this time to do it under the guise of solving economic, ecological, or energy problems [E.g. currently, G7, later G8, later G9, later G20 "summit meetings" held around the world...Ken Adachi]. The chairman of The Trilateral Commission is Gerard C. Smith, another CFR member and former director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.* Here is how he describes the purpose of The Trilateral Commission:

"The United States, Western Europe, and Japan face a common condition. They are the major industrial areas of the world, and they share common concerns about the problems of environment and modern industrial society. They jointly share a global responsibility and we think their relations are threatened by domestic concerns which tend to drive the regions apart." (Emphasis added.)

* The significance of Smith leaving the Arms Control and Disarmament. Agency to run this new Rockefeller operation should not be overlooked. The Disarmament Agency is a key part of the Insiders` program for a World Superstate. (See Chapter Eight.) For Smith to step down from such a major post means the Trilateral Commission must really be important.

According to Smith, the problems each country is facing may pose a serious obstacle to the establishment of a " New World Order." There is a danger that some nations may become so concerned about solving their own problems (such as having enough fuel to keep their factories going and enough food to feed their citizens), that they will lose sight of the larger objective-building World Government.

The first meeting of David Rockefeller's new group was held in Tokyo on October 21-23, 1973. Sixtyfive persons were listed as North American members. Of those, thirty five are also members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Six position papers, called " The Triangle Papers," have been issued so far by the Commission: two from the Tokyo meeting in October 1973, three from a meeting in Brussels in June 1974,and one from a Washington, D.C. meeting in December 1974. If the -Triangle Papers- are any indication, we can look for four major thrusts toward world economic controls: The first, toward a - renovated world monetary system"; the second, involving the looting of our resources for the further radicalization of -have-notnations; the third, toward stepped-up trade with the Communists; and the fourth, toward milking the energy crisis for greater international controls.

So if you've been wondering what the next move of the World Government Insiders will be along the road to surrender by consent-they've already made it. The Trilateral Commission has been created by David Rockefeller to guide his fellow internationalists in using their private influence to make certain their governments remain on the proper public course-a headlong rush toward the Great Merger. And the country that ignores its warnings, and pays too much attention to its -domestic- concerns, may find itself in a food/fuel/financial crisis that will make the Great Depression seem like an idyllic trek through the Promised Land.

Gary Allen

Chapter 8, Surrender by Conquest

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