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Surrender by Conquest

"In Stage III [of disarmament] progressive controlled disarmament ... would proceed to a point where no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened UN Peace Force and all international disputes would be settled according to On his return from Vladivostok , USSR, where he had signed an agreement drafted at the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT), President Ford announced in a typically mixed metaphor that he had" put a cap- on the arms race. In the light of previous deals with the Communists, such a pronouncement was incredible. It conjured up memories of Chamberlain, newly arrived from Munich, standing on the sacred ground in which his head was buried and announcing through the sand that the treaty in his hand was proof we would have" peace in our time.- While the Liberal press was singing hosannas to SALT II as the pinnacle of détente agreed principles of international conduct .... The Peace-keeping capabilities of the United Nations would be sufficiently strong and the obligations of all states under such arrangements sufficiently far reaching as to assure peace and the just settlement of differences in a disarmed world."
-Department of State Publication 7277

By Gary Allen
Published 1976

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Chapter 8
Surrender by Conquest

On his return from Vladivostok , USSR, where he had signed an agreement drafted at the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT), President Ford announced in a typically mixed metaphor that he had "put a cap- on the arms race." In the light of previous deals with the Communists, such a pronouncement was incredible. It conjured up memories of Chamberlain, newly arrived from Munich, standing on the sacred ground in which his head was buried and announcing through the sand that the treaty in his hand was proof we would have " peace in our time."

While the Liberal press was singing hosannas to SALT II as the pinnacle of détente (French for both a trigger and a lessening of tensions), the Communists were gobbling up territory faster than the Oklahoma Sooners. Using Soviet arms, the Reds were sweeping through Cambodia and South Vietnam. With the planned opening of Suez, they were preparing to link their naval forces in the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean. And. Portugal, a long-time American ally, was being converted into a Soviet outpost in Western Europe. If this is détente, bring back the Cold War.

The road toward SALT began at the dawn of the nuclear age, when Leftist scientists and academics, standing at the wailing wall of disarmament, began to bemoan their fear that America's superior nuclear capacity would somehow frighten a worried Soviet Union into launching a major war. The "solution " to this peril begins with the Pugwash Conferences and might conclude with the forced surrender of a disarmed US

In 1955,the Parliamentary Association for World Government issued a call for a series of "Conferences on Science and World Affairs" between Russian and American scientists and intellectuals. The first of these was held in 1957 at the home of Russophile Cyrus Eaton in Pugwash, Nova Scotia. Eaton, who began his career a secretary to John D. Rockefeller and is now a business partner of the Rockefellers in promoting Red trade, earned the Lenin Peace Prize for fronting the deal and financing the first five Conferences. Since then, more than twenty have been held, most of them outside the United States All have been financed by the tax-exempt Rockefeller CFR foundations.

On September 23, 1960, three years after the first Pugwash Conference, the Soviets presented a plan for total and complete disarmament - to the United Nations. It called for a systematic reduction in arms by major powers of the world. The so-called "Soviet plan" immediately became the beneficiary of extremely influential American support, when a group of powerful proponents of disarmament within the CFR endorsed it.

This was no mere happenstance. A secret CFR disarmament program, entitled "Study No.7," was made public a few months later. Prepared by the CFR for the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, " Study No.7" argued that the United States " must: (1) search for an international order ... in which many policies are jointly undertaken by ... states with differing political, economic and social systems, and including states labeling themselves as 'socialist."' [That is, Communist.] In order to build such a "new international order,' " the CFR said, we must -maintain and gradually increase the authority of the UN," and "conduct serious negotiations to achieve international agreement on limitation, reduction and control of armaments.-

And here is the amazing part: This CFR position paper had preceded the Soviet proposal of September 23, 1960, by nearly a year. Pugwashed or not, the two schemes were almost identical!

This Pugwash-CFR conspiracy is one of the most brilliant achievements in psychological warfare since the Trojan Horse. While Americans were being told of the horrors of nuclear war and the supposed advantages of limiting our defenses, the Russians were arming to the teeth.

lt was in June of 1964 that the Ford Foundation, already famous for bankrolling Rockefeller- approved fascist socialist causes, put up $325,000 for a Pugwash production called the "Joint US - USSR Study Group in Disarmament."

The climate which Rockefeller partner Cyrus Eaton's Pugwash group and the CFR had created was by now well established. Advocates of the New World Order began to crow that World Government was at last in sight.

In September of 1961, the Department of State released Publication 7277, entitled : Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World. It was a three-stage program which provided:

In Stage III progressive controlled disarmament and continuously developing principles and procedures of international law would proceed to a point where no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened UN Peace Force and all international disputes would be settled according to agreed

* Strategy for the Sixties, Jay Cerf and Walter Pozen, New York Praeger, Inc., 1961.p92 THE ROCKEFELLER FILE
principles of international conduct. . . . The peacekeeping capabilities of the United Nations would be sufficiently strong and the obligations of all states under such arrangements sufficiently far reaching as to assure peace and the just settlement of differences in a disarmed world. The same month that State Department Publication 7277 was issued, the United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency was created by Congress. Within forty-eight hours the new Agency presented its disarmament scheme to the United Nations. Naturally, it was a carbon copy of the CFR-Soviet- Pugwash proposal presented to the UN by the Communists the year before While the newspapers and TV have prattled endlessly about disarmament, nary a word has been said about the other side of the coin: all such proposals call for arming the United Nations! This apparently is the best-kept secret since the formula for Coca-Cola. In October of 1968 the US Disarmament Agency issued a revised proposal, entitled : Arms Control and National Security, which declared: Since 1959, the agreed ultimate goal of the negotiations has been general and complete disarmament, i.e., the total elimination of all armed forces and armaments except those needed to maintain internal order within states and to furnish the United Nations with peace forces. . . . While the reductions were taking place, a UN peace force would be established and developed, and, by the time the plan was completed, it would be so strong that no nation could challenge it. Notice that the document said," Since1959" The US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency was no established until September 1961. But it was in 1959 that the CFR " Study No.7 " was prepared and its content were transmitted to the Soviets. How successful have these New World Order disarmers been in implementing their plans? What has happened to our military strength since disarmament was accepted as official US Government policy?

The first Secretary of Defense to implement this policy was CFR member Robert 5. McNamara, Secretary of Defense from 1961 through 1968. In The Betrayers, Phyllis Schlafly and Chester Ward discuss McNamara's wrecking job. Where Robert McNamara left office, they note, he had:

... reduced our nuclear striking force by 50% while the Soviets had increased theirs by 300%.
... caused the US to lose its lead in nuclear delivery vehicles.
... scrapped 3/4 of our multi megaton missiles.
... cut back the originally planned 2,000 Minutemen to 1,000.
... destroyed all our intermediate and medium-range missiles.
... canceled our 24-megaton bomb.
... scrapped 1,455 of 2,710 bombers left over from the Eisenhower Administration.
... disarmed 600 of the remaining bombers of their strategic nuclear weapons.
... frozen the number of Polaris subs at 41, refusing to build any more missile-firing submarines.
... refused to allow development of any new weapons systems except the TFX (F-111).
... canceled Skybolt, Pluto, Dynasoar and Orian [missile systems].

In fact, McNamara destroyed more operational US strategic weapons that the Soviets could have destroyed in a full-scale nuclear attack! Supporting McNamara's efforts at unilateral disarmament were CFR members John J. McCloy and Willian C. Foster. McCloy, who preceded David Rockefeller a chairman of the board of both the CFR and the family' piggy bank, Chase Manhattan, was picked by President John F. Kennedy to be chairman of the General Advisor, Committee for the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, a post which he still holds. William C. Foster was appointed director of the Agency. In 1969, Foster was replaced as director by Gerard C. Smith, another CFR member. Smith's successor in 1973 was Fred Ikle who (this will probably not surprise you) is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

John J. McCloy's current General Advisory Committee is composed of 1. W. Abel, Dr. Harold Brown (CFR), William C. Foster (CFR), Kermit Cordon (CFR), Dr. James R. Killian, General Lauris Norstad (CFR), Dr. Jack Ruina (CFR), Dean Rusk (CFR), William Scranton, Dr. John Archibald Wheeler, and, Judith A. Cole, staff director.

What is going on here, alas, is all too simple. The Rockefeller - Establishment Insiders of the Council on Foreign Relations are working to weaken America's defensive capacity so the Soviets can "catch up." This policy, they believe, will lead eventually to a merger of political and economic interests- what the CFR calls a New World Order.

This is not academic skylarking. It is, as we have seen, official US policy. The operative phases of this scheme began in earnest when CFR Insiders persuaded President Lyndon Johnson to propose the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) in 1966. The SALT talks to negotiate a first disarmament treaty were scheduled for July 1968. They were postponed until November 1969 because the Soviets were busy with their invasion of Czechoslovakia-only two weeks after Soviet officials signed the Declaration of Bratislava, guaranteeing Czech independence!

We have made such great progress at SALT that when the first meetings were scheduled in 1968, the Soviets had only 850 long-range missiles while the US had 1,054. But following the seventh SALT meeting, when President Nixon signed accords in Moscow on May 26, 1972, the Soviets had 1,618 ICBMs either deployed or under construction while we, in turn, still had 1,054 - the same number as in 1968. This, in short, is the way we have negotiated. We have frozen production and exported US technology to permit the Kremlin first to catch up, and then to surpass us.

What trends must we stop to prevent an ultimatum from the Soviets? To begin with, there is the effort to limit defense spending- especially in the area of strategic weapons development.

In the 1974 Economic Report of the President we learn that in 1953 our total government spending as a %age of national income was 33.2 %. That included 16 % for domestic spending, including welfare, etc. Twenty years later, in 1973, government spending had risen to 38.6 % of the national income. During this time the - better Red than deadboys hid cut defense back to 7 % of the national income while increasing domestic spending to 31.6 %. You might tap dance through those statistical tulips again. They confirm that the CFR plan is fully operative-that we are being prepared for the New World Order by being collectivized and disarmed at the same time.

Nor do those figures tell the whole story. With the advent of our -professional- Armed Forces, fifty-six % of the defense budget is now going for salaries. Congressman Larry McDonald (D.-Ca.) of the House Armed Services Committee observes:

The Liberals in Congress are constantly calling for the slashing of the -bloated- Defense budget so they can further increase Welfare spending. Since we cannot cut salaries, about the only thing which can be cut is hardware. Trimming the so-called fat actually turns out to be slicing out bone and muscle. If we had a war, we would have lots of men in uniform, but they wouldn't have adequate equipment with which to fight.

This result is a tribute to the skullduggery and conspiracy of the Insiders of the Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations who planned it that way. Our -military industrial complex- had to be destroyed to make Soviet superiority - more plausible. It has, as a result, been literally starved to death on purpose. Of course all of this was anticipated when President Nixon signed the SALT I agreement in Moscow back in May of 1972. Even the very -Liberal- Senator Henry Jackson (D.Wash.) admitted: -Simply put, the agreement gives the Soviets more of everything: more light ICBMs, more heavy ICBMs, more submarine-launched missiles, more submarines, more payload, even more ABM radars. In no area covered in the agreement is the United States permitted to maintain parity with the Soviet Union.-

It is all too obvious that SALT has not limited the Soviets in any way. The US is being disarmed while the Communists are being given a first-strike Ultimatum Force.* * The fact that SALT is merely an extension of the 7277 Disarmament Plan was acknowledged in this agreement which stated: The USA and the USSR regard as the ultimate objective of their efforts the achievement of general and complete disarmament and the establishment of an effective system of international security in accordance with the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Remember the steel rolling plants we sold the Soviets on credit? Remember the aluminium factories the Rockefeller-Eaton Axis is building in Eastern Europe? And remember the Kama River truck factory, financed by David Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank, which will be the largest in the world, covering some forty square miles? Truck factories, of course, are where tanks are built.

Now, ask yourself this question: If the Soviets are really sincere about détente and peaceful coexistence, why are they arming at such breakneck speed? Why aren't they diverting that spending into desperately needed consumer goods? And why is Henry Kissinger letting them get away with it? The answer is that the Comrades are preparing to deliver the New World Order ultimatum in case Americans refuse to lay down and play dead. In other words, the traps have been set for world government by consent and by conquest.

The Communists are working hand-in-hand with our Establishment Insiders. When the former are powerful enough, the latter will insist we must scrap our national sovereignty and merge into a New World Order-our survival will require it!

If we have not the will to resist-to fight for national sovereignty-then we have no deterrent at all. We invite the nuclear ultimatum. And we are, indeed, in grave danger. The last SALT agreement arranged for a -working meeting- between President Ford and Soviet Party Leader Leonid Brezhnev in Vladivostok, November 23 and 24, 1974, after the President had visited Japan and South Korea to make"assurances." As usual, the trusted Dr. Kissinger arrived early to " work out the details." The President dutifully signed what was put in front of him.

The details, as it turned out, limit the US and Soviets to 2,400 land and sea-based missiles and longrange bombers through 1985. The United States, we are told in Newsweek for December 9, 1974, has some 2,206 intercontinental missiles (ICBMs), submarine-based missiles (SLBMs), and long-range bombers. The Soviets, we are assured, have deployed 2,375 such missiles and bombers. In addition, we agreed to equip only 1,320 missiles with MIRV warheads.

After dispatching Henry Kissinger to Peking to brief the Red Chinese, President Ford returned home to present his version of the summit to twenty-six Congressional leaders. Back in Washington the President crowed: " We put a firm ceiling on the strategic-arms race. What we have done," he stated with a straight face," is to set firm and equal limits on the strategic forces of each side, thus preventing an arms race ... Vladivostok is a breakthrough for peace ... future generations will thank us.-

The National Observer for December 14, 1974, expressed amazement: " With such fanciful descriptions Mr. Ford, he of the plain word and honest face, is beguiling us-or has been beguiled and is merely repeating the phrases the beguilers used on him.-

The prestigious Aviation Week & Space Technology for December 9, 1974, warned: " The Vladivostok agreement puts a cap on nothing. The new SALT buzzword about 'putting a cap on the arms race' is just some more White House press agentry that would be ludicrous if it had not proved so disastrous to the Nixon Administration and US interests at past summits."

So there you have it. Rockefeller Contingency Plan II - be used in the event that the American people cannot be persuaded to accept the surrender of US sovereignty to their New World Order-will be the blunt ultimatum: let the UN run the whole show, or those nasty Communist will blast us all to bits.

Step One was a massive media campaign, brainwashing the public into abject horror at the thought of nuclear war

Step Two was to increase Soviet military muscle (more on this in the next chapter), to lend some credence to Soviet claims of nuclear power.

Step Three was to make certain the US Armed Force were not permitted to advance technologically. The development of new weapons systems was forbidden; existing armaments were allowed to rust.

Step Four was to win Congressional approval for the Soviet-CFR planned disarmament scheme. What was approved wasn't disarmament at all; it was a proposal to arm a World Government police force by taking weapon from the US and giving them to the UN.

Steps One through Three have already been implemented. And even while you are reading this Insiders in New York, Washington, Geneva, and London are working to convert Step Four from a plan to a fact ' As the CFR's James Warburg declared to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee twenty-five years ago:" We will have world government whether or not you like it-by conquest or consent." Warburg and his fellow conspirators have made certain that whichever deck is used to deal the next hands, the cards have already been stacked against us.

Gary Allen

Chapter Nine: Building the Big Red Machine

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