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Global Warming 'Consensus' Is Unanimous: Gore Lies

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
March 13, 2007

Al Gore Global Warming protest signup table, Irvine California 13 March 2007I saw this woman sitting at a signup table near the entrance of a Trader Joe's market in Irvine California on March 13, 2007. I'm amazed to see that the backlash from Tavistock Institute front man Al Gore and his all-out propaganda push to convince us of the merits of the Global Warming hoax is reaching down to the grassroots protest level! What will happen to agent Nancy Pelosi's carefully laid plans to ram through legislation designed to "address the Global Warming problem" which we are being told over and over again is "no longer in doubt"?

When I heard one of the "top scientist" from the UN's IPCC tell Charlie Rose in early February that the 'debate is over' and that there was 'unanimous consensus' among scientists and academicians around the world on the certainty of man-made Global Warming, I felt an immediate surge of irritation and consternation. Apparently, this lady -and perhaps millions of other people around the world- felt a similar annoyance at being lied to with such blatant hubris.

Currently, I have 26 separate articles posted at my web site which debunk the Global Warming myth, with 10 more sitting on my hard drive waiting to be added. I see that Jeff Rense's catalog of Global Warming debunking articles has now risen to 18 articles, where he had approximately 7 articles posted on this subject a week ago.

I've never seen such a rapid unraveling of Tavistock-planned 'consensus' opinion in such a short span of time! Imagine the amount of effort and money that has been spent so far to underwrite and hype a "great movie" (according to Lila Garrett), An Inconvenient Truth, to fly Gore all over the globe (I saw him on Japanese TV) touting the "inconvenient truth", and stuffing him into a corset so he can pick up his Academy Award without looking like a walrus waddling onto stage (I swear, his face now looks more like a rubber mask concealing an alien within).

Whew! What's an Illuminati propaganda machine to do when the public simply sidesteps all of their well paid 'consensus building' outlets and goes straight to the internet for their news and to YouTube for their video?

(Perhaps Viacom's announcement last night that they were suing YouTube for 1 billion may be part of that 'solution')

Ken Adachi

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