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The Legacy of Dr. Hulda Clark

Homeography~ An Important Scientific Discovery with Profound Implications for Self Healing

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By Ken Adachi, Editor
August 15, 2010

Homeography~ An Important Scientific Discovery with Profound Implications for Self Healing by Ken Adachi (Aug. 15, 2010)

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It is only a relatively small number of readers around the world who,having carefully studied the books of Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark are aware of the enormity and importance of her research. This extraordinary and brilliant scientist died last year on Sept. 3, 2009 at the age of 80.

Her dismantling of the "mystery" of cancer and her thorough mapping of the etiology of all forms of cancer, along with her step by step instructions for curing cancer at home will surely remain her greatest legacy, but it will likely take many decades before her amazing gifts of life-saving information are absorbed by the alternative health community, and at least a century or more before the arrogant drug pushers of orthodox medicine remove the scales from their eyes and apply her discoveries (while taking full credit, of course, and proclaiming themselves as the discoverer, no doubt).

You don't have to wait, however, for the self-anointed priesthood of organized medicine to stumble upon her fabulous research, since you can obtain it yourself from the comfort of your home. It's all so very easy: simply Read (her books) and You Shall Be Given.

Hulda published a total of seven books which are, in my opinion, among the seven most valuable books in print for understanding how disease conditions take hold in the body and how to cure yourself at home, using easily available, non-pharmaceutical materials and simple electronic technologies. All of her books, with the single exception of her last book (published in 2007), The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers, is free of copyright restrictions, including electronic (on-line) publication (providing it is offered for free and notice is given of Hulda's copyright ownership and authorship). The 2007 book alone includes the additional copyright restriction of no electronic, on-line publishing allowed. Personally, I find it much more convenient to have the physical books on hand to study and read wherever I go, but the on-line publications will make her valuable information available to many millions around the world who would not otherwise have the opportunity to read her important research. And it is for this reason alone that I've linked to various web sites which have posted Hulda's copyright-free, on-line books. You can find a list of her books and some on-line publications at this link:

The Books of Dr. Hulda Clark

This essay will concentrate on one of Hulda's more important foci of investigative research - Homeography. Homeography involves the encoding of a specific frequency pattern into a small bottle of plain water, allowing that water to retain the energy patterning of the substance used as a template to create that frequency pattern in the water. Stated more simply, you can take a slide of a human parasite, for example Fasciolopsis buski, and then copy that parasite's specific and singular energy frequency signature into a bottle of water (called a bottle copy) and afterwards that water will act as a substitute for that original slide of Fasciolopsis buski and respond in exactly the same way as the slide would in resonance detection and identification using Hulda Clark's unique invention, the Syncrometer.

The Homeographic encoding process is simple. You make a 3.5 inch square of aluminum foil folded around a thin carboard backing or you can use a thin aluminum plate for a studier set up. You mount that aluminum square to the bottom of an upside down plastic bowl, plastic food container, or even an empty plastic vitamin bottle. You take the single lead of the positive offset output from a 32 kHz Hulda Clark-style zapper and clip that single lead output to the aluminum plate using an alligator clip. You place the substance you want to make a bottle copy of, a slide of F. buski for example, on the aluminum plate and right next to it-and touching it-you place a 1/2 oz capped brown bottle of water with about 2 teaspoons of water in it. You turn on the 32 kHz zapper for exactly 20 seconds and then turn it off again. You have now encoded the frequecy pattern of the parasite mounted on the slide into the bottle of water. You now have a bottle copy of F. buski and you would label the bottle copy accordingly. You could make a much stronger bottle copy if you placed a metal tube shield (such as EMT conduit tubing) around the water bottle copy (and around the substance to be copied if the sustance itself was stored in a similar 1/2 oz brown bottle).

Explaining how the Syncrometer works will require a separate essay, but briefly, the Syncrometer offers a way to detect a substance which has been placed on one of its aluminum plates and to find out whether that same substance is also in your body. So for instance, you could put a slide of Fasciolopsis buski on one of the Syncrometer's plates and by applying the "standard tone" detection technique taught by Syncrometer instructors, you could determine whether that parasite was inside your body or not (you could also make this determination for another person-even if the party wasn't physically there, using a saliva sample as a "witness"). Beyond that, you could adjust the Syncrometer test parameters so that you could determine the specific tissue or organ which contained the parasite. You aren't limited to only parasites, bacteria, or viruses, of course. You could use the Syncrometer to detect any substance in the body, including radioactive elements, or one of the many chemical markers produced by cancerous tissue, such as orthophosphotyrosine (OPT), whenever a cancer is active.

Now consider the possibilities: If you had an entire catalog of test substances with their energy patterns encoded into small 1/2 oz brown bottles of water, such as drugs, chemicals, pathogens, metals, solvents, phenols, dyes, any element from the Periodic Table, herbs, alcohols, esters, aromatic compounds, etc, etc. etc., you could detect whether those substances were in your body or not and if so, you could determine exactly where they were located in your body. You could then apply a therapeutic technique to kill off or neutralize that toxic substance, and then re-test to find out whether that toxic substance was still present in that tissue or was still viable in your body. This important discovery allows anyone to utilize the greatest laboratory detection methodology available on earth, and to be able tpharmaceutical/medical complex are all over the internet, especially on skeptic bloo conduct their own health related detective work, lab analysis, and therapeutic protocols - at home-completely bypassing the allopathic medical industry and their over-priced purveyors. It's not hard to see why shills working for the gs of the un-amazing James Randi variety, trying to smear and discredit the name of Dr. Hulda Clark. They have much to lose if the fabulous research gleaned in the last ten years of Hulda Clark's life is made known to a larger percentage of humanity.

Put-in and Take-out Drops

Homeography can not only be used to create a catalog of test substances for Syncrometer detection purposes, but it can also be used to encode the frequency of substances whose frequencies you might want to add to the body, as well as substances we might want to remove from the body.

If you wanted to strengthen a debilitated organ, the thyroid gland or the adrenals for example, you could buy an animal extract of that organ at the health food store and by taking a supplement of that animal extract, you could improve the function of your weak organ. Any weakened organ of the body is missing certain frequencies which an otherwise healthy organ (or organ extract) would possess. You could also add these missing frequencies to the body by taking Put-in drops from a water bottle copy of a healthy organ (or a water bottle copy of the same organ extract sold in the health food store). If you could make a water bottle copy of an organ extract, why couldn't you also make a bottle copy of an antibiotic or anti-viral drug, or a tranquilizer, or any other pharmaceutical?

There's no reason you couldn't and that's why the pharmaceutical shills work so hard to heap scorn and discredit upon the name of Dr Hulda Clark, in order to discourage you from reading her books. If you could take drops from a water bottle copy of a pharmaceutical and obtain a similar therapeutic response - without the side effects or the cost - you could effectively bypass the drug industry entirely (and wouldn't that be a terrible shame).

Take-out drops are made using a slightly different technique, but they are intended to act as a flushing mechanism to coerce the body into removing undesired toxins, such as nickel, cadmium, or aluminum, for example, from a targeted organ (like the kidneys).

Take Out Drops- Part 1

Take Out Drops- Part 2
Much more information about Homeography can be found in Hulda's last two books: The Prevention of All Cancers (2004), and The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers (2007). Experiments in Homeography are also presented in Hulda's Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual.

A wonderful humanitarian, Hulda Clark, has opened many doors to new frontiers in medical science. It's up to you to take advantage of her genius and her largess to step through those doors and learn how the body works and how you can cure yourself of any disease condition at home for little or no cost. Knowledge is power. Use it

Ken Adachi


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