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New Feature! Mini Silver Terminator (MST) Now Available with Positive Voltage Bias (PVB)

From Ken Adachi, Editor
May 18, 2012

New Feature! Mini Silver Terminator (MST) Now Available with Positive Voltage Bias (PVB) (May 18, 2012)

The Mini Silver Terminator (MST) zapper offered at this web site is based on Dr. Hulda Clark's positive-offset, pulsing square wave design using a 555 op amp, integrated circuit (IC). Hulda found that an all-positive voltage pulsing waveform will kill all species of pathogens, while any expression of NEGATIVE pulsing voltage will have the opposite effect and actually enhance pathogenic growth. So in designing her original zapper circuit, she took care that only the positive voltage portion of the square wave being produced would be delivered at the output terminals of the zapper.

In Hulda's 2004 book, The Prevention of All Cancers, she introduced an additional concept to her zapper circuit design to further avoid any possibility of enabling pathogenic growth (via touching the baseline region or slightly dipping below it) by adding an additional positive bias to her circuit which pushed the pulsing waveform above the zero base line by approximately 1/4 volt (0.25 volts), thus avoiding any possibility of touching the zero base line. She didn't assign a name to this additional bias feature, but I decided to call it Positive Voltage Bias, or PVB. As far as I know, no other seller of Hulda Clark-style, positive offset zappers ~ anywhere on the Internet ~ offers this additional bias feature.

Here is a photo I took of the MST square wave pulsing in the positive voltage region of the oscilloscope display. The zero voltage line is indicated with the horizontal white arrow. The square wave stops delivering zapping current when it hits the bottom of the square wave and doesn't turn on again until it arrives at the up line to the next square wave. By completely cutting off the current before the wave form hits the zero base line, we effectively preclude any possibility of encountering the zero base line border region between positive and negative voltage effects. (Some will argue that the PVB feature only represents a minor improvement in zapping technology, which I can't argue with, but it is an improvement all the same, so why not take advanatge of it? Every little idea that tweeks the effectiveness of zapping should be embraced if cost effective. )

See photo below

Photo of positive offset square wave with positive bias

Since it takes time and labor to modify the circuit board in order to add the PVB feature, I won't add this feature to every MST I send out (for now), but I will add this feature - without cost - to anyone who ASK me to install the PVB feature when ordering a new MST. This, of course, will apply to either the 15 Hz or 32 kHz version of the MST.

Ken Adachi


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