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Latest Update Letter from Jeff & Kathryn MacDonald

From Jeff and Kathryn MacDonald
June 30, 2009

Latest Update Letter from Jeff & Kathryn MacDonald (June 30, 2009)

Jeff & Kathryn MacDoanld, 2007Dear Friends and Supporters:

We are thrilled to report that the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has issued its order in response to the defense's appeal filed in February and the Innocence Projects' Amicus (friend of the court) Brief  filed in April.

Also in April, the government had filed an opposition brief seeking to deny the admission to the record of the Amicus Brief . Two days later, the FOurth Circuit issued an order accepting it.

This current order from the Court allows us to move forward with arguments set forth in the prior documents.  The Fourth Circuit has ordered a formal brief from the defense with a July 20 deadline, and a response from the government by August 20, 2009.

We once again move ahead with great faith that any neutral review of the evidence in its totality will lead to the undeniable conclusion that an innocent man has been wrongfully imprisoned.

Many thanks to all who have contacted us with words of encouragement- including friends we'd lost touch with, concerned citizens, and people from distant countries.  This kind of support helps immensely, as it confirms in our minds and hearts that truth, is universally recognizable and its power ultimately transcends any barrier.

Jeff and Kathryn MacDonald

September 25, 1938 - October 19, 2008
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