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"What do you think will happen in 2012?"
May 6, 2008

"What do you think will happen in 2012?" (May 6, 2008)

Subject: Truth
From:Jerry Acevedo
Date: Tue, May 6, 2008
To: Editor

Hey Ken.

You have an interesting website with important information that is useful to survive. I wanted to ask you about 2012 and the mayan calandar ending.
Based on your understanding, what do you think will happen in 2012? Do you think something bad will happen? I would like to know what you think in the time of 2012.

Best Regards,
Jerry Acevedo


Hi Jerry,

This is only my best guesstimate. I have no ability to predict the future.

I don't expect the world to be much different in 2012 than it is today, at least the physical world. How nutsy the NWO will have become by 2012 is anybody's guess. They are moving FAST these days to bring us the full blown satanic One World government. They are now trying to eradicate all borders in Europe with the so-called Lisbon Treaty and will soon do the same thing here in North America with the North American Union crap.

How many false flag "attacks' or CIA/Mossad planted suitcase nukes will go off in the next few years (or even the coming months) I don't know, but I expect such manufactured "crisis" events to be staged, just as I fully expected 911 to occur.

I was not at all surprised by the events which occurred on Sept 11, 2001. I was just waiting to see WHAT event they would stage, not whether it would happen or not. I knew it would happen. Anybody who read enough material on the Illuminati and NWO by Bill Cooper or David Icke, or John Coleman, or Mae Brussel, or Anthony Sutton, KNEW a major false flag event was going to staged here in America

You will surely see the "The Aliens are Coming!" move into its next phase of "disclosure" to quote Steven Greer and you'll see plenty more unexpected tornadoes, cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc. as they have weather manipulation down to a tight science.

I would also think they will go into the later phases of Project Blue Beam by 2012. This includes worldwide holograms of Jesus, Buddha, etc. being projected into the sky and hearing them "speak" to us in our heads (thanks to all of those wonderful microwave towers you see sprouted all around you) telling us they we've been mislead by false religious teachings and that we are all (Big) brothers and need to get together under one big worldwide roof (erected by the elites of course) or something along those lines.

We are currently being inundated with so much unbridled hokum about Jesus Christ that it's dizzying. A night or two ago I heard a couple of guys on George Noory's Coast to Coast radio show pitching the ludicrous Sir Laurence Gardner claim that Jesus never died on the cross, that He had sex with Mary Magdalene and sired a huge family of children who later became the Merovingians of France or whoever else the Knights Templar's claim are the direct descendents of Jesus. Holy Cow! It's like I'm living in the Land of Bedlam!

Next, I see more essays posted at denying the existence of Christ and even claiming that the historians who chronicled Christ's life are themselves bogus according to that pretend-historian, pretend-archaeologist (but wholly dedicated aetheist) Acharya S, who only lately decided to reveal her true name ( D.M. Murdock) after keeping it a highly classified secret for 8 years. Perhaps my criticisms of her not revealing her true name or her academic credentials finally hit a nerve with her (or should I say her handlers/programmers?).

So, I wouldn't be cringing in fear that asteroids will hit us or that the 12th Planet will pass by and cause major earth cataclysms, or that we will see people raptured into heaven or that Jesus will come back to earth to rule from his "new throne" in Jerusalem, or any of the other contrived earth shattering events we've all been reading about for the past dozen years of so because they are ALL ILLUMINATI CONTRIVED HOAXES to keep you locked down in fear and anxiety.

Plan on self-reliant survival by disconnecting from the matrix ASAP and learn to grow your own food.

Have more faith in God and the forces of Light to give you the help and assistance you need, when you need it. Simply ASK for help and guidance to weather the crap that's going to be thrown at us in the next few years and you will see just how well they can "deliver." Eventually, the NWO and all of their garbage will become but a bad memory. We will survive and flourish as free men in peace and freedom. Plan on it.

Regards, Ken


Subject: The role of Catholicism in the world...
From:Bryan Gordon
Date: Thu, May 8, 2008
To:   Editor

Dear Ken,

I have been a reader of your website for several years. You have some very informative articles here. I've learned a lot from your articles!

But recently, I have been reading articles under the heading "British Israel."I have a lot of concern about what some of articles say, especially about Israel. Fact: Israel was a country long ago, given to the Jews by G-d himself. Fact: The Jews are G-d's chosen race. Fact: The Palestinians came from lands surrounding Israel and have never had any land of their own nor are they entitled to own Israel.

Great Britian is involved deeply in the satanic world movement, but to say that they are controlling the Zionist movement is wrong. Zionism is the movement G-d foretold concerning the Jewish race returning to their homeland before the end times. Christianity is very Jewish at its roots. To deny that is to deny that Yeshua is Jewish. Since then, Christianity has been infiltrated by satanists by design. The US Government has many Jews working in its inner bowls and they too are satanists. But I think everyone contributing to your website has missed the BIG PICTURE.... Ever heard of the Black Pope? There's no denying that the Temporal power of Catholicism (what writers are referring to as Christianity), controls every facet of life as we know it. The Black Pope (The Jesuit General) is the most powerful man in the world, followed by the White Pope, and then his Cardinals in every country in the world. Under the Cardinals are the CFR, the President and so on. They are responsible for putting into power these so-called Jews that hold the high offices in our government, corporations, the Fed, World Banks etc. The Jews your writers are referring to are sell-outs. They are a sect called the Sabbateans. They may have Jewish blood running through their veins, but they are not Jewish and most certainly do not have Israel's best interest in mind.

I'm not bashing you, just a little constructive criticism. I would love to see more research done on how powerful Catholicism is and how deep it goes into every facet of our lives. Catholicism is without a doubt, the Great Whore spoken of in Revelations 19:2.

Thanks for your articles and for considering what I have said, for what it's worth.


Bryan Gordon


Hi Bryan,

Whew! Man, you are one deluded puppy but I know you wish to see the light. .Look up "Gnosticism" and realize you've been manipulated--big time.

Good luck, Ken


Subject: What do you think will happen in 2012?
Date: Thu, May 8, 2008

Amen, baby!



Subject: 2012 and Religion
From: James
Date: Sat, May 10, 2008
To:   Editor


I hope all is well with you...I continue to turn people onto your site man, and appreciate all you have done for me. I was thinking about this 2012 thing and agree it must be a NWO spin. They are smart but sloppy..911 has tons of slop and when viewed carefully tears their propaganda apart. This "Nibiru" thing they say comes by every 3600 yrs is a real obvious screw up. I checked the history of the East and far east and nothing significant happened 1500 BC in the world...the buttheads are doing a Sumarian spin [3500 BC] however [this is great] they forgot to add 2000 yrs to bring it up to date , so something is not square!!

Another thing I was thinking about was: What the Bible has to do with Christians? The Bible, the way I understand but who REALLY knows, is based on the Babylonian fear of God premise. The Hebrews choose to fear God which sets up a nice fear subliminal paradigm. So now you incorperate this Jesus thing (very little on Jesus relatively speaking in the Bible) which is about a LOVE of God and self. Two opposite mindsets and the "spin' is on!! So what has the Bible got to do with people that want to emulate the teachings of Jesus? NOTHING!

I sent this to Henry Makow and he must still be thinking about it or I am missing something. The Bible is like combining the Protocals of Zionism and the Teachings of Budda and making a Religion out of it!! Whats your take man? I hope you get THIS email...I'm not sure you get anything I sent.

Be well and take care, James


Hi James,

2012 is a date that is worrisome mostly to people who have internet access or have listened to late night talk radio of the Art Bell variety. You have known government disinformation peddlers like remote viewer Ed Dames pushing the idea that he hits a "wall" in time and can't see beyond 2012. He told Art Bell listeners that "time, as we know it" seems to stop at 2012 and he can't see beyond that point (as a remote viewer).

You also have people from the New Age sector who have web sites and books devoted to the Mayan calendar and 2012. 

Then you have the Doom & Gloom "Christian" fundamentalists of the Steve Quayle variety who are pushing the Armageddon theme, as are most of the British Israel televangelist we see on "Christian" television networks like TBN or CBN. I believe the greatest damage is being perpetuated by this group. 

You literally have millions and millions of people around the world - especially here in the United States- who have allowed themselves to be brainwashed into believing a contrived fantasy assembled by British oligarchs in the latter half of the nineteenth century, that set up the idea that there will be this huge conflagration in the Middle East (Armageddon) and after the smoke clears, Christ will come down from heaven and sit on an earthly throne in Jerusalem and rule the earth as a blissful utopia for 1000 years.

Fundamentalist con artists like Jack Van Impe or Benny Hinn or that nutcase from Ohio, Rod Parsley, are practically giddy with excitement in anticipation of the soon-to-unfold Armageddon bloodbath in the Middle East followed by the installation of Jesus Christ as the Mayor of Jerusalem and the Leader of the entire world. And here we also have the usefulness presented by that Zionist lap dog, 'Pastor'  John Hagee, who is convincing fundamentalist Christian lemmings- by the thousands- that somehow there is a similar goal or meaning to being a "Christian" and a supporter of "Judaism" (Talmud believers) at the same time!

It's far more than just screwy thinking, it's pathological insanity of a stunning magnitude! Yet MILLIONS of people have bought into this contrived nonsense.  I've written articles in the past discussing the inappropriateness of depending on the Bible as the infallible "Word of God". The Bible is a COMPILATION of written texts, some very ancient and some of more recent vintage (two thousand years ago).

However, it's important to remember that every word seen in the Bible was written by a human being--every single word.

It's important to know that many tracts (or 'books") which were formerly part of "the" Bible were REMOVED and eliminated because they did not fit with the propaganda goals of the Roman emperor Constantine and the Roman church.  In the sixteenth century, the English translation of the Bible headed up by Sir Francis Bacon and Roger Flood ( subtly CHANGED the translation and meaning of certain key words and phrases in the Bible to fit the propaganda goals of the British monarchy. freemasonry, and the "secret schools" with which Francis Bacon was associated. Today we call this adulterated translation the King James Bible.

Today, televangelist con artists simply MAKE UP "unique" interpretations of Biblical passages (which may or may not be accurate) in order to "fit" with the propaganda "lesson" they are trying to inculcate. I can convince you of ANYTHING  as long as you first commit yourself to a belief that whenever I quote the Bible, I'm quoting the "Written Word of God".

A good example of televangical con artistry at work is Joel Osteen. This man is about as transparent a huckster as you can get. This guy is DEVOTED to material wealth while dressing it up as the "Will of God". Holy Cow! How can people listen to this toothy fraud and call themselves "Christians"?

We are being manipulated at every turn by con artists. We must acquire an INNER foundation of knowledge and strength in order to avoid being deceived. It took me some years to free myself of the influence of the con artists found on television, radio, and the internet, but I've arrived at a new place of understanding.

It's called your "inner voice" and it's your Higher Self trying to help you recognize the the wheat from the chaff. Listen to that voice.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


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