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Al Awakens
November 12, 2004


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Hey Ken,

Wanted to let you know that I have been reading much of the info. at educate-yourself for about a month. Must say, for a week I had brain overload trying to digest curious info presented on this site. I was very much challenged becauseI never heard alot of what has been described (eg. DOR, POR, greys, reptoids, Sylphs, orgone) Don Croft's stories are so detailed!

I am a recent witness to the aerial spraying of Chemtrails over our homestead which is Saginaw, MI.(near Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron). I saw 5 large silver or white, high flying aircraft spewing the poison over our general area (I watched the aircraft with 7x35 binoculars). I actually saw then, very similiar patterns laid out as I had seen in various pics of chemtrails. We live 5 miles from MBS International Airport and other aircraft were leaving contrails also as they passed us overhead. It was then I saw how fast contrails actually disappear!

For years I have noticed the really ODD weather we'd been having and the quite unusual cloud cover. Now I better understand what I have been seeing as UNATURAL cloud formations.

Today, I was out walking our little pooch. I looked up at the sun shining bright thru sunglasses. WOW!! The sight was eerie! The sun had an unnatural aura (of a large size) around it and the aura was slightly darker than the background sky (it wasn't as easy to see with glasses off). The sky itself was nearly void of any clouds.

I have also noticed chemtrails in the sky this morning as daylight broke. So those #@*& spray at night too. Wrote a couple of letters to people I knew outside the family to make them aware of what's going on! Wife right now isn't very interested in such discoveries.

Much thanks to all of you wonderful people who have alerted us less-knowledgeable people as to what the dastardly NWO is doing to Earths inhabitants.




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