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Australian Genius Skeptical of Gang Stalking

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
September 23, 2017

Australian Genius Skeptical of Gang Stalking (Sep. 23, 2017)

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On 9/22/2017, wrote:

negativity is a waste of time for all parties involved. your own words mate. perhaps you should follow your own advice and stop scaring people with the doom and gloom you write. there are sick people out there who actually believe the garbage that you spew out. dont damage them any more. i live in queensland australia and none of this rubbish you write is true. none of it. stop hurting people and get help.


On 24 Sep 2017, "Editor" wrote:

Be specific Pricky

What Doom and Gloom?

What "garbage" am I "spewing"?

What "rubbish" is untrue?

Who am I damaging?

Your turn Pricky


On 9/23/2017, Ricky Pearson <> wrote:

The complete rubbish that you publish on this delusional shit that you call "gangstalking " is a prime example of what I'm talking about. Read "" 's essay on this subject.
I have a friend who actually believes that, after reading this garbage, she's being "gangstalked", she had never heard of this delusional shit until she read about it on your site.
Every doctor and psychologist she has ever seen have diagnosed her with paranoid skitsophrania.
After reading the rubbish on your site her condition has only worsened. These are the people that you are hurting, vulnerable people with mental health issues who believe the delusional rubbish that publish is happening to them.
I really think that if you believe that this "gangstalking " is real then I think that it's time that you had a good look in the mirror and get some physcoatric help for yourself and stop publishing material that damages vulnerable mentally ill people.


Dear Ricky aka Pricky,

Why is the world simply brimming with retarded numbskulls? Can you figure that one out too?

So now your derogatory, insulting email really boils down to the single issue of gang stalking and your unwillingness to acknowledge that it even exists, so I MUST be making it all up. Is that it Ricky?

Let's review a few facts Einstein.

While your lack of formal education is self evident in your atrocious spelling, I don't usually hold that against people because a person can still possess intelligence, discernment, and empathy without a college education. However, in your case, your limitation is raw ignorance itself and the stunning hubris you've acquired in your certainty that if YOU don't experience it or have first hand knowledge of it, then it can't POSSIBLY exist. Isn't that The Skeptic's (or should I say The Ignoramus') Creed that guides your Thinky, Ricky?

In your zeal to shower your stupidity on me, you completely overlook the fact that the articles I've posted on my website on the subject of gang stalking, have been written mostly by victims of gang stalking, and not by me. I've received at least 200-300 emails and phone calls over the years from people who are typically victimized by electronic torture AND gang stalking. I've been hearing from people on this subject for at least 15 years. There are undoubtedly tens of thousands or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of people who are victimized in this way. It's not a minor occurrence. It happens to a LOT of innocent people all over the world, but especially so in today's America where we are unaccustomed to Soviet-style psychological harassment campaigns.

You also ignore the fact that if your were to do a search of the words "gang stalking," you would bring up THOUSANDS of web sites which address this issue; and not in a skeptical fashion.

So "every doctor and psychologist" your female friend has seen, according to you, tells her that "it's all in her head" and therefore it's Case Closed? But is it really that simple, Simpleton?

I don't know the specifics of the woman you describe, so I can't comment. But is it even possible that "doctors' and psychologists" in Australia are aware, as they are here in the USA, that ADMITTING to a patient that their complaints of mind control programming or electronic torture or gang stalking harassment are REAL, will result in ostracization and possible black listing AGAINST those doctors and psychologists for giving credence to a taboo subject? So therefore, isn't it MUCH, MUCH more convenient for the "doctors' and psychologists" to simply deny the patient and play along with the official denial routine? Is that even possible Ricky?

Of course, you've never heard of East Germany and the secret Stasi police who perfected and refined the Art of Gang Stalking and subjected millions of East German citizens to that "delusion" for the entire 41 year history of that hated communist regime.

The hidden government/corporate hands who are behind the proliferation of electronic torture and Stasi-style gang stalking depend on the blind ignorance of dummies like you to keep the harassment going full bore so victims can continue to be ignored and dismissed by pretend-law enforcement officials and pretend-government agencies who have taken an oath to uphold the constitution and to protect citizens from criminal victimization (but only if it's Okay with the Big Boys above them who decide who gets the "protection" of the law and who doesn't).

Ricky, I just wish that YOU could experience a few days or, better yet, a few weeks of gang stalking - in YOUR home environment and in YOUR neighborhood - and see how skeptical and arrogant you remain after being subjected to that "delusional rubbish" yourself.

Ken Adachi

P.S. Before sending this, I just got an application to join my Yahoo forum from yet another "delusional" individual. Here's what she had to say:


The following person would like to join the Educate-Yourself_Forum group:
Email address: Darleen <>

Comment from user:
"I am a targeted individual and i need help with shielding myself from microwave directed energy weapons high and low frequencies and i also have gang stalking and electronic no-touch torture, harassment."
This membership request requires your approval because the Educate-Yourself_Forum group is restricted, which means you must approve each new member.


On 9/27/2017 2:13 PM, Ricky Pearson <> wrote:

What is it with people who believe in all of these conspiracy theories?
Were they bullied at school or something like that?
Why do they have to see and read meanings into random and unconnected event's. Check out the term "apophenia".

I apologize for my spelling, and by the way I am 60 year's old, at 15 left school and started a 4 year apprenticeship as Plumber. I worked in construction throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea right up into my 50's on and off as well as working 9 year's in the commercial fishing industry as a Master Fisherman and in my mid 40's I completed a 3 year applied science degree majoring in Biology and Chemistry.
I have travelled extensively throughout SE Asia, Europe and the United States and Canada.
I consider myself to be well educated, well traveled, and with an open mind, capable of lateral and critical thinking.

I have no diagnosed mental illness, I do not hear voices or see invisible people. Nor do I recognize patterns of Behavior occurring in random and unconnected event's. In other words I am sane.

I am not, as you inferred, someone who is incapable of holding a considered and informed opinion.
Consequently it is my opinion that these unfortunate people, for whom I have a great deal of empathy, are to put it in a nutshell, mentally ill.

I've watched several people that I have loved dearly, over the years suffer terribly with the same symptoms published in that essay on "gangstalking ".

It is a cruel cruel illness, not only to the people who have to undergo this mental torture but also to those who love them. To sit and watch them suffer and not being able to help them is cruel.
I fully realize that the voices and actions that they suffer with are to them as real and as obvious to be that vivid that they control their lives and they feel completely trapped.
It is only when they fully accept that they do have a mental illness problem will they, with the right medication, hopefully be able to be clear of the fog and realize that they can be free.


Listen Ricky,

You contacted me without solicitation and provoked a sharp response from me because of the derogatory and insulting tenor of your email. You COULD have expressed yourself in a polite and civilized manner and I would have responded in kind. But instead, you chose to be offensive and insulting. You are 100% responsible for creating a negative retort from me and deserve every word of it. My characterization of your perceptions, as grossly ignorant, remains.

I didn't say you were crazy and I didn't infer anything about whether you could hold an informed opinion or not. And it doesn't matter that you didn't finish high school and did blue collar work. I could already guess that from your prose. What I said is that you are stupid and ignorant on the topic of gang stalking. And now I can see from this email, that your ignorance remains as firm as ever. You didn't read one word from the link I sent you on Gang Stalking. You don't want to know anything different from what you've already decided is a case of "mental illness."

So you can tell me what a great guy you are and you're so empathetic to the suffering of these "delusional" people, but basically THEY need to come to grips with the "fact" that THEY have a mental illness and need to get "help." That pretty much summarizes it right?

Now here's reality: You are as far behind the learning curve as is humanly possible. You couldn't be dumber and less informed on this subject than you presently are. You are a complete and utter nincompoop.

If you want to hear further explanations of what a fool you are, keep on writing back. I'd be glad to further enlighten you

Ken Adachi


On 10/5/2017, Ricky Pearson <> wrote:

Gday Kenny boy,

First up thanks for publishing my emails. I really do hope that this will help someone who reads the delusional rubbish you publish on "gangstalking " to recognize it for what it is, a mental illness, and that they don't need to live with this condition. There are good doctors and phycologists who, with the right treatment, can help draw them out of the fog and back into the real world.
But according to you Ken all of the doctors and phycologists in Australia are involved in a conspiracy to cover up the existence of "gangstalking ".
Do you really believe that's true ?.
Are you really that deluded to believe that there is some form of conspiracy involving our doctors and phycologists ?.
I've spoken to and shown my GP your accusations and he just laughed at the whole stupidity of your paranoid bullshit.
I'm telling you Ken if you really believe that this is happening then you really should seek some professional medical help before it's too late and you sink deeper into delusion.
On another topic, why won't Facebook publish anything from your site ? Why is that ?
Who wrote that blurb on " gangstalking "? It says that the author is unknown. Do always publish material that makes such outrageous claims without even knowing who wrote it and with no references or peer review ?
What are your educational qualifications Ken ? What university degrees do you have ?
What is it with you conspiracy theorists ? Why do you think that the world is being run by some shadowy people and organizations who are bent on dominance and the mind control of the population ?
Were you bullied at school or were you the bully Ken ?
Something must have happened to you in your youth to make you such a paranoid person, to believe that you are in some way special enough to warrant believing that the whole world is involved in all of these groundless conspiracy theory's.

Regards Rick.


Dear Ricky Pearson,

You sent me an email a few days and said you didn't want to argue anymore, apologized for being offensive and rude, and essentially asked me to drop the issue.

I graciously said OK, and signed off. Now, you want to start arguing again?

If you're so anxious to make an ass of yourself in public by displaying what can only be called a stupefying degree of ignorance - and do it with such bravado and arrogance - I can certainly accommodate you; at least for a while. Go ahead: and let your room temperature IQ "rip."

I hope you enjoy the feedback.

Sincerely, Ken


On 10/6/2017 9:04 PM, Ricky Pearson <> wrote:

Gday Kenny Boy,

Let's get a few things straight.
The reason why I contacted you again was to thank you for publishing my emails.
Like I said, if someone who is suffering from this illness, "gangstalking" , finally comes to realize that they have a mental illness that can be medically treated and that there is no stigma in having this illness and that they can seek and find a doctor or phycologist, who is not involved in the conspiracy to cover up the existence of gangstalking, that there is a way to control and manage their symptoms and be free of the fog of delusions that they are suffering from.
Secondly, if you have nothing hide, why you didn't answer my questions. Which are -
Why won't Facebook publish anything from your site ?
What university degrees do you have ?
What happened to you in your youth that made you so deluded and so paranoid ?
You see I don't like you Ken, in fact I think that you are a complete and utter idiot. I don't like the way you prey on the most vulnerable people in society, the mentally ill . I'm sure that you have some serious mental issues of your own.
But, all of the personal issues aside, I will try as one human to another to suggest that you seek professional medical help before you slide completely into the fog of insanity.
From what you publish and from the tone of your emails you already are on the remote edges of reality.

Regards Rick.


Dear Ricky,

You're repeating yourself. Do you need any more rope or are you finished?



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