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Letters to The Editor

British Columbians: Stop the Government from Selling Off Public Assets!

From Gahle
October 9, 2006

Subject: Book by J.Coleman and BC Hydro
Date: Mon, October 9, 2006 10:10 am
To:   Editor

Hi Ken,


Also a call to all British Columbians to get in touch with their MLA regarding the sale of our public owned electric power BC Hydro being sold by Gordon Campbell our Premier (regretfully). This is one of the last hold outs for the public owning such important control over a commodity.

All local goverments of BC will meet in Victoria October 23-25th at their annual general meeting. Local goverments are opposing Bill 30 that would transfer control and business to a multi national company that will pay the price. Local government, municipal and/or districts need our support to stop Bill 30 at the Provincial level.

For further information go to . This website will also direct people to find out the email address of their MLA. Those in the Greater Vancouver Area can pick up a copy of Common Ground and pull out the blue section. This also gives information and will help direct them as to the best course of action. I am also aware Greg Palast deals with such issues at .For those who may want to read more information in general regarding this very subject this might be a good website.

We also welcome all others in the world to voice their opinion to help stop Bill 30!! I have voiced my opinion to the White House even though I am living just across the border. Let's flood their emails!!!

Ken, this might be a two month battle through parliament. I will send you snail mail the blue pull out form sitting right here in front of me. It might help with any general questions you may have. It is more of an introduction to this. With it will just be a short note as a reminder as I know you get a lot of mail. If you wish to print anything in regards to this or just view for your own information, feel free.

Thanks for your attention


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