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Chembuster Working Well in Yucca Valley, California
November 18, 2007

Chembuster Working Well in Yucca Valley, California (Nov. 18, 2007)

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From: John
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2007
Subject: Chembuster Yucca Valley CA is working Well

Hello Ken

As promised I am letting you know how the chembuster you sent me in September is working. I assembled it exactly as you told me  It has been in the ground since September. At first I did not notice anything much as there were practically no trails around until late October, In the last few weeks there has been a definite increase in trail activity all around, except over my property which remains virtually trail free. Any trail that does appear does not last very long. I have noticed more of the trails in the surrounding area are disappearing more quickly and seem to evaporate into long wispy cloud formations which I assume is the sylph activity you told me to look out for.

So far it it seems to be a great success.

Thanks and Best Wishes


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