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Christian Zionist Has a Few Questions

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October 7, 2015

Christian Zionist Has a Few Questions (Oct. 7, 2015)

On 10/6/2015, Joyce wrote:

I'm sorry, but I have to ask you a few questions. On the one hand, you seem to be a believer (as in God and Jesus, etc.), but on the other hand, you are also into dowsing, getting information from spirit guides and psychics, etc. It does confuse the average reader as these practices are strictly forbidden by God. You have prayers to God for binding fractual technology, etc., however it is doubtful He would answer when you are in rebellion. One of your articles indicates that the Queen of England came up with the idea of the end time Jesus and his ruling from Israel, etc. This is in the Bible. If anything, the "elites" and NWO are trying to place Satan in that role to fool people. Can you give me a better idea of what you are saying? If Obama, for instance, declares martial law and Christians, patriots, veterans, etc. are executed, then is it your assertion that God will not intervene and that mankind is doomed to the imposed slavery the "elite" have in mind for us?

Your response will be appreciated. Thank you.



Hello Joyce,

I would love to spend hours discussing this with you , but I don't have the time to properly respond to such big topics. I can only say a few words.

You have a fundamentalist perspective about what is allowable when it comes to being a Christian. You and whoever you acquired your beliefs from have decided "these things are strictly forbidden by God." There is nothing demonic, evil or satanic about dowsing, or spirit guides, or psychics. You don't understand these avenues of communication with the Higher Self, the universal mind, and the spirit world, so you superstitiously assume that all is evil and dark. It is not so. That is not to say that Tarot cards, or Ouija boards, or black magic are OK, they aren't, but the 3 things you mention have nothing to do with demonic inspiration.

You keep erroneously using the term,  one of "my" articles. Only articles which list my name as the author are "my" articles. An article written by someone else posted to my web site is "an" article or "the" article, but not my article. Don't assign me the responsibility of someone else's words, OK?  There is no article on my site that says the Queen of England came up with the End times. You are confusing the information in the article on British Israel. The Queen was not mentioned. You don't understand that the British government and the Bank of England are subsets of the Rothchild empire. Disraeli, the famous Jewish Prime Minister, alluded to that Zionist power structure in the 19th century and wrote about it cryptically in his book, Coningsby. You also don't understand the role of Darby and the Scofield bible to brainwash you into believing the British Israel End Times scheme. You confirm your capitulation to this deception with comments like "This is in the Bible."

I posted that British Israel article over ten years ago to try to help people such as yourself realize that you've been duped into believing a deception concocted by Zionists to use Christians to destroy Christianity and to bring about their one world communist nightmare.

British Israel: The Hidden Hand Behind the 'The Kingdom of God on Earth' Deception (July 10, 2005)


This is also what Helen Peters was trying to do in the 1970s when she was promoting The  Union Jack book. The Union Jack tells you the whole story of the End Times, British Israel deception. It's a very well written expose. Why don't you read it?

I also placed Born Again Brainwashing right next to the British Israel link so you could read that too. That article was written 20 years ago.

Born Again Brainwashing (June 6, 2005)
Original posting May 27, 1995
Posted at E-Y on June 6, 2005

How can you be so naive to believe that God will "intervene" to save you from the NWO takeover? What we do on this earth is OUR doing. Good or bad, we make our own bed. and we sleep in it. God didn't intervene when the Zionists took control of Russia in 1917 and by 1953 had murdered more than 60 million people, most of them Christians. Nor did God intervene when Mao's communist Red Guard murdered 20 million Chinese people during the Cultural Revolution, etc.  You've been victimized by a diabolical scheme into believing an End Times, apocalyptic fantasy and all the while your liberties are being stolen from you on a daily basis by the same Zionist manipulators who concocted the End Times fantasy. It's time to wake up and read The Protocols of Zion and realize who's the real hidden puppeteer pulling your strings.


This is all I have time to write, but this is the information you need; whether you realize it or not.

Sincerely, Ken    

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Reader Comments

On 10/11/2015 , John wrote:

Hi Ken,

I wanted to let you know that I tried to save a video by Brother Nathaniel, a Jew who became a Christian, entitled Exposing Zionist Christians in a facebook message to myself, so I could show my Zionist Christian dad. However, I was unable to save the video because facebook blocked it. "You can't post this because it has a blocked link." This is a great expose' of the Christian Zionist agenda. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KLALZLEDgo

Have a great evening!

Brother Nathanael exposes the lies of the Scofield bible and John Hagee, well-bribed pied piper of British Israel's Synagogue of Satan


John Hagee, British Israel Propagandist & Canival Barker~Pitching to Fundamentalist Lemmings~ (April 30, 2008)

British Israel Uses Christian Fundamentalist Evangelicals to Promote the "Kingdom of God on Earth' Scheme to Deliver Up A One World Society-Both Feudal and Fascist

John Hagee – Selling the Talmudic Zionist Jew war & destruction agenda to America’s gullible goyim Christians (June 27, 2013)

Kook Hagee - No Arabs In Israel Until After 1948 By Rev. Ted Pike (August 21, 2008)

Jewish Reader: "Christian Zionists' blind support for Israel is both bizarre and a serious obstacle to peace and justice" (July 22, 2012)

"I Am a Christian... What Can I do to Help?" (Mar. 15, 2009)

False Teachers & Prophets (July 10, 2005)


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