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Educate-Yourself's Credibility
August 29, 2008

Educate-Yourself's Credibility (Aug. 29, 2008)

Subject: Educate-Yourself's Credibility
From: Jose Martin Barrios
Date: Fri, August 29, 2008
To: Editor

Dear Ken Adachi,

I am writing to question the credibility of this site when it comes to the articles based on the "New World Order" Conspiracy. I have spent numerous hours investigating the topic and would like a link or something that would lead me to information that will assure me that this conspiracy is true. This is not a negative e-mail, I am not calling people mentioned in the articles liars, but I am someone who likes to question almost everything. More information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Jose Martin Barrios


Hello Jose,

I'm not taking your mail as a negative, but you need to ask more questions of yourself.

If you are referring to my article titled The New World Order, an Overview, I refer to Dr John Coleman's book, The Committee of 300, in the THIRD paragraph of that short essay. Further down, I refer to SEVEN books written by David Icke. All of those books explain the entire NWO game in exquisite and exhaustive detail.

Did you read even one of them? Probably not, huh?

You need to remember that it's called an OVERVIEW. That means that it's a short summary of a very complex and long story. I'm trying to condense a 50,000 word explanation into two or three pages so people like you, who are unaware of the NWO game, can grasp the main elements within a few minutes of reading. It's an INTRODUCTION to the subject to get you started so you will read some books and inculcate the story in greater depth.

It often happens that I get mail from people who prefer to question my credibility when it comes to a topic that they are unfamiliar with, rather than question THEIR ignorance of the subject. Your reaction is typical of a skeptic. You find it all very hard to believe because you haven't been TAUGHT this information in school or at home, therefore you don't possess a knowledge base to draw upon to confirm or verify what I'm writing about. The info is mostly brand new to you, so you are perplexed and dubious because you are UNFAMILIAR with the story.

But you need to realize that the gaps in your knowledge base is a problem that you have to correct, and not assign that responsibility to me. If you're the type of guy who "questions almost everything", then it's your responsibility to seek out the answers to those questions. That's why I call the web site, "Educate-Yourself"

Dr John Coleman and David Icke's books should keep you busy for a few months. You can find hundreds of books about the NWO all over the internet. William Cooper's Behold a Pale Horse, got me on the road to understanding the NWO game back in 1994 (Anthony Sutton, Gaylon Ross, Texe Marrs, William Carr, the list is endless).

The information is ALREADY sitting there and waiting for you. You don't have to search for it. Those repositories of knowledge are called BOOKS. You need to read them and transfer their precious cargo of knowledge from the printed page into your brain cells. Then you will no longer feel the urge to write to buglers like me and question my "credibility."

Sincerely, Ken

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