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Educating Rhonda ~ How to Fight the JWO and Influence People

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
June 20, 2017

Educating Rhonda ~ How to Fight the JWO and Influence People (June 20, 2017)

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On 6/18/2017, Rhonda wrote:

Hi Mr. Adachi-

It has been a long time since I have written you to say thank you for all you do to promote awareness.

THANK YOU. Yes, THANK YOU, stranger in the mist !

E-Y is where I go to seek a deeper response and information that is generally a big fat lie in the normal flow of info online and news networks.

Today I read and bookmarked the nano-tech (for study and directions) article showing us how nano-tech is very pervasive. It has been almost two decades that I have been aware of the skies, food supply, aluminum, barium, dissected red blood cells, etc.... I have - in all that time - met only ONE person willing to see beyond, regarding chemtrails and nano-tech. "Look up", I'd say and no real response from most. Just an okay and..glazed eyes? No questions, no interest....I sigh deeply.

I appreciate the oil details and how to remove or at least minimize nano ingestion. I had worked at removing aluminum but I was not aware of a few details in your article. It brings me to tears (sad and hopeful) because of all the time that has passed - the info is still hard to assimilate honestly.

I have lost all respect for any "accredited" government information and the like. I am still considered "off my rocker" and treated poorly for sharing what I have learned. It isn't even open for discussion and proving, apparently. They move on mentally. Still, I have backed off from sharing, but I feel I am not helping the situation.

I do not know how to make this right with others. Meaning, I cannot just sit here and do nothing but, what can I do when people continue to make fun of me and not look at the details they are being told. hmmm.

I take responsibility for my inability to communicate well enough. I keep trying. All in all I appreciate the nuggets of gold from you and your efforts for many years now.

Take care. Rhonda H


Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for your note. I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The way to be effective is to express your views through the internet. Talking one on one to individuals you encounter in your daily life and trying to convince that one person of any element of the JWO takeover is a huge waste of energy that will usually drain you and have little effect on the listener. That's not the way to do it.

You can wear yourself out trying to convince one individual in a face to face conversation, while you can reach hundreds and even thousands of open minded and willing readers by using the internet. Your feelings get hurt and you become frustrated when you talk to people directly and they don't see what you are trying to enlighten them about. Emotional disappointment will work on your psyche for days and weeks following a frustrated conversation and that will cause you to not want to go through the turmoil again. That's normal and that's why you're stymied. You want to do something to help but you're dealing with uninformed and ignorant people who did not sign up to be your pupil. If you're clever and drop hints that cause them to ask YOU questions, then you have a better chance of winning someone over, but that takes a lot of time and effort to win over ONE person. Just uploading non-conventional and "conspiratorial" information on a neophyte is going to bring blank stares or resistance ("you're nuts" etc.). Don't spend your time on unwilling minds.

First, create a web site and then send emails to web sites or blogs where you are allowed to add your comments to an article or express your opinion to the editor, such as Henry Makow, and include a link to YOUR web site where you provide an expanded explanation of what you were discussing in your posted comment. If you say something meaningful and intelligent, people will be drawn to it. Naturally, you only get a few readers in the beginning, but they will grow in size if your words are convincing and ring true.

You can create your own web site without paying a dime by signing up with Wordpress. Of course, there are other blogs that you can join for free, but Wordpress has a nice template that does all the layout work for you. You just type out your comments and the template does the rest. There are many Wordpress web sites that get a huge amount of daily traffic because of the interest in the information being presented and it doesn't cost the site owner anything. Everyone who wants to help thwart the JWO should create their own web page and build up a readership. Then your thoughts will begin to have an impact on other people and you will find this means of expression far more rewarding than the one-on-one encounter with people in your personal life.

I'm going to post your note and my response and I can assure you a few thousand people will read it. If this exchange between you and I hits a nerve, then perhaps many thousands of people may read it. You never know which article or commentary will appeal to a broader audience. I wrote an article in 2011 about how to build a pyramid based on the writings of Les Brown and it continues to get 40-60k views each month, six years after I posted it. At the time I initially posted it, I was only getting 200-300 views, but after I added an addendum to the introduction explaining WHY the article was valuable to readers, the article took off. What's even more gratifying is when people post your article or commentary to their web site.

The other thing to do, if you can, is to join with others and form (or join) a lobby group to go after politicians (and others in positions of influence - E.g. school boards) who are selling us out on the local, state and national level. This includes the vast majority of U.S. politicians. They get so much pressure and financial support from the JWO and so little pushback from the American public that we make it easy for Israel Firsters, fifth columnists and traitors to sell us out. Locally, Agenda 21 whores are easy to spot. On the state levels, it's JWO lapdogs like California Senator Richard Pan who is pushing for compulsory vaccination poisoning laws and robbing parents of their rights to decide what's best for their own kids. Scumbags like Pan or that supposed anchor baby from Mexico, Sen. Benjamin Hueso, promoting the 5G fast tracking in the California Senate need to be hounded and protested against wherever they go (as predicted, SB-649 Chairman Sen. Hueso's Fast Tracking bill for 5G transmitters, was APPROVED by the California Sellout Senate (SS) on May 31, 2017).

Volunteer. I could use help in typing out English transcripts of important videos that would reach a much larger audience if the transcript was available with the video. It takes me many hours to either correct or type out an English transcript from scratch - such as the one I recently posted of Tony Pantalleresco's video on how to remove Nano particles from food. If I had help, I could post a lot more transcripts and reach a lot more people. I now post electronic translations in 20 odd languages for most articles. A non native English speaker can read the electronic translation and understand what was said in the video even if they aren't fluent enough to understands the person speaking in the video. As you mentioned, the Nano poisoning story SHOULD be the most important topic for everyone to become fully aware of and take action to get this technology out of our bodies, but without concerned individuals like yourself to push the information on blogs or web sites, then most people are never going to hear about Tony Pantalleresco and the important information he's trying to get out.

Another area that needs attention is criticizing gatekeepers. Alex Jones is becoming such a blatant and shameless lapdog for the Zionist Party Line that he has to be reigned in. I just heard him say in a video two days ago (defending himself from a recent Jewish-owned Media/Megyn Kelly attack piece) that he now agrees that the "Newtown" shooting (meaning Sandy Hook) was real and "did happen"

[ on June 18, 2017]

at 06:14
" So, of course, I've war-gamed and questioned many multiple events, but I, looking at it, think that Newtown did happen." ]

meaning 20 kids were killed and the "parents" had suffered, etc.; a total reversal of his initial skeptical view, which was weak-kneed at best (How long will it be before Alex Jones back peddles on the Boston Hoaxathon and calls that a real event too?).

Of all the faked, staged shootings that have taken place in America in the past two decades, no staged hoax is MORE transparent and more obvious than Sandy Hook, and yet Alex Jones now kisses the ass of his Zionist owners in public by back peddling and going along with the JWO party line. When the Deep State and insider Alefantis put legal pressure on him, Jones quickly back peddled on Pizzagate and abandoned the scandal completely - again, to satisfy his Jewish Zionist overlords - now that he's making so much money (millions) and has so many viewers. Someone like him needs to be scrutinized daily and have his gatekeeping BS commented upon in stand-alone articles - and not merely short comments on Youtube or blogs. I give credit to Alex Jones when he's being helpful, but his blanket acquiescense to Mossad/CIA staged hoaxes and his wild-eyed Islam/Vatican/Catholic bashing - bulwarks of the JWO Party Line - are becoming disgusting and despicable. I can't stand listening to him any more. He's such a two-faced hypocrit; claiming he's a champion of truth and integrity, and all the while spinning the story in any direction the JWO wants him to take it. What a One-Eye Jack fake.

That should give you some idea of what to do. You can be involved and you can be effective if you use the right approach. It's not that difficult and less stressful than personal conversations.

Keep me posted if you decide to pursue any of these ideas.

Best Regards, Ken

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