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Email from Canada:
"Im not going to use you as a source anymore or recommend you to anyone"

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
July 28, 2017

Email from Canada: "Im not going to use you as a source anymore or recommend you to anyone" (July 28, 2017)

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On 7/28/2017, Brandonalbright wrote:
Re: Ken adachi

Hi ken. My full name is in my email address. I used to read your articles. I thought they were very interesting. Some truth to them. Ted gunderson. Illuminati. I believe it all. Its odd that you have articles expressing the luciferian elite and satanaic ritual abuse, yet have "born again brainwashing" as an article.

You have project bluebeam up here that falls under the great deception and again, james casbolts book expressing disinformation on aliens coming from other planets as opposed to other dimensions. Its very inconsistant. Im not going to use you as a source anymore or recommend you to anyone based on these contradictions in your information. Also,Fukushima? You wont allow anyone in the chat room who thinks fukushima is poisoning the oceans? These are the reasons im done here. Take care.


Hi Brandon,

There's nothing "inconsistent" about my opinions. They are my views. If you don't like them, that's fine. It doesn't make them untrue because they are contrary to what you believe. I'm not here to meet your view of the world. The web site that I created and pay for is a vehicle to express my views. I'm interested in knowing the truth of things. My quest to understand the truth of things causes me to read and observe things and arrive at conclusions. I then write about those conclusions in my articles.

Everything I post to my web site includes explanations and the REASONS why I support a certain view. The articles written by other people are THEIR views and observations, not mine. I don't have to concur with every minutia of thought expressed by other writers to post their article on my site. I post material that I find interesting. If I didn't find it reasonably credible, I wouldn't have posted it.

The subject of Luciferians and satanic rituals, Project Bluebeam, James Casbolt, and fundamentalist brain washing are completely different and separate topics. You obviously agree with some, but don't like others, so you are in conflict; not I.

The Yahoo forum was created by me. It's intended for people who resonate with the info I present on my web site. It's not a place for critics or smear artists to contradict my articles or slander me. I didn't create a chat forum so internet trolls can find a convenient audience to attack me. For at least 3 years following the 3/11 attack on Japan, I seemed to be the only web site with a sizeable readership who consistently objected to the radiation hysteria promotion campaign launched on the internet and Leftist talk radio on March 12, 2011 and continues unfettered to this very day. I wasn't going to allow radiation hysteria propaganda articles posted to my own forum. I made that clear to the forum readers after a few jokers started posting alarmist Fukushima radiation hysteria articles on the forum. It you don't like it, that's too bad.

My web site is freely available to anyone who wants to read it and has the intelligence and discernment to recognize what is truth and what is government/media deception. We all acquire beliefs in our childhood and early adult years that we believe are true and we want to remain loyal to them. That's normal. Our views change gradually over time as we are exposed to more and more information which seems to support a different view from the one we held. We always change our opinions as a results of an INTERNAL dialog that we have with ourself and we start to wonder if maybe, what we thought was rock solid true, may not be as rock solid as we had thought.

The fact that you sent me this dunning email tells me that an internal dialog between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind has already begun. People who are confident in their beliefs don't write to web site owners and complain that they will no longer recommend them (what's the point?). But people with internal conflict do. Yours is not the first email I've received along these lines.

I have the feeling that you're going to continue to peek at my web site, Brandon, despite your statement to the contrary. I've written about many topics that were initially scoffed at including my comments on the Current News page in September of 2001 that 9/11 was a government inside job. I got a similar hostile response to debunking Fukushima radiation alarmism, to the Boston Hoaxathon, gatekeepers Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky, Aurora staged theater shooting, Sandy Hokum, Orlando, etc., etc. Hostile emails from brain washed people doesn't change the truth of the evidence or facts presented in my articles which support my conclusions.

Younger people, especially, saddled by an inability to think critically and logically, are dumber today than at any time in the past; and are easily misled by clever propagandists. Fluoride in the water, GMO processed foods, DNA altering Nano particles in the air and food, dumbed-down schools, dumbed-down teachers, dumbed-down curriculums, "single mom" society, etc., etc., have all played their part in making North Americans the dumbest ignoramuses on the face of the earth. The whole world laughs at the stupidity of Americans in being misled by propaganda. I can't think of a better example than Fukushima.

"Take care"


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