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Get into the Game to Make a Difference

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
May 6, 2017

Get into the Game to Make a Difference (May 6, 2017)

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On 5/6/2017, Tina G wrote:

Hola to you, Ken!

I just wanted to let you know that I still enjoy your insightful articles and forward them to those who I can still reach mentally. You have always been a resounding, clear voice for me.

Would you have ever expected that it'd get this bad? I shake my head in wonderment every day now!

Miss you and send you deep Blessings, Brother!

Love, Tina G.


Hi Tina,

Thanks for your nice note.

With Trump's election, I see things moving in a positive direction generally. While we are still being subjected to many scary genocidal operations simultaneously such as chemtrail poisoning (the main reason for the dramatic rise in "mysterious" health problems among young and old), food pollution, electronic harassment & torture, WiFi proliferation, trans-humanist nano technology, microchip implants from vaccines, etc., etc., we are still better off today with Trump in office than with Hillary.

I'm much more hopeful about the potential for positive developments with Trump in office. Trump is not the evil person that Hillary is and he's not dedicated to destroying America like Hillary and JWO agents like Soros et. al. who wanted to install her as President.

Too many people who should know better have prematurely condemned Trump in just the first few months in office. He's in a tough spot - with only the people who voted for him who are truly in his corner. He made a bad decision in agreeing to the Syria missile strike but it was a very low damage, low casualty strike with less than half the the cruise missiles hitting the base, so we should be grateful for that. The attempts by Soros and the Zionist MSM to gin up the North Korea incident into a war confrontation went nowhere and was mostly political theater, as I stated recently it would be.

I also see the Pedogate revelations, and Zionist Israel's central role in controlling and blackmailing US politicians to do Israel's bidding, as a positive development for America as it will cause sellouts like Schumer, McCain, etc. to be driven from office.

While the installation of cultural Marxism in America, after 8 years of Comrade Obama, is still in play, the brakes and reversal of its destructive influence on Christian values has been set in motion I believe, and a mounting tide of rejection of the promotion of homosexuality, for example, and other assaults on traditional societal mores, should begin to gain momentum. We'll see, but I believe a tide of moral rectitude and conservatism may once again emerge and take hold in America as more and more people realize just how close we came to the final curtain call for our country had Hillary been elected.

The JWO communist promoters of the gender-less, Godless, feminized males/ masculine females, no family cohesion, no religion, no church, no spiritual values, no moral values, no sense of national pride, etc., must be politically destroyed and removed from positions of power and influence upon Americans and her children especially. This means they must not only be driven out of political office, but also driven from universities, school boards, teacher unions, judicial positions, etc., where their destructive influence has caused the greatest damage.

The vast majority of people in this country want the America we had in the 1940s and 50s where the Constitution was respected by the courts and police and the Christian family values - which gave America its strength and fiber - were well in place and influenced the national consciousness of the majority to behave morally and ethically righteous in everyday life.

No nation founded on liberty can survive without its citizens adhering to an ethos of morality, family values and spiritual awareness. Every American must take responsibility to do something within his or her power to restore America by directly confronting those forces or individuals who are playing some role in undermining the fabric of America and it Christian values that made us proud to be Americans in earlier times. For those sufficiently awakened to see the mortal dangers that we now face, sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option. There is much to be done on the local and national level. You MUST get into the game to make a difference.

Best regards, Ken

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