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More on the HDTV Switch Over (& CFL Bulbs)
October 19, 2008

More on the HDTV Switch Over (& CFL Bulbs) (Oct. 19, 2008)

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From: Sam D
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2008
Subject: regarding HDTV switchover

Hello Ken,

I feel perhaps it is important to explain or remind people that a delay in a digital image video always happens as the information has to be decoded. In an analogue TV aerial, the picture is instantly sent to the cathode ray or similar device from the aerial and electronic components, it is not changed digitally at all, all this happens at near speed of light. In a digital television the information is set to a computer chip within the television which decodes the digital information (taking time) using algorithms and then sending it to the cathode ray, although most modern TVs are LCD the same decoding time process applies. You can see this same effect through non-HDTV which is sent by satellite (its still digital), so its not an new and specific HDTV issue.

The changeover to complete digitalisation has been in the works for a very very long time in England, where I live, and I recall a conversation I had with technicians from british telecom regarding what they call the "21C" (century) project which is to digitalise and connect to the internet nearly all communications. This is why we are seeing systems, albeit sometimes failing systems such as: digital radio, digital television and (VoIP) voice over IP phone systems. I believe the main cause for a switchover is that surveillance is much easier within a digital system which can be directly connected, through the internet, to the central databases. It also prevents someone from broadcasting a signal locally to hi-jack the transmission, well at least from doing this easily. Whilst this is most likely connected to the agenda, I thought that it may help to stop some of the delay paranoia and focus on the real issue, as they could do that without HD anyway and chances are most already do.

Kind Regards,


Hi Sam,

Thanks for your input. I appreciate hearing from you. I just got an e mail a couple of days ago from someone that parallels almost word for word a 30 minute 'explanation' I just recorded yesterday from the Public television station explaining the purpose behind the HDTV switch over. This is all being forced, we are told, in the interest of gaining more bandwidth for fire and police communications! And don't forget that razor sharp image if you own a digital TV! Easy and simple to understand once it's explained to you, isn't it? Nothing to be concerned about.

I find it interesting that the 'explanation" is being promoted NOW, rather than 7 or 8 months ago when they started to inform us of the mandatory switch over to digital. I guess it took Tavistock a while to come up with something that sounded plausible and reasonable.

Police, fire, military, etc., etc. ALREADY have all the bandwidth they've ever needed, as it was allotted to them by the FCC many decades ago. The FIRST priority went to these organization in assigning bandwidth allocation from the government, not to the general public for AM, FM and TV bandwidth allocation. Of course, the military, police, etc. will grab at any opportunity --or excuse--to gain additional bandwidth for their exclusive use. Of course! So what else is new? But do they expect us to believe that this was the pressing REASON why they are eliminating analog TV transmission? No, no, no. I'm sorry, I'm not buying that. This is a back door attempt to get the public to go along with their manipulative agenda.

A digital TV signal is totally malleable and can be seamlessly altered with computer technology. That means that they can REMOVE anything desired from the scene being televised OR they can INSERT anything desired INTO the picture being telecast and the viewer WON'T KNOW that any manipulation has taken place. That explanation is much closer to the REAL REASON behind the switch over, rather than specious explanations about additional bandwidth for fire and police.

In addition, I suspect that there is hidden MONITORING and SURVEILLANCE technology embedded within digital TV sets- meaning CAMERAS and microphone pickups- that can monitor your home activity and be sent back to NSA computers. I also suspect that this technology is now embedded in cable TV boxes and those converter boxes they tell us are necessary for converting the digital signal for use by analog TV sets. It's also possible that their are micro-cameras in the newer LCD computer monitors.

We've known for many years that the NSA can record the conversations in your home via the telephone, even when it's sitting on the cradle and the phone is "hung up". The only way to stop that is to disconnect the phone wire from the wall.

Now, we see articles on the internet that tell us that the NSA can record anything within hearing range of a cell phone, -even when it's turned off. You have to remove the battery entirely to stop that monitoring.

We see a similar phony bill of goods being forced down the public's throat with the elimination of incandescent light bulbs, to be replaced by compact fluorescent lighting (CFL). There is more going on with this switch over than the public is aware of. A CFL bulb contains an ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT board within the base of the bulb. That circuit board COULD contain all sorts of hidden nanotechnology that the public is unaware of-including monitoring technology. A CFL bulb RADIATES a high voltage electromagnetic field around itself that COULD itself act as a carrier of hidden mind control/mind influencing technologies. This mind influencing technology could also possibly work in tandem with the high frequency "Lilly wave" signal being covertly piggy-backed onto electrical wiring entering our homes today and may be intended to work with the hidden mind control capabilities of microwave cell phone towers.

Anyone who has become sensitive to EMF pollution will tell you how adversely they are affected by fluorescent lighting in an office building or department store. A CFL "bulb" is a smaller fluorescent light tube that has been twisted into a circular shape. It's STILL fluorescent lighting! And it carries all of the EMF pollution problems associated with its bigger, 4 foot long counterpart.

There is NO LOGICAL justification for MANDATING an end to incandescent light bulbs! All of their phony Global Warming propaganda does not justify the outlawing of a simple incandescent filament carrying electrons which produces light. I hope enough people wake up to all the Tavistock sweet talk and demand that incandescent bulbs continue to be available to the public. 

Regards, Ken


Covert Surveillance Agenda Attached to Mandatory HD TV Conversion? (April 12, 2008)

More on the HD TV Mandatory Switchover in 2009 (Oct. 13, 2008)


Oct 20, 2008. Note from Ken Adachi: The writer of this e-mail, Greg, had contacted me about a year ago. There is a way to see the human aura using technology and he has developed something in that area.

Priviously, this was accomplished by use of a photograph using the Kirlian photography technique, but a machine can apparently see the aura in real time, rather than as a static photo. T. Lobsang Rampa had often written of his invention of an aura machine back in the 1960s that would have revolutionized medicine had it become available to the public. I'll report more on this in the near future.

----- Original Message -----
From: Greg
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, October 20, 2008
Subject: HDTV


Just read the comments on HDTV. The person writing you left out the biggest reason for mandatory HDTV. The broadcasts in HDTV filter out the ability to view human aura. If you can view the aura on a regular channel and then watch the HDTV version of that channel, you will see no auras on the HDTV version. For example, one can view ESPN and watch the auras on the telecast, one can then switch over to the HD version and notice the auras are no longer present.

This is the real reason that the switch is being made to HDTV. You can longer tell if they are lying to you on HD.



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