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Covert Surveillance Agenda Attached to Mandatory HD TV Conversion?
April 12, 2008

Covert Surveillance Agenda Attached to Mandatory HD TV Conversion? (April 12, 2008)

Subject: Coupons for HDTV conversion
From: Fran F.
Date: Fri, April 11, 2008 7:07 pm
To:   Editor

Dear Ken,

I was wondering if you have any info about why the gub'ment is providing $40 coupons to help people buy conversion boxes to upgrade older TVs to receive HDTV signals? Our government doesn't HELP us do ANYTHING. Why this? Are those conversion boxes some sort of surveillance device?

Just wondered if you know why they are doing this -- and, by the way -- where is all this money coming from?

Fran F.


Hi Fran,

Yes, the forced conversion to High Definition TV means we will only be able to receive a digital TV signal instead of an analog TV signal starting in  2009. They will then have the ability to manipulate that digital signal in any direction desired, for any purpose desired.

In addition, there is little doubt in my mind that all of the newer wide-screen High Definition TVs you find in retail outlets today have both tiny cameras and audio detection devices covertly installed within them so the NSA can both SEE and HEAR everything that goes on in your home.

The conversion boxes that they are offering with those free government coupons will surely have the same detection and surveillance devices which I assume are being installed in the newer HD TVs. 

Do I have proof? No, but common sense tells me this is where it's going and it fits with the escalating evidence of the Big Brother, police state controlled society which we are being forced into.

I'm EQUALLY confident that covert monitoring/tracking chips have been installed in all automobiles manufactured since perhaps 1990 (maybe even beginning in the late 80s).

How to get around it? I haven't thought it out much, but here's a few ideas off the top of my head:

1. Don't buy the newer HD TVs and don't get their conversion box. Forget getting TV from broadcast or cable or satellite directly. One idea is to watch TV shows from your older computer with currently availabe TV reception hardware/software (newer computers probably have the surveillance devices installed) or send the video and audio from the computer into the AV jacks on your TV or VCR.

2. Watch TV shows from programs previously recorded on VHS tapes or from DVDs using your older TV and VCR equipment. This could become a cottage industry overnight if enough people become aware of the covert surveillance agenda riding along on the coattails of the forced conversion to High Definition digital television.

3. You can listen to only television audio from many inexpensive radios that include the TV audio bands from channel 2-13  In most cases, audio is good enough for me. I'm mainly looking for those few comedy offerings here and there that will provide a laugh. Most sitcoms are just awful: 'boring' or 'banal' would be complimentary descriptions.

It's also possible that some bright boys out there will be able to find and neutralize the camera and audio detection devices being installed and render them useless. Time will tell.

I'm certainly not going to buy a HD TV or get that conversion box. 95% of what you see on broadcast TV is total garbage anyway. It's intentionally designed to turn a person into an intimidated, dumbed-down, brainwashed zombie. So who needs it?

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Coupons for HDTV conversion
From: Fran F.
Date: Sat, April 12, 2008
To: Editor

Thank you, Ken. I guess the best choice for me is to not do anything with my old TV and just let go of TV entirely -- no great loss, actually, except I do like to see what spin the network news is putting on stuff.

Do you have any reference to articles about the nefarious nature of this forced conversion? All TV will now be microwave transmission, right? Just what we need more of ... if that's part of the reason for all the honeybee deaths. I've thought the thought, but am not aware of an effort to educate people on this issue. (If you have something on your site, I apologize that I haven't read it there already, but point me in the right direction, please.)

Best wishes,
Fran F.


More on the HD TV Mandatory Switchover in 2009 (Oct. 13, 2008)

Comments (oldest comments at the top, most recent near the bottom)

[I had expected to receive more skeptical and disbelieving comments from this article than supportive comments and that seems to be the case. What technicians in the field fail to take into account is that we are not referring to conventional state-of-the-art electronics. We are talking about classified government-eyes-only advanced nanotechnology that has been seamlessly inserted into HD TVs or conversion boxes so as not to be detectable by ordinary means. The only people who would be even slightly aware of this covert insert would be the highest echelon of the corporate structure and even then, they would have been required by Homeland Security, for instance, to sign a non-disclosure, secrecy agreement.

It's not news to me that government agents have been planting cameras and listening devices inside the TV sets of targeted individuals like former FBI bureau chief Ted L. Gunderson. That's old hat, but now, because of the illogical and unjustified mandatory statutory edict forcing conversion over to digital, we now realize that they want to ramp up the surveillance to include every household. The new TV surveillance monitoring, just like current telephone monitoring, will be performed by high speed computers, not human beings. The idea is personal dossier data storage. When they want to look at you, they run a computer program to detect key words or phrases and then zero in on you more closely to find something incriminating to use against you. Think of the former East German secret police, the Stasi, and you get an idea where we are heading.

People who dismiss this development as paranoia on my part are simply living in a fool's paradise. Total 24/7 Big Brother surveillance is closing in on us much faster than most people realize. I try to warn people of what my intuition tells me in order to help them prepare or deflect the takeover agenda. I warned readers on Sep. 23, 2001 that 911 was an inside job and that it would herald greater police state encroachment and loss of Constitutional guarantees, besides being stuck with the bill to pay for our glorious transformation into a Nazi-style police state. . At the time, I got tons of e-mails accusing me of being crazy to think that the government was behind the destruction of the World Trade centers. Seven years later, I wonder how many of those accusers would write me again saying the same thing? ...Ken Adachi]

Subject: Regarding Mandatory HDTV/Boxes (low importance)
From:James T.
Date: Sun, April 13, 2008
To:   Editor


So I read that bit from Fran with your answer, and I'm thinking perhaps someone who doesn't y'know love their dumb box, would be able to get their mitts on the conversion box and perhaps a HD TV and disect those suckers for some forensics and whatnot, I'd love to do so but unfortunatly like most americans these days my fundage is of a deplorable state.

However if I can get my hands on either of these things, I will open them up and examine them to the best of my ability, and let you know the results; THusfar I can already tell you that the cells within the so-called "hi-def" TVs are simply halved, making more and smaller cells, it'd be horribly easy to put many small cameras every few cells or so. Sorry if this mail wasted your time man.

James T.


Subject: HD TV Surveillance
From:Mike La Mesa
Date: Sun, April 13, 2008
To: Editor


What the Gov will be able to do is use the speakers in your HD TV as a listening device. People will be looking for a microphone and won't find one. The spook organizations can use equipment that will allow them to use your speakers as microphones. They can listen in even if the power to your TV is turned off. The only way to stop it is unplug the TV and disconnect it from the cable feed. Not sure yet how they will "see" into your house unless they have a camera in the TV. Perhaps they can see through the optical elements of the screen just like they can use the speakers as a microphone.

Mike La Mesa


Subject: Cameras and microphones in HDTV's ?
From: Dave Thepsiri
Date: Sun, April 13, 2008
To: Editor

Are you serious Ken?

Lets forget for a minute that HDTV is years old, and also that set-top boxes of many varieties are decades old, how do you propose the video and audio signals from these 'devices' would be transmitted 'back-to-base' in a discrete fashion?

For MATV (Master Antenna TeleVision) systems, that is, Free-to-air television, there is absolutely no way to get these 'signals' back to anywhere as the system is completely passive.

Cable on the other hand could very well have an infrastructure set up to 'capture' surveillance footage, I think I even recall seeing an American cable companies patent on a recording device inside set-top boxes for marketing purposes.

In any case, as a computer and electronics technician, I have never seen any such device inside a set-top box or television, HD or otherwise, and believe me even if well concealed it would stand out like a sore thumb.

Lets stop with the wild paranoid ideas about Orwellian style TV's, and focus on the REAL issues facing society today, i.e. the growing international police state, and the many related issues (which don't include Big Brother staring at us through our new 50" Plasma screens)...

Dave Thepsiri
Zeropoint Computer Services


Subject: HD Forced Conversion
From: Max Resolution
Date: Sun, April 13, 2008
To: Editor

Having worked with television now for 10+ years I feel somewhat qualified to comment on this topic section. NTSC-c was launched on my birthday, providing me over 54 years to consider the current parallels to those original problems they experienced in converting us from Black & White to tri-color.

Your instinctive grasp of the process, particularly the use of any digital-to-analog (down-conversion in quality)adapters for your older equipment, SHOULD protect you from said surveillance. However, I fully believe that these particular 'tuners,' as they are currently being shipped, are not of much use at supplying an A/V-back channel. They would have to include an all-too disarm able camera and a mic. to work. They really are for attaching plain old 'F' connectors to older sets. {BTW, the actual cost to the taxpayers, according to the 2006-mandate was to have been $17.,
not $40.}

You bring-up another much more threatening reality which is that we can literally trace the colony-collapse of our bees by the number and specific distribution of cell towers. You should note also that the Government took back the 900MHz spectrum for Satellite Radio, offering 3.5GHz residential phones as a replacement.

Without the aid of a mm-ruler, it should be relatively easy for you to see how a horizontal Microwave beam-pattern wreaks havoc on these little fella's nervous systems. At either end they are shaped like tiny satellite dishes, and owing to their semi-crustaceous exoskeleton physical form, they appear to make the ideal microwave collector.

Additionally, we know that Bees are dying from the lack of aroma in the flowers and the soils. I would also not rule out the persistent effects of Chemtrails, as I frequently awake with the distinct taste of a hydrochloric nature in my mouth, especially on cloudy days which appear to be their preference for spraying of late.

Max Resolution


Subject: Re: The HDTV Conversion/"Covert" Surveillance thread
From: Michael
Date: Sun, April 13, 2008
To: Editor

What I am going to tell you is neither opinion, nor is it a secret - I have learned it from years of industry experience.

In a thread between yourself and a Ms. Fran F., you state that you believe the following postulates to be true: 1. "there is little doubt in my mind that all of the newer wide-screen High Definition TVs you find in retail outlets today have both tiny cameras and audio detection devices covertly installed within them so the NSA can both SEE and HEAR everything that goes on in your home." 2. "The conversion boxes that they are offering with those free government coupons will surely have the same detection and surveillance devices which I assume are being installed in the newer HD TVs."

I do not intend to debate whether or not the potential of surveillance is increased by the conversion to HDTV - that is evident by the fact that it will be based on a digital signal.

I do intend to inform you as to the method through which Americans will be monitored, due to this mandatory change.

The conversion of all American household televisions from an analog signal to a digital signal creates many opportunities for surveillance.

The fundamental difference is that, even for people that may receive free television service (assuming that free airwave television stays active), their television will need to request individual stations ACTIVELY from a host in a similar fashion to how one requests websites from internet hosts.

There is simply not enough bandwidth, nor are consumers going to pay for the electrical power of transmitting a video and audio feed of themselves back to television stations, even unwillingly - they WOULD see the difference on their electrical bill.

Not only that, but it is quite improbable that anyone would take the job of watching people in their household living rooms.

As such, I have a new postulate for you, from experience with statistical analysis of Internet usage and activity: 1. Since Digital HDTV service requires a request to receive ANY broadcast, it will be similar to cable television service in the amount of statistics that can be gathered from it.

2. My best professional guess is that each "conversion box" or piece of hardware that can receive an HDTV signal is equipped with something similar to your network card's MAC address - a unique address for your card that identifies you on the overall network.

3. Once stations begin to use this information to better contextualize advertising to things you'll actually buy (ever notice how many online ads are SOOOOO well targetted to what you've been looking for?), that information will then be able to be subpoena'd by the government, as evidence in a court of law, or evidence for a warrant if necessary, in a similar fashion to internet access logs from your ISP.

4. Television stations and others will then try to introduce digital rights management (DRM) schemes to attempt to stop anybody from receiving unauthorized television broadcasts. As such, you will NOT be able to listen to the audio from television stations any longer on a regular radio, because not only will you have to make a request to the service provider/station to do so, but you will need to have the proper decryption scheme installed into your radio (essentially, you'd need to hardwire a conversion box directly into your radio).

5. With the level of statistics that your own requests to view television provide, there is no need to have a camera or microphone watch or listen in on you. Using the same algorithms that websites employ to determine the effectiveness and visibility of their advertising, stations can figure out details about you from your activity OR your inactivity. With those statistics, a service provider can see sooo effectively into your daily life, that they will be able to deduce, from your activity or inactivity, exactly what times you use the bathroom, if they really feel like it.

6. This will be installed in 300 Million homes, and the tools to capture, analyze and report statistics will not need to be done by hand. Instead of creating "night watch," there will be a group of people whose only job it is, is to figure out ways to better analyze those statistics. EVENTUALLY, those algorithms will get as advanced, or better than, what is currently used on the Internet. When that happens, one can be labelled "suspicious" if they only fall outside of the patterns that those algorithms have predicted them to maintain.

This is already being done all over the Internet, on most every single MSM website.

- Michael


Subject: tv surveillance
From: Liz Shepherd
Date: Sun, April 13, 2008
To: Editor

Hey Ken,

It's Liz in South Carolina with a little story for ya.

About 12 years ago, a friend who is a legit psychic told me two things that are indeed coming to pass. She first said "Mexico will be a part of the US but probably not a state"... voila` She also said the government would be able to see and hear you in your homes, through the tv. I recently asked another friend about the digital conversion and he told me digital was necessary to send and receive messages on tv so I agree that we are now at least set up for this invasion. That same psychic told me one other thing I had trouble visualizing at the time. She said the state of " Florida would go away and be no more in my lifetime". Considering the storms we have been having lately, that does indeed seem possible. Add to that that the "COM" running the war in the middle east is in Tampa and bingo.....

Thought I would share this with you and let you know how much I appreciate your website.

Liz Shepherd Columbia SC


Subject: Regarding HD TV Conversion
From:Carma Strong
Date: Sun, April 13, 2008
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

About three years ago my daughter and I were staying with a friend who has a flat screen T.V. While my daughter and her boyfriend were watching program one night a black box appeared on the screen (monitor) and the words "Oh but I'm watching them" showed up in this box. I personally saw the box appear, but not the words at a different time. I had heard about the surveillance equipment being added to flat  screens so to say the least this was creepy. I am sure this was a T.V. that passed inspection but had an undetected flaw.

I believe there are many people waking up to BIG BROTHER, but as this happens Big Brother is ramping up the agenda.

Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for being out there. I am considered CRAZY by most of my family and aquaintances. But every once in a while I receive validation when what I have shared comes to pass. It doesn't take a psychic to see what is happening.

Kindest Regards,
Carma Strong


Subject: RE: HD TV Covert Surveillance
From: John Smith
Date: Mon, April 14, 2008
To: Editor

Ken Adachi,

It would be extremely easy to add a camera (without resorting to nanotech) AND have it centered perfectly all the time: Infrared receivers for remote controls need to have a direct angle to work properly, they could easily be replaced by a camera. Digital cameras of all varieties have an infrared range that's blocked by a filter ( and adding one could still pick up the RC's signal.
In fact, I'm willing to bet there's a lot already in place on older equipment as well. Some salvaged cable boxes might elaborate further.

Also, an actual camera isn't necessary to spy on PC monitors and TVs themselves:

As for mics, I've got one smaller than a pin built into an MP3 player that runs on 1 AAA battery (made in China, of course, $25).


John Smith, MN


Subject: Covert (?) Surveillance
From: Anna
Date: Wed, April 16, 2008
To:   Editor

Hi Ken!

In a recent job hunt in Phoenix, AZ, I found a disturbing opportunity targeted at college age people to earn $500-$2500 and more a week, paid weekly. There are many, many ads for security system companies, one that even advertised as a homeland security program, that are offering approximately $2000 worth of state-of-the-art, "On-Star like" monitoring systems for home use free of charge - the homeowner simply
pays for the monitoring service at a discount.

These sales programs are spreading across the country - ads on Craigslist are now recruiting college age people to travel for the summer and earn $25,000 or more while offering these systems door-to-door. The pitch is that it's and "advertising discount", and the equipment is being offered for free for the purpose of"advertisement". Naturally I was incredulous that a company like HONEYWELL would need to resort to such expensive "advertising".

While attending orientation/training for one of these opportunities, we were informed that the equipment has 9 times the capacity of the human ear to listen to activity within the home, EVEN WHEN IT'S OFF. This is presented as a feature to foil an in-home assailant.

Another disturbing aspect is that the top monitoring companies in the country (ADT and MONITRONICS) are attached to these programs, offering discounted monitoring services in a package with this expensive equipment.

I wanted to mention this to you, particularly after reading the articles on mandatory HD TV conversion and highway surveillance. There are literally thousands of young adults being recruited for this program, to spread these systems into as many homes as possible! FREE state-of-the-art equipment offered to as many homes as possible...Feels like Big Brother's hot breath on my neck!


Anna in AZ


Subject: HD Conversion
From: David Brandt <>
Date: Sun, April 13, 2008
To: Editor


"Watch TV shows from programs previously recorded on VHS tapes or from DVDs using your older TV and VCR equipment. This could become a cottage industry overnight if enough people become aware of the covert surveillance agenda riding along on the coattails of the forced conversion to High Definition digital television.

You can listen to only television audio from many inexpensive radios that include the TV audio bands from channel 2-13 In most cases, audio is good enough for me. I'm mainly looking for those few comedy offerings here and there that will provide a laugh. Most sitcoms are just awful: 'boring' or 'banal' would be complimentary descriptions.

Great advice--listening to audio only assists in using our imaginations to generate visual pictures in our minds. My mom would sometimes provide a pad of paper and pencil, and ask me to write stories, something I derived a great deal of enjoyment from. This generates creativity and critical thought, and is something I did with my daughter and she is planning to do with my grandson.

David Brandt


Subject: Re: Digital TV and Surveillance
From: "Deb Harris-Garmendia" <>
Date: Fri, April 18, 2008
To:   Editor

Hi Ken,

Thank you for the reply, I didn't think about unplugging the phone. I will start doing that. But moving onto the tv issue, can you tell me if you think we're safe with only using dvd pre-recorded shows? I mean, they can't get a surveillance signal from the power outlet can they? This is the only thing that is making the connection between the outside world and in my home.

Also, I read the letter from the lady who's daughter saw the box saying "we are watching them". You know something, I always thought "I" was crazy but in 1998 I was traveling and staying in a hotel. One night I heard someone say, "I can't believe you're doing that". I looked around and for a fraction of a second I saw someone on the TV looking at me (and the tv wasn't on). To say the least, that was the beginning of me questioning everything, and whether or not it can actually be done technologically.

Thank you for all information and your website. It appears that you are the only one who discusses most of these issue. I can't find any other site discuss the in-home surveillance.


*** wrote:

Hi Debra,

I feel the same way you do.

We mostly watch recorded video tapes and I also use dial up.

If you unplug your hard wire phone, they can't listen to you while the phone is sitting on the cradle.

Regards, Ken

message: Hi Ken,

I just read the letters regarding in-home surveillance and the converting
of all TV's to digital. I work in the electronics industry, and I have
never understood why everyone here is rushing out to get all of these new
electronic toys. Plus I have always questioned this government
conversion, and I don't trust it. I have a question, most likely a stupid
one though. Three years ago I turned off all of our broad band internet
and cable TV, and I don't even use rabbit ears for free TV reception. My
primary reason is due to having little children in the house, and I didn't
like the way TV and internet was going down hill. So I now only buy DVD's
and play them on my widescreen projection TV, bought in 2001. If I never
plug back into cable, satillite, broadband, free TV via antenna, etc; and
only watch TV shows via a DVD recording are we protected from this new
surveillance? PS. I only use dial-up for my computer and unplug when I'm
done. I do this mostly for virus protection, but in the back of my mind I
have wondered about an open port being used for other means.



----- Original Message -----
From: el bull
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008
Subject: Re: Covert Surveillance Agenda Attached to Mandatory HD TV Conversion?

re: Covert Surveillance Agenda Attached to Mandatory HD TV Conversion?

Mr. Ken Adachi;

Having read your input on "Covert Surveillance Agenda Attached to Mandatory HD TV Conversion": I've posted comments regarding the very same subject matter on several sites ( for one) and only manage to receive negative feedback, attempting to dispute and divert away from my insights. I am inclined to believe most of these sites serve at the whim of "OTHERS" as disinfo more so than info. But I digress...

I have noted that when placed side by side, that is a HDTV and an Analog TV, there is a delay in the signals coming from the HDTV. There appears to be a two to three second drag, thereby creating a sort of echo effect from the analog TV.

It is apparent to me the ANALOG TV is operating in real time while the HDTV is operating on delayed time, much like they sometimes do on TV shows with so called explicit material which would allow them to beep out parts if necessary. I was wondering if anyone else noticed the same and if so, what would be the cause to the signal delay coming from the HDTV?

If you have infor on such, please email me back with the info and or post my question and or answer at your site.

Thanks for you time and consideration.

L. Warren Bullard


Hello L. Warren Bullard,

Glad you wrote. I'll post this letter, but if you want to add more, please do. I would like to determine the full scope of their intentions.

I'm assuming-only a guess-that they want to filter out On-Air SHAPESHIFTING- which many YouTube videos of Fox reporters, Bush daughter, etc. have been posted. I feel there's a mind control agenda involved and a MONITORING/SURVEILLANCE agenda.

Let me know your thoughts.


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