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Do Orgone Generators Affect Hartmann/Ley Lines?
December 8, 2007

Do Orgone Generators Affect Hartmann/Ley Lines? (Dec. 11, 2007)

Subject: Re: Shipping Quote for Large Orgone Generators
From: Dagmar
Date: Sat, December 8, 2007
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

The HHg's arrived yesterday in perfect condition. I like the way they look and you do a superb job making them! :-)

I placed them on either end of the house as soon as we got them. One was placed in the master bedroom, which is on the one end where my dad sleeps. He's been having a troubled mind when going in there to sleep at night and having trouble going off to sleep. I asked him if things felt better for him last night and he indicated that yes, it was. Here's an interesting thing -- I had dowsed the house on Thursday, looking for the lines and negative spots and found them where they usually are.

This morning, I dowsed again, and except for the more or less middle of the house (around the water heater basically), the rods did not cross at all anywhere, not even where I expected them to. I'm guessing the HHg's do help to disrupt the Hartman Grid, among the other wonderful things they do. Also, when I'd pass the dowsing rods over the HHg's, they would swing all the way outward. I don't know what that means, but I'm assuming it's good! :-) Those HHg's are definitely small, but mighty!! I can't wait to get and set up the CB and see what that does! We'll be in touch very shortly about getting one of those from you.

Thanks and I'm *so glad* that I not only found your site, but that you have these marvelous things -- the HHg's, the TB's, CB's, etc. -- available. I believe these (the instructions to make them, and by extension, the modifications to improve how they work) were sent here to help counteract what's going on. I'm personally of the opinion that things aren't the way they are supposed to be and that we can win. I'll certainly do everything I can to help with that. We do have an ELF type "cell" tower in town that will be fun to gift with a TB, or two or three, or however many it takes...!

Talk to you soon!



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