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"Is there any alternative to root canal on a deteriorated tooth other than extraction?"

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
September 12, 2017

"Is there any alternative to root canal on a deteriorated tooth other than extraction?" (Sep. 12, 2017)

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On 9/12/2017, George wrote:
Hi Ken,

You have one of the best sites on the web in my opinion. No ads, no cookies and you vet everything before you post it as well as provide accurate information on many topics that's hard or impossible to find anywhere else!

My question: is there any alternative to root canal on a deteriorated tooth other than extraction?

Thanx for your efforts to educate all the plebes!



Hi George,

Thanks very much for your thoughtful comments. It means a great deal to me.

If you keep a dead tooth in your mouth, it's a continuing source of bacteria that is growing inside the dentin tubules, which no longer have a blood supply, so all of the cells lining the tubules are dead and a food source for bacteria who set up bacterial COLONIES inside those tubules. The bacteria finds its way to the weakest organs of your body and set up shop there too. The bacteria often goes into the brain as well, since the mouth is so close to the cranium. If you read Tooth Truth, you will see that root canals are deadly toxic to the body and should be removed, no matter what. If the tooth is in back, you can either decide to live without it or replace it with a partial, but don't keep it.

Best Regards, Ken


On 9/12/2017, George wrote:
I am schedualed to pay $1189 for a root canal my dentist says I need! You obviously strongly advise against it!

Background info: I took 400 mg of magnesium for 3 or 4 years after reading mag has 400 functions in the body and threw my calcium out of balance and my teeth are not in good shape! What is a partial?



Hi George,

A partial is the name of a false tooth (or teeth) that usually are held in place by a clasp that goes around
adjoining teeth. You can read about them in Tooth Truth. You can remove it, of course, to clean it and maybe take it out at night when you sleep. It's not harboring bacteria like a dead root canal tooth left in your mouth and it can be kept free of bio film by regular soaking with CDS water or colloidal silver for example.

The dentist is not going to give you the advice that you need to preserve your health because they don't KNOW anything about the dangers of metal in the mouth, or crowns, or root canals, etc., and they don't WANT to know. If they were aware of the dangers, and had a conscience, they would not DO root canals or any form of metal dentistry. For them, it's all about the money and remaining comfortably ignorant of the facts. It's much more convenient to keep raking in the money and pretend all is well with what they were taught in dental school.

You are setting yourself up for health problems down the road by keeping that dead tooth in your mouth, no matter how pretty and perfect looking it might appear, it's still a DEAD tooth. It's not living tissue and you are spewing bacteria and its waste products (toxins) into your bloodstream every day you keep that tooth in your mouth.

Most dentists see themselves as Little Gods (and are treated that way by their staff) who know everything there is to know about dentistry and trying to enlighten them is usually a total waste of time.

Drink raw, unpasteurized milk and eat cottage cheese and drink Kefir to get back that calcium.

400mg daily of Magnesium is not very much to cause an imbalance with calcium unless you are not taking in enough with dairy products.

This is your chance to take command of your health destiny and stop yielding to the presumed
authority and knowledge of that guy in the white coat. He's more focused on your money than your health.

Regards, Ken

Important comments from Burton Goldberg on the dangers of Root Canals:

Root Canals: Another Risk Factor for Cancer That Most Doctors Don't Know About (by Burton Goldberg)

"There is an estimated 3 miles of micro-canals within a single root-canaled tooth, according to George E. Mening, DDS, author of the book Root Canal Cover-Up. That is an incredibly wide area for bacteria to set in. Once bacteria start to gain a foothold inside a devitalized tooth (teeth that have been given a root canal are for all practical purposes “dead,”; this fact is something else that many dentists don’t share with their patients), they can’t be killed by antibiotics because such drugs cannot penetrate into the affected tooth. This leaves the bacteria free to migrate down into other areas of the body where they can set the stage for a variety of crippling degenerative diseases, including cancer.

According to Dr. Menig, “One third of all disease in this country can be either directly or indirectly traced to dental infections.” "


What is the Alternative to "Saving" a Tooth with Root Canal? (Nov. 9, 2013)

Biological and Mercury Free Dentistry (2000)

Dr. Weston A. Price and The Root Canal Cover-Up (by Dr George E. Meinig) April 2, 2004

Why You Should Avoid Root Canals Like the Plague (Sept. 16, 2010)

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