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Letter from Camila in Colombia re. Makow's "Feminism is Poison" Article

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
June 30, 2017

Letter from Camila in Colombia re. Makow's "Feminism is Poison" Article (June 30, 2017)

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Re: They colonized your mind
On 6/29/2017, Camila wrote:

Re: Feminism, a Lesbian-Occult Ideology Which Denies the Divine Hand Behind Gender Differences, Is Poison for Women (June 21 2017)

I believed in a lot of what you said until I saw how your mind was clearly contaminated by the colonial morals, all of this instated by an altered idea of god... I realized that in the moment I read your article about Feminism and the role of Women in the world. I think maybe you should forget some of the things you've learned. In order to create your own perspective of womanhood in society. I came from a indigenous background and I think that women are one of the most powerful and wise humans, when you say that the priority of us should be "sacrifice ourselves" in order to gain the love of that "right man" you are trivializing (As the rest of the corrupted society) the true purpose of our spirit.

Mankind is not doomed because women think feminism is f*** with everybody or because people fall on their knees for everything the NWO put on their screens. Mankind is doomed because people get carried away for the wrong ideals, the transcendence of the spirit should be the number one goal of each individual. THAT is the most dangerous weapon to the ones that try me control us. Of course gender difference exists... There are multiple genders (not just two like the system established) and there are multiple sexual orientations (not heterosexuals only, that's statistics forcing "normality" into the humans freedom). The reality is that Illuminati or the NWO try to controlled the humanity with different technics over time.

First it was the use of institutions to force heterosexuality through the Sacraments of the Catholicism established. Segregate and blind to control. And now we have the gay propaganda which sees the destruction of this previously established strategy (The Conservative and Heterosexual Family) as a way of bringing each being to a critical point of individuality. Superficiality and consumption as form of control. At the end of the day everything is part of the same agenda and we have to be aware of this to EDUCATE PROPERLY.

and beware

Atentamente: Camila from Colombia


Hello Camila,

I complement you on the sophistication of your English. It's not perfect, but it's very good. However, your thinking is distorted in more ways than one.

First, I don't know what "colonial morals" means. This is a term you're using to express some grip you hold towards "colonials" I suppose, since you want me to know that you're an indigenous person. I believe in the moral precepts espoused by Christ and others through history as conduct which helps us to grow in spiritual insight and become more loving and understanding individuals. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

I also don't express the idea of God, the Creator, with a small "g." The diminutive spelling of "god" refers to people or pagan idols whose engorged egos, focused on power, makes them think they are God-like, but of course, they are only kidding themselves. Your focus on power is evident in your comments, but power or wisdom is not something you acquire by self declaration or the gender of your birth. Nor are they equally beneficial to your spiritual development. It depends on what you mean by "power:" Power over others? Or power of the Will to prevail, as in fortitude, which is a spiritual power?

I didn't write the article with reference to the wife sacrificing for the husband; Henry Makow wrote it. I wrote an introduction commentary to his article. However, I understand what he was trying to express. Rather than genuflect to the feminism PC attitude which you carry around, Makow is reminding readers that the thing which makes grandchildren, husbands, and sons remember their wives, mothers and grandmothers with such fondness, gratitude and affection, is the memory of the self sacrificing love which they gave to the husband, children, and grandchildren. The happiness and achievements of the members of her family, including her husband, are more important to her than pursuing a career or obtaining power for herself.

You accuse Makow of "trivializing" the true purpose of female spirit - which you view as self achievement and power - because he praises the virtues of conscientious motherhood and wife, which is nurturing by nature, and not competitive, or self aggrandizing, or egocentric. This is why we celebrate Mother's Day (not because mom became Chairman of the Board).

The whole point of the Makow article was to underscore the crucial importance of engaging in complimentary and mutually supportive roles in order to produce decent kids, who in turn, will raise a wholesome family themselves, as husband and wife, in a loving home in sync with God and Nature. None of that happens, of course, when you buy into feminism. You get just the opposite: dissolution and destruction of family life cohesion. That's why he called it "poison" for women.

Regards getting carried away with the "wrong ideals," you might consider looking in a mirror. And I'm sorry Camila, but there are only two genders. You are either born with a penis or a vagina. Everything else is self delusion.

The Catholic church did not "force" heterosexuality through the use of sacraments. 98% of the world is heterosexual by choice and desire, not because they are being "forced" to be heterosexual. Christian teaching (and most other faiths) endorses the sanctity of heterosexual union and marriage and rejects the perversity and degeneracy of homosexual union and homosexual "marriage," as if such an absurd expression had any meaning.

You may view homosexual propaganda as "bringing each being to a critical point of Individuality," but I view it as a well funded subversion campaign to promote degenerate behavior and destroy the cohesion of the nuclear family in order to undermine nationhood and eviscerate Western Christian Civilization; exactly what the JWO has been planning all along. .

If you wish to seek truth, you're not going to find it in the ideology of feminism. If you believe in prayer, then I'm glad to see that not all is lost. You never know what may come about as a consequence of prayer.

In any event, hoping for the best,
I am Sincerely Yours, Ken

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