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NASA's Chemtrail/Contrail Con Job
October 13, 2004

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Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2004 5:26 PM
Subject: NASA contrails in daily pictures *oct 13th 04*


As what feels like a long time researcher into the benefits of orgone and the negative impact of chemtrails, I thought I would give you a heads up on what NASA is doing. Today on Oct. 13th, their daily picture was of what they call contrails over Georgia and how they would effect the environment in the long run. Now clicking on some links, they are trying to convince people that the long standing and extending trails are in fact contrails and not chemtrails (interestingly the articles never even mention chemtrails, and it's called contrail education -a title scary in it's own right) here's the link:

It might change daily so if you want the hard copy let me know and I'd be glad to send as a zip or something.

This is IMO a great sign that people are wising up and paying attention to what is actually happening as opposed to what they are told is happening.

Now I never visit NASA's website, but my father does almost everyday to look at the astronomy daily pics and when I seen contrails on the screen, I thought wow, he's actually looking at some of the stuff I've put out for him to look at and educate himself with....but it turned out he got misinformed :Oh well, he's a smart guy; hopefully he wakes up one day. Some people just can't deal with the truth in their limited framework. I guess. lol, considering he was going to be a Catholic priest, I think he's come a long way :) (in some respects anyway)

Keep up the good works,


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Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2004 9:02 AM
Subject: RE: NASA contrails in daily pictures *oct 13th 04*

Good one, Michael. In fact it's encouraging that NASA felt compelled to mention those long lines in their photos ;-) and I think that's a first for them. Their 'explanations' are guaranteed to wake up some Pajama People, don't worry. It doesn't really matter what the remaining PJ folk will believe. A genuine opinion is only formed by diligent search for real information and not many people will do that.

I met an air traffic controller in Atlanta who wouldn't consider chemtrails because a gov't official gathered the controllers together and told them these new, very long lines in teh sky are contrails. He didnt' question it. I forgot to ask him about the ones that are curved and even circular ;-)

I never try to persuade people to see simple truths. Enough, in fact, see and act on them now and that number is small but more than adequate.

We operate under a slight handicap now because there are few places left in the US where chemtrails are seen much any more, thanks to the distribution of thousands of chembusters and the diligent towerbusting work of hundreds of enterprising folks. As I said, it just doesn't take a lot of people these days to make positive changes in the world, though anyone can easily do this work.


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Subject: Re: NASA contrails in daily pictures *oct 13th 04*

Hi Michael,

I really liked reading your e-mail for both the fact that you've noticed the government's attempt to hoodwink the public about chemtrails, but also the polite and considerate way you talked about your father. You must be a fine person Michael.

It's not often that you'll find a teenager who is as spiritually mature as you are and will honor their parent in this manner, despite the fact that you recognize that your father is working in the dark on this subject. I'm sure any father would be proud to call you his son, but your father is doubly blessed, because he and your mother have raised a son who is compassionate and charitable; a person of character. Who could possibly ask for more?

May God bequeath a lifetime of blessings & protection for you and your family.

Kindest Regards, Ken

PS. I'm confident your father would have been a fine priest if he had taken that route, but he made up for the good he might have accomplished in that role by bringing you into the world.




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