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Letters to The Editor

New Zealand Sylphs And Cell Phone Towers
October 19, 2006


Subject: Lillys pics and fake plastic cell phone towers
From: "Jason Barnett" <>
Date: Thu, October 19, 2006 2:15 pm
To:   Editor

Hi Ken

Those recent sylphs pics of Lillys are stunning! This is real verifiable confirmation of elemental energies in the sky that we can show people and they have to stop and take notice... My flatmates have seen them and they are starting to see it's not some strange cloud phenomenom. This is really good stuff! Recently, our group has been researching cellphones, EMF and chemtrail activity in New Zealand and we've started mapping trails with aircraft routes and thought you might find the results interesting. Here's the link:

Also, a hidden cellular tower (or worse!) I got on camera. This is spooky just from the sheer amount of large RF cables going into it and the large generator room behind the house for equipment. Since when does a cell tower need so much power? and blog of it here with pics of fake plastic red brick tower:

Heres the main link to all of our videos: enjoy !




Hi Jason,

Thanks, good stuff.

Yes, Al Bielek mentioned in a few radio interviews that the cell phone tower cables are far too thick for mere cell phone communications. Al said
that 50 watts of cell phone power (435 GHz) can carry for 100 miles or more, but those cables are thick enough to carry 30,000 or 40,000 watts!
They have far more sinister uses in mind than cell phone calls, however, the orgone generator gifting operation has put a Big Kabosch on those
plans I'm happy to say.


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