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Polycythemia Vera
December 30, 2002
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From: Barbara
Sent: Friday, December 27, 2002 9:29 AM
Subject: Polycythemia Vera

Dear Mr. Adachi,

Thank you for this opportuity to ask a question.

My husband has Polycythemia Vera.  A condition where the bone marrow is producing a tremendous amount of red blood cells.  Two oral doses of Chemo are taken daily to kill off a certain level of the red blood cells.  This is a "progressive, incurable blood disease".  The disease and the treatment are both destructive to the body as time goes on.

Do you have any therapy information that you can provide that would help us?

With sincere appreciation,

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From: Editor
To: Barbara
Sent: Sunday, December 29, 2002 1:49 AM
Subject: Re: Polycythemia Vera

Hi Barbara,

I don't have specific recommendations for this condition, but rather will offer some general guidelines that you can consider.

First, the human body is a perfectly built vehicle for the spirit (you) that God has created to be perfectly self healing. There is no such thing as an incurable disease. There are only diseases that allopathic doctors lack the training, skill, insight, and understanding to properly aid the patient to heal themselves. Allopathic medicine utilizes the crudest and most primitive way possible to treat the body: They try to stop the symptoms without addressing the cause of the condition. That's like going under your dashboard and cutting the wire that leads to the yellow warning light that tells you that your engine needs servicing and telling yourself; "there, that fixes it!". You haven't fixrd anything, you've just disconnected the warning signal.  The problem is still there.

In this case, that's what the chemo is doing. It's simply poisoning those cells so as to reduce the total number to be in line with what they consider 'normal' and telling you that's the best that can be done.  Is that addressing the problem? No. Is that fixing anything? No.

Allopaths are mechanics. They don't understand how the body really works.

All of our bodily systems ideally operate in the middle zone between two extremes of polarity. In fact, all of Nature works this way. This is symbolized by the famous Yin and Yang symbol. Two opposing forces equally in 'balance' with each other (In every system of the body-organs, nervous, endocrine, etc. ,etc.) that allows the body freedom to grow and function in a normal ,healthy way.  When we do something or expose ourself to something that affects one polarity over the other, then we begin to experience some type of stress because the body is moving towards a state of imbalance. When the stress is just beginning, we usually don't notice much, but as it gets worse, we start noticing some symptoms, usually pain.

Your husband has some imbalance in one or more of his bodily systems that is trying to compensate in some way by producing these extra red blood cells. The body is always trying to adjust and compensate for the stress we put upon it so it can maintain itself as well as possible under the circumstances.  There is a REASON those cells are being over produced. When you address that reason, the over production will return to the normal range and you will have cured the problem, despite what the allopaths are telling you. You need to find out WHAT is stimulating that imbalance. It could be one thing or a combinations of things , but that stimulation must be removed and the energy flow must be 'reset' to the normal polarity. The body can then heal itself.  You aren't going to get that kind of understanding or help from the allopathic world of medicine.

You need to find a skilled practitioner in the healing arts that understands the process that I've outlined above and can discover the reason for the excess RBC's.  You have to go on a hunt to find your man no matter how much effort it may take. Your husband's life is at stake.  That might be a physician of traditional oriental medicine, or an ayurvedic physician, or a naturopath, or an Indian medicine woman, or a chiropractic with 'special' skills to diagnose using radionics, dowsing, or kinesiology, or Contact Reflex analysis, or dark field microscopy, or a  Quantum Xyroid machine, or some other non -traditional diagnostic tool, device, or methodology that can reveal the info you seek. 

You need to look at everything: the environment within the body and the environment outside of the body. It could be something as simple as a geopathic stress zone in your home that is causing the imbalance to worsen. You need a competent dowser to discover that info (contact the American Society of Dowsers to find skilled people in your area-see my Links page for the ASD link) .

The answer and the cure is out there. You need to find the right person who can discover the reason for this imbalance and bring the body back to its normal operating range.  The body has an INFINITE capacity to heal itself, if allowed to do so. There are no incurables.

You can do it. Both of you should PRAY daily and fervently to lead you to the right man. The information WILL come to you if you are sincere and WORK diligently to find the right person. God helps those most who help themselves.

Good luck, God Bless,  and keep me posted on your progress.

Sincerely, Ken

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