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Reader Question on the Value of Ascorbate as the Preferred Form of Vitamin C

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December 28, 2016

Reader Question on the Value of Ascorbate as the Preferred Form of Vitamin C (Dec. 28, 2016)

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On 12/28/2016, Francesca wrote:


I just visited your website and noticed under the subject of Chemtrails that you recommend certain vitamin supplements.

However, the vitamin supplements you recommend appear to end in "ate" which according to Dr Mercola are synthetic drugs and not natural vitamins.

However, I do not know who makes natural vitamins these days.

So I just thought I bring this to your attention and would like your opinion about it.



Hi Francesca,

Dr Joseph Mercola is OK in general, but he sometimes says things that aren't 100% on the mark.

Sodium Ascorbate or Calcium Ascorbate is found is most health food stores. It's a powder form of ascorbic acid combined with a mineral to make it pH neutral (or pH 7). Ascorbate allows you to take a level teaspoon (equals 5 grams or 5,000 milligrams) of Vit. C three or 4 times a day and not feel any stomach discomfort.

It's relatively inexpensive and allows you to take LARGE amounts of Vitamin C orally to overcome health problems that need a big boost from the immune system that might address anything from cancer to the common cold.

Try taking 5 grams of ascorbic acid and see how your stomach feels. I guarantee it will feel queasy and burning for quite a while because ascorbic acid is an ACID, although a relatively mild acid. Try drinking 5 ozs of vinegar and see how your stomach feels. Vinegar is also a mild acid of only pH 6 or so, but your stomach won't like it and it will react with much discomfort.

According to Hulda Clark, a natural form of Vitamin C will produce somewhat better results than a lab made version, but that's not to say that the lab made version is useless. It's perfectly good Vit. C and will do the job all the same.

A natural form of Vitamin C is found in Rose Hips which you can buy in the herb section of a health store. The Vitamin C is part of the Rose Hips, it's not pure Vitamin C. Vitamin C doesn't come in a pure form in Nature. It's part of an orange, Rose Hip, etc.

Each capsule of Rose Hips might contain 1,000mg of Vitamin C, so you would have to take at least 5 capsules to give you 5 grams. There might be 30 capsules in a bottle that may cost $10 or $12 . So you get a total of SIX 5 gram servings out of a single bottle of Rose Hips, enough to cover you for 2 days if you are taking 5 grams every 8 hours to overcome some big problem or growing infection.

The lab created Ascorbate is perfectly OK when you need large amounts and will give you much more Vitamin C for your money. A 16 oz plastic bottle of Calcium Ascorbate contains 454 grams of Ascorbate powder. That's NINETY ONE 5 gram servings per bottle which cost about $23 or $24 and will allow you to take 15 grams every day for THIRTY DAYS.

I learned about using the Ascorbate form of Vit. C from reading the books of Dr Linus Pauling in the 1970s. He won the Nobel prize twice. No one has surpassed his scholarship or knowledge on the subject of Vitamin C. He was taking 15 grams of Ascorbate every day for the last 35 years of his life. Even though he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his 60s, he lived until 93, keeping the cancer at bay with high daily doses of Vitamin C as Ascorbate.

I have to write another article describing the additional steps that have to be taken today to try to mitigate and offset the wide range of toxins, nanobots, radioactive elements, and stealth disease organisms being rained down on us via chemtrails. People have no idea how much poisoning is taking place daily via chemtrails, GMO foods, and WiFi microwave radiation exposure. 60 year old Carrie Fisher died a day or two ago after having a massive heart attack aboard a plane trip from London to Los Angeles on Dec. 23. I had a medical intuitive friend tune in on her using a recent photo promoting her book. She found that her heart was "plugged up like a cork, arteries and veins, everything" from atherosclerosis. I'm sure her long term drug use played a big role in damaging her heart and cardio-vascular system, but chemtrail, GMOs, and WiFi damage are also increasing atherosclerosis in most people who aren't doing anything to offset its advancement. Taking Vitamin C daily as Ascorbate will do more to improve the elasticity and strength of your arteries and veins and minimize the damage of atherosclerosis than any other supplement available.

CDS Water and Reverse Polarity home generator produced colloidal silver are also inexpensive, yet fantastic germ fighting tools that everyone should have available at home.

Regards, Ken

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