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Reader's "Question Regarding the state of the USA"
(With added commentary on David Wilcock and Robert David Steele)

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
January 9, 2019

Reader's "Question Regarding the state of the USA" (With added commentary on David Wilcock and Robert David Steele) (Jan. 9, 2019)

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From David H
Jan 9, 2019
Re: Question regarding the state of the USA

Hey Ken,

With the government shutdown, Trump, the political/social/cultural/economical divide among citizens, and the overall insanity in our nation, do you think another civil war is imminent? I am worried because the yellow vest protests can inspire revolts across the world (and I don't even know if this is a good thing, as TPTB have instigated revolutions before for their benefit), and I'm truly afraid it might happen in the USA. I live in California as well, and am worried for the state of my family, friends, and myself as well.


PS: I love your website. =D. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and compile that information for the world!



Hi Dave,

Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it.

No, there's not going to be another civil war or anything even remotely close to that, so stop worrying so much. In fact, the latest media-manufactured hysteria campaign over the government "shutdown" that has created this worry in you will quickly disappear in the blink of an eye when a NEW media-created hysteria campaign takes its place. Since the Democratic arm of the Israeli fifth columnists took control of the House again with the November election, they want to go back to No-compromise with Trump on anything (they were more willing to compromise in 2017 and before the election), including money for border security and their support of continued war mongering in Syria on behalf of the Likud party and Mother Israel.

Trump is determined to get out of Syria and wants to stop the continuing invasion of America by illegal hordes from Mexico, so he has to put pressure on the Demo-Rats to cooperate and thus the Zionist media's "shutdown" hysteria campaign. I've seen many "shutdown" Showdowns in American politics over the past 50 years. It's nothing new. The government is not going to stop working or "shutdown" as the choice of wording might imply. It's just media hype.

It's hard to say how much of the yellow vest stuff is genuine and how much is manufactured or at least manipulated by the Zionists. The Zionists and their cohorts are Masters of Deception and are usually the driving force behind EVERY crisis situation or emergency event trumpeted ANYWHERE in the world from their controlled media outlets. You HAVE to keep that in mind. You're reacting to the drama of the Play that's paraded before you from the Media's stage, BUT you're not conscious of the Zionist puppeteers - out of sight - who are 'putting on' the Play for you.

You need to understand the current strangle-hold which International Organized Jewry has on America and American politicians. The overwhelming majority of Senators and Representatives in congress are not working on behalf of the interests of the American People anymore. To keep their jobs and the AIPAC [American-Israeli Political ACTION Committee] MONEY coming in, they do the bidding of Greater Israel.

Most politicians have sold out to the coercion and financial support of the Israeli lobby. Our country's political, judicial, military and law enforcement structure has been infiltrated and co-opted so completely by organized Jewry and their masonic henchmen, that we now have a Zionist Occupied Government, or ZOG, and it is no longer Of the People, For the People, or By the People. .

I can see from the tone of your writing, that you feel Trump is part of the overall problem, but you should be extremely grateful that Donald Trump is the President, and not Hillary Clinton. Trump is doing more to try to PRESERVE this country and its Constitutional foundation - and her People - than the Daughter of Satan or her Pizza Gate, Soros-funded Demo-Rat Party would have ever considered. Of course, the RINO Israeli servants in the Senate and House are just as bad and did everything possible to prevent Trump from being elected and then tried to sabotage him at every turn after the election, even though the worst RINO traitors were given top positions with the Trump administration anyway! Many people say that Trump tries to control his enemies by keeping them close, and that may be the case. When playing Hard Ball, it's sometimes the wiser course. By keeping James (former corporate banking lawyer to Obama-appointed FBI Director in one fell swoop) Comey on after the election, he gives Comey the chance to hang himself in congressional hearings where he loses credibility and power in the process - to say nothing of the disgrace of being fired from the job. It was obvious who engineered Mike Flynn's departure and who war monger Pompeo was REALLY working for from the very beginning. The Bolton appointment, of course, was the worst choice of them all, but that too may be a setup to bring him down as well. Who knows? But I DO know that Trump is the ONLY thing we've got standing between us and a total ruination and take-down of America by the Lucifer-worshiping JWO.

To glean what's truly taking place in America and around the world, STOP focusing on the lies and deception that is the CONSTANT hallmark of mainstream, Zionist-controlled media. Spend your time reading analysis and opinion from non mainstream, "alternative" (usually branded "fake" news by the inventors of Fake News) web sites that try to tell you the truth as best they can. is one such source that you should read daily to understand Who's doing it to us and Why.

Our problem is the JWO, Organized International Masonic-Jewry and their determination to enslave the entire planet within a Talmudic Police state that will make the horrors of the Jewish-run Bolshevik Revolution and the Maoist Chinese Cultural Revolution killing fields seem like a Sunday picnic.

Thanks for writing and giving me the opportunity to reply to your concerns,

Best Regards, Ken


On Jan. 9, 2019 Dave wrote:

Thank you SO much for that thorough reply, especially the part on Trump. The whole situation is a lot more clear to me at this point now, and my anxiety has dropped considerably after reading your email.

By the way, I wanted to know your opinion on David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, and Robert David Steele. Are they disinformation shills/controlled opposition like Alex Jones and Noam Chomsky? I really don't know if they are genuine as they seem to have a profit-based agenda with their work.

Much Love,



Hi Dave,

I'm glad to hear that. You can waste a lot of time and energy tying yourself into knots over fabricated concerns that don't really exist.

There was a time in the late 1990s that I initially bought into certain Doom & Gloom, catastrophic scenarios because the sources presenting that info seemed so knowledgeable and all-knowing - and I thought sincere - but I eventually came to realize that they were NASA/CIA/military sponsored disinformation psyops and that ALL Doomsday scenarios are scripted, government-sponsored brain washing schemes to cause people to be panicky, worried, in a state of trepidation, and focused on a survival mindset. Panicky people can't think well, nor keep their wits and critical faculties and higher spiritual awareness operating at full potential - which is probably what subversive planners would want in a population that's being subverted and gradually enslaved into a controlled, police state.

Of the 3 individuals mentioned, I only feel OK about Fulford. I think he's sincere and usually on target with what he says, but he's also easily misled it seems, especially when he allows himself to associate with a guy like David Wilcock, who has given off all the vibes of a con artist/disinfo shill from the very beginning. I've written 2 or 3 or 4 critical articles about him in the past.

I have an equally low opinion of Robert David Steele whose family name is Vivas. His bio states that he went to work for the CIA for 10 years after first being affiliated with the CIA while in the Marine Corps. Working from memory of something I read a year ago, I think he said he was an assassin for the CIA and was involved in clandestine operations, in either South America or Asia (or both?). He may have been born in Columbia and his family was involved in oil production, I think, but can't remember for sure. It's also possible that he's a Marrano Jew since his main object of vilification and fabricated accusations are exclusively aimed at the Vatican and the Catholic church. His anti Catholic rants are ludicrous. He's as bad as Loren Moret in making up preposterous allegations of satanism, pedophilia etc., against the Catholic church and priests. I think he said that "20%" of all pedophilia is due to Catholic priests. How can anyone take this guy seriously? He's definitely a disinfo shill, and I'm not the only person who feels that way:Do some searching. There's a lot of critical comments about him on the net:

Clinker 6 points (+7|-1) 2 months ago
While I believe the title is true, this article is based on Robert Steele's statements. Steele is disinformation trying to deflect us away from the super satanic CIA side and get us focus on the homo/GOP side. Podesta is not pedo-lite. Do you remember the 'torture room' email?

permalink parent
[–] equineluvr 6 points (+6|-0) 2 months ago
Recycling of that old Steele report.
Since he is "former CIA" <cough cough> and disseminates alien crapola disinfo, I will never trust that guy.

[–] palmitespo910 5 points (+5|-0) 2 months ago
I don't believe that

permalink parent
[–] Proii_Pariah 2 points (+2|-0) 2 months ago
I concur. I will NEVER trust when a person tells me they are ex-intelligence. I imagine some are, but it's like someone saying they used to lie but they don't lie anymore. How can you ever simply take them at their word?

Best Regards, Ken


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