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Nice Letter from an Abiding Englishman
July 5, 2011

Nice Letter from an Abiding Englishman (July 5, 2011)

Subject: Re: From Ken Adachi, sent your items on June 25
From: Jon (UK)
Date: Tue, July 5, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I was delighted to receive your package today. It was such a pleasure to undo the box and find that all the parts were so carefully packed. I left them packed in the box admiring the packing, seemed a shame to unwrap them, they looked so nice - like a Christmas present!

I also noted your attention to detail even supplying some toweling (I assume) with the extra copper pipes that you included and some polythene containers (and a little piece of tape on the MST to stop it turning on in transit). Thank you for including these extra parts which fitted so neatly inside the box, the whole package was so nicely and carefully presented.

I will be experimenting over the next few days and weeks.

You might like to know that many things worked out so well today and fell into place effortlessly. At the end of the day, as I was about to leave the office in the evening, I noticed your package next to the padlock - hat rounded off the day so well as I was least expecting it to arrive so quickly.

There were a couple of other things worth mentioning which worked out for me the last few days. One was your article on 'Daily Knee Squats'. I had been doing these for about a year but without keeping my knees behind my toes (not protruding beyond a pulmb line from the knee) in the way you describe. I had been trying to perfect that exercise and this really did it - it forces you to keep a better posture (althouigh feeling a bit awkward)!) and gives just that bit wider muscle use in the process.

Another item I noted was the point you made on your 28th June broadcast with Don Nicoloff, that the dollar cannot be trashed whilst there are sufficient 'noble' Americans around. I had been wondering about this factor for a while now and you spelled it out. I think you also remarked why China would not naturally be able to follow or replace US if US fell. I also had been thinking this for all kinds of reasons not least of all you cannot simply extrapolate purely economic activity without factoring in the spiritual dimension. Unfortunately I know that some would love the whole world to be trashed, I wonder if they are past saving (but not for me to judge).

I am rambling forgive me, I just had never mentioned how much I appreciate your many articles and the programs with Don Nocoloff and ZSL.

God bless. Jon

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