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Adrenal Fatigue
April 14, 2007

Adrenal Fatigue (April 19, 2007)

Subject: adrenal fatigue
Date: Sat, April 14, 2007 2:54 am
To:   Editor


I've had this since I was a kid and it has been so torturous. The combination of fatigue, depression, severe anxiety and OCD symptoms has been totally disabling.

I haven't been able to enjoy my life at all. The info from Dr. Wilson makes a lot of sense and in the article you said you had it. I was just wondering if you got well from it and how your recovery went?

I just need some hope because based on how I feel and have felt my whole life, it is very hard to imagine I can get healthy and lead a fulfilling life and accomplish my goals. If you could take the time to respond, I would really really appreciate it.



Hi Shawn,

It takes a long time to recover and you've got to stick with the program. Hulda Clark offers some good advice on handling adrenal exhaustion in her books. You've got to stick to foods within your blood type (Eat Right for Your (Blood) Type by Peter D'Adamo), zap bugs on a daily basis, take detoxifying baths, oxygen therapies (see the Hydrogen Peroxide page), take in  enough protein, take B suppliments and Vit C with every meal.

You can get better. I know people with talent who may be able to help if you can't find anybody.

I did a serach on Yahoo under "adrenal exhaustion" and there were the first 20 links that came up:

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"The Functional Adrenal Health Profile is clinically indicated to evaluate an ... of the condition identified--adrenal exhaustion resulting from excessive stress ..."



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