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Downside of Copper Electrode (or Penny) Zapper v. Silver Electrode Mini Terminator
September 23, 2011

Downside of Copper Electrode (or Penny) Zapper v. Silver Electrode Mini Terminator (Sep. 23, 2011)

Subject: zapper questions
From: Judy
Date: Fri, September 23, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I have been a user of Don Croft's Terminator for years. Unfortunately, the copper on my pennies has worn off. I can't get any help from Don with regard to this and he doesn't seem terribly interested in my concerns about the toxicity of zinc. I would like to try your zapper. My only concern with your's was the skin darkening. I have a few dark "burn" marks on my leg from Don's zapper that have taken years to go away. And I know that my Bob Beck zapper says not to put the silver electrodes directly on the skin without the wet cotton sleeve. Does the silver from your electrode lodge in the skin and "tattoo" it - like the people who have overused and abused colloidal silver - or do the marks wash off like the marks sometimes left by the interaction of the skin with metals in cheaper jewelry.

I am having some financial issues at the moment, but desperately need to replace my terminator due to some ongoing issues for which I am nearing a cure. I am a bit perplexed but which of your devices will continue to work best for me. If Don's is the 15kHz maybe I should stick to that. Though I really would like to use your newer 32kHz version. Is there any way you could do a special price if I were to get both versions with the ES jacks and Power Packs (9volt/15kHz and 12volt/32kHz).

If your zapper works as well for me as Don's has in the past, I promise to recommend your. I am quite the evangelist when it comes to this issue!

Thank for what you are doing!!! It's very important!

Warm Regards,


Hi Judy,

I tried silver in place of the copper penny back in 2002 because I was getting the same skin irritation from the copper as well. I knew silver had restorative properties, besides germicidal properties. The skin darkening doesn't happen with everyone and it only affects the uppermost skin layer. It will grow out in two weeks or less. It does not tattoo the skin. Silver oxide can combine with the protein of the uppermost skin layer if you are susceptible to the darkening. There's no connection to blue skin or argyria.

The skin darkening is the worst case scenario. I wear the Mini Silver Terminator sometimes 12 , 14, or 16 hours a day, but I usually move it to 4 or 5 different locations and never get any darkening effect whatsoever. The MST is much lighter in weight than Don's Terminator, so it's easy to wear it inside a snug fitting sock a couple of inches above your ankle. I keep it on the inside for 4 hours and then move it to the outside. I then switch it to the other leg and do the same routine for another 8 hours of zapping. I can walk around with it, it doesn't slip, and I don't really notice that I'm wearing it.

Yes I know that Don dismisses the zinc concerns because Don doesn't know that there's a difference with between ORGANIC Zinc which is needed by the body and INORGANIC or ELEMENTAL zinc which is TOXIC to the body. The zinc below the penny copper plating is inorganic, elemental zinc.

I explained to him back in 2002 why the copper was causing the skin irritation, but it went in one ear and out the other.

Here's info on the Mini Silver Terminator (MST)

I can add the silver discs to your existing 15 Hz Terminator, rather than get a new one from me. I can add the silver discs to your existing Terminator for $60 + $6 Priority shipping = $66.

I use the same 15 Hz circuit board that Don uses, but I also offer a 32 kHz board for those who want the higher frequency. My suggestion is if you want the 32 Khz MST, then you can order that with the DC option so you can use the wall transformer, whether 9 volts of 12 volts. If you also order the ES, jack, you can use external hand electrodes for zapping and also do Dr. Hulda Clark's Homeography with the 32 kHz MST. I wish more people understood the tremendous advanatges and benefits that are possible using Homeography. Very few people are tuned into the incredible therapeutic capability available via Homeography--and it only uses water, which costs nothing!

The 32 kHz MST with DC and ES options = $190 + $6 Priority shipping. I could return both the repaired Terminator and the new 32 kHz MST in the same Priority box if you want to get them together.

Let me know

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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