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Agent Provocateur on Your Page ?
April 1, 2004

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Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 8:29 PM
Subject: agent provocateur on you're page ?

I have heard now for several years that Ted Gunderson is an agent provocateur for our government. This is just for your information, he has a track record of suspicion among the patriots of our land.

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Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2004 10:50 PM
Subject: Re: agent provocateur on you're page ?

Hi Gabe,

Really? And what is your proof of that?

Internet allegations made by Barbara Hartwell or Virginia McCullough, or Cherie Syemour from perhaps? Or are you basing your hearsay on something that Stew Webb or Kathy Kasten, or Kathy Sullivan alledged?

Do you think it's possible Gabe, that Ted Gunderson, Ex FBI Special Agent in Charge in Los Angeles with 700 men under his command at the time of his retirement in 1979, might be more of a true patriot than you suspect and that Ted is the target of a covert disinformation campaign?

Is it possible that Ted Gunderson's credentials and former status as a head FBI honcho, makes him a prime target by the parasites running this regime to discredit him in the public's eye, especially with those in the patriot movement?

Do you think that Ted's lectures about satanism and satanic ritual abuse in this country, CIA sponosred child kidnapping/rape. mind control/prostitution/white slavery of young children and FBI cover-up of same, the Justice Dept. frame up and railroading of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald and Michael Riconiscuiuto (PROMIS software scandal) for example, might be a reasonable motive for the government to put together a crew of disinformation stooges and have them incessantly accuse Ted of being a double agent in print and over the radio, but in fact have no REAL evidence to support their allegations against him? .

Is it possible that CIA mind controlled individuals like Hartwell or Sullivan or Kasten are being used to spread disinformation and distrust about Ted with the very group to whom he feels the greatest allegiance?

Is that possible?

If that's a possibility in your mind, then maybe you should read the articles that I have posted on my Ted Gunderson page and examine the other side of the story.

When you are basing your judgement on what you are "hearing", then you are being manipulated. And that's exactly what the government covert planners were intending when they got this smear campaign in gear. Lots of noise, but no substance.

How would you feel if you held a high position in the federal government and gradually you began to realize (after your retirement) that the governement you faithfully served, was really being controlled by unseen & unelected powerful men whose agenda was the destruction of this country and the elimination of 4/5 of the world's population? If you discovered that this secret group of controllers were satanists to the core and their corrupt apetites knew no bounds when it came to the abuse, destruciton, enslavement, or murder of MILLLIONS of young American children largely snatched from American streets by government agents and those working on their behalf. And you further discovered that the very people to whom the American people had entrusted for their safety and had looked to for protection from, and prosecution of, such diabolical criminals, were in fact in bed with these very criminals and protecting THEM from indictment and prosecution- what would you do?

Most men would do nothing. They would be too afraid to do anything and would just pretend it wasn't so.

But Ted Gunderson couldn't take the easy road and just pretend it wasn't so. His conscience prevented him from laying down and so he started to give talks about the things I mention above. As the years rolled by, he was getting more and more attention and eventually had his own radio show over short wave radio. More invites were coming in from all over the country to give talks for patriot groups, private civic organizations, expo conferences, radio interviews, TV interviews, etc. Ted's really beginning to have a national impact and people are paying attention because he's former FBI and not just some slug off the street.

What would you suspect the parasites in the govt. to do about Ted? Nothing?

Do they just let people like Ted talk away without hindrance and reach more and more people?

Or do they decide on a plan to make him look bad if they can't easily kill him ( seven assassination attempts to date)? So they use their standard discredit and debunking routines and go to town. Since they have unlimited funds, unlimited personnel, unlimited access to advanced technology, unlimited access to the media, and unlimited access to mind controlled robots, it's not very difficult to launch a smear campaign when you hold all the cards.

Is a governemnt sponsored smear campaign orchestrated in any other way than the way they are doing to Ted?

What do you think?

In fact, Gabe, isn't this a good time to begin thinking and stop reacting to orchestrated stimuli?

Sincerely, Ken

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