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College 'Required' Vaccines Neutered with Exemption Form - Use It
November 17, 2011

The Alamo Spirit Lives: 'Required' Vaccine Neutered with Exemption Form (Nov. 17, 2011)

Subject: Not Sure
From: Steve
Date: Thu, November 17, 2011
To: Ken Adachi -

Hi Ken,

I was just floating around & found a topic/subject where Mr. Alex Jones apparently has some kinda implant near his front temporal lobe just slighty above his brow line.I can see it & I was wondering if you had any thoughts on what it does? My instinctual scanners says it is a devive that can incite adrenaline & anger at will if the holder or puppeteer has a physical controller button like a video game, they could try their best to manipulate emotions to one who is willing, key word, Willing.I just typed this outta the Blue, is it possible we can all look together for everything & begin to abolish carelessness?

Also, Im Not Sure If you've seen this yet,

Don't get me started on how Texas Law passed a decree saying hat every Texas college student manditorily must have a Meningitis vaccine or an Affidavit because of religious values by spring semester 2012!!!

Here's a link to my local college...

Also, It's been quite easy & smooth getting an affidavit for vaccines for me & I hope everyone else.Took me less than 2 weeks to get my exempt form that I have to have notarized at a bank.

Still an outrage that my curriculum to explore through college could be haltered through some Dum fkn hallucinati individual who cant tie his own shoes & believes that satan shall prevail.

Im so very surprised you haven't heard!!!

D.A.R.E. to say No to ridiculous pharmacuetical drugs that do more harm than good!!!!!

D.A.R.E. to question everything & everything & decide what is correct for you & your family!



Hi Steve,

Good note. I'm so happy to see that you just didn't lay down like a door mat and take this fascist dictatorial crap on the chin and follow the "required" LAW (Ohh!) and go along with these unnamed, anonymous tin pot tyrants.

Give me the step by step details of how you got the form, how you filled it out and how you sent it in so I can use it as an example for others to follow.

Also, how do you know about this implant on Alex Jones?

Glad you wrote

Best Regards, Ken


Subject: Not Sure (Alamo Spirit)
From: Steve
Date: Mon, December 5, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hey, tried to send a msg through my e-mail awhile ago to correspond to the subject.I think it might have failed so I copy pasted the original here on your website contact section for instructions you requested for vaccine exemptions.The bottom part was my initial response, from 11-20-11 or near that. Feel free to edit out ^ for it serves no purpose really for others to read.

Luckily somebody took the time on the alamo website & made it easy to get all the links & info took them awhile to get all the info n there but they finally did around a week ago. When I first heard about it I thought it was gonna be difficult or take a ridiculous amount of time. I'm sure the process is quite similar in other states.

First I went to this link to get to the actual submit form through the Texas department of state health services.

( Notice the propaganda on the top that says VACCINES build your childs health in little toy blocks so you subconsciously think warm & fuzzy thoughts when you read it )

About a week later I recieved the form & it also contained a little slip of paper with further instructions on what to do, it reads.

How to fill out the Exemptions from immunization for reasons of conscience (CO) form

1. Write or type your child's first,middle, and last name, and your child's date of birth on the first line.

2. Check the box or boxes for each of the vaccines you do not want your child to recieve.

3. Take the CO form to a Notary Public. Do not sign the CO form until you are in front of a Notary Public so the Notary Public can witness and stamp the CO form.

4. The Notary Public must complete the bottom portion of the CO form.

5. After the form is signed and notarized, it must be submitted within 90 days from the date it is notarized.

6. Take an original signed and notarized CO form to each your child attends that requires immunizations.

7. Do not copy the CO form. Copies are invalid

It costs around $5 to get it notarized & seems a whole lot easier doing this than gettin the vaccine, not to mention the health benifits. If Texas passed this law, I'm sure other states will try to follow if there aren't already some that have.

As far as the implant thing, I can't say I know for sure. It was on your link section in aliens with the person who does that solarizing with photos to reveal shapeshifters & other hidden things.I browsing through it recently & found it quite interesting.

Hope this info helps people out & shows it can be quite simple & more people will start doing it if they already haven't.


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