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Alex Jones
October 18, 2007

Alex Jones (Oct. 18, 2007)

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From: Cindy
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007
Subject: Alex Jones

Hi Ken,

I've noticed you recently have links to articles from I've been wanting to ask your opinion of the credibility of Alex Jones. I've been getting information from his site for about a year - but some of the sponsors seem strange. Do you have any information you could share?




Hi Cindy,

You should know that anyone who gains as much attention as Alex does, is going to be a TARGET of discrediting and smearing. Alex tells it too straight, so they will always find a host of internet critics who will disparage him as being too heavy into "fear" and all that.

Look hard at the critics who disparage Alex. What have THEY contributed, really? Mostly hot air?

Alex is into selling videos and advertising space, so you're going to get some conflict there, but that doesn't mean he's working for the other side.

My opinion? Thank God for Alex Jones

Regards, Ken

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