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Astral Time Travel, Radionics Machine, Alex Chiu Magnet Rings, DMSO
October 22, 2005

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From: Algo Especial
Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2005 8:21 AM
Subject: MUST READ! - TIME TRAVEL (astral and PHYSICAL!)

Dear Ken,

My name is Algo and I'm a biology grad student in Lansing, Michigan.

I'm writing because I wanted to share some information with you about TIME TRAVEL that is nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY. Are you at all familiar with the name Steven Gibbs? In 1981 he invented a radionics time travel machine (some say aliens gave him the technology; by other accounts he based his design on the Philadelphia Experiment) called the Hyperdimensional Resonator. This past summer I purchased one of these devices from him. Yes, he sells them to the public! (

The unit consists of a radionics box with two dials, a witness well and a phenolic rubbing plate connected to a mobius coil. The box also connects to an electromagnet that produces a pulsed magnetic field and to a coil of wire that is wrapped around your head (he calls it a time coil). The box plugs into a standard 120 V AC outlet.

In order to travel astrally through time, you place the time coil on your head and stroke the rubbing plate while turning the dials -- to find the specific rates for the day + month to which you wish to travel. The mobius coil located under the rubbing plate and the time coil wrapped around your "third eye" are supposed to give you a stronger "stick" reaction.

Once you've found your rates, you turn on the electromagnet and place it on your navel, heart or crown chakra for 3-5 minutes. You then deactivate the unit and lie down while trying to relax. If you've done everything correctly, you should be able to astrally project to your target date. Now here's the really amazing part -- Steven Gibbs claims that if you activate the unit over a vortex or grid point (an area that emits a very strong EMF), you can actually travel physically throgh time!

He in fact claims to have made thousands of physical jumps and to have encountered grays, reptilians, spider demons and a myriad of other creatures and thought forms along the way!

I have spoken to him on the phone several times and I'm convinced that his claims are genuine. I have attempted both astral and physical time travel with my unit, but unfortuantely I have not yet been successful. There have been times when I've come close to having an out-of-body experience. I've also spoken to one of Mr. Gibbs' friends; both have assured me that with time and effort anyone can get results with this machine. There was a brief period of time when I feared that I had been duped, but i'm convinced that the machine works. For more info + how to order the machine you can go to (the HDR costs $360 -- worth it, I think)

I should also mention that this device can also be used very effectively for healing and for attaining greater spiritual awareness. I have used it for the latter of the two and it has worked! I just felt that you and your readers needed to know about this amazing technology. As you can imagine, the greys and their henchmen have been trying to suppress this information -- all the more reaoson for me to write this email! At one point S. Gibbs tried to publish his time travel info in some obscure magazine, but the articles were quickly confiscated by "agents" and the magazine itself was shut down (surprize, surprize). Make no mistake, this machine is POWERFUL and can apparently be used for virtually anything. If enough people got their hands on one of these machines and focused their pure intentions toward any particular cause, I believe the results could be extraordinary! I'm sure this could prove helpful in thwarting future HAARP plots too!

One more thing. I've also found the plans for a radionics machine that was apparently developed under a covert government project and subsequently made available to the public through the web. Apparently, the website was "mysteriously" shut down shortly thereafter. Luckily, a group of dedicated radionics researchers managed to salvage the info. I purchased the plans for less than $20 from (great site! -- look for top secret radionics machine).

From the looks of it, this machine is INCREDIBLY powerful and is by far the most intricate radionics machine I've ever seen! The author (his name was not disclosed) claims he used the machine to PERMANTELY STOP AGING and states that it is powerful enough to seriously impact world events, communicate with alien being, or even open a portal to other worlds. I would very much like to get a copy of these plans to you to see what you think. Should I send you a hard copy via snail mail, perhaps? Or I could mail it to you on CD.

Well, that all the time travel/radionics info I have. I really hope you get to read this email and that you post it on educate-yourself. If you choose to do so, I'd rather you NOT disclose my name or email, however. Oh, I'm a huge fan of your site, by the way. Before signing off there are just a few more thing I'd like to bring up:

1. Alex Chiu's Immortality Device -- It works! Health benefits are unbelievable. Have you thought about metioning it on your site? His device literally STOPS you from aging (no joke!). The magnetic flux created by his rings propels chi through your heart meridian (connected to your pinky -- where rings are worn). It seems that the heart then circulates the chi to every cell in your body. His device regrows hair, can realign your spinal cord and increases bone density... you get the picture, I could go on and on... and his device is sooo easy to build ( All you need is 4 neodymium mangnets that you can buy from for less then $10 !

I'm 23 years old and since I started wearing his rings I look more and more like I did during my high school years. His device cures cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, virtually anything! Works marvelously in conjunction w/ Don Croft's Terminator.

2. DMSO (aka, dimethylsulfoxide) This is a miracle product! It is so effective that the FDA has made It is illegal to make ANY medical claims in relation to this product. This miracle solvent is derived from the processing of wood pulp and is virtually non-toxic to human beings. It permeats human tissue at an amazing rate -- if you put liquid DMSO on your skin, you will smell it in your breath almost immediately (smells like garlic). It is deeply penetrating through all tissue and scavanges free radicals, normalizes cell function, converts cancerous cells back to their healthy states and can be used to flood your cells with ANYTHING you mix with it (hydrogen peroxide, herbs, nutrients)-- it simply transports it through your skin -- it even crosses the blood brain barrier. In South America It is routinely used intravenously in combination with an amino acid cocktail to greatly alleviate mental disabilities in patients with Down Syndrome. It You can find it at health food stores for ~$10.

Allright, that was my spiel. I apologize if this email is a bit scrambled and incoherent. I honestly hope you manage to read this and that you post this information for your readers. Needless to say you and your site have been a great inspiration to me. If you haven't already, Please, Please try Alex Chiu's rings -- or make your own. I don't want you to age! :-) The world needs people like you!

Best in health and spirit,


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